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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
TwilightTwilightStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #1
FablehavenFablehavenBrandon MullFablehaven #1
New MoonNew MoonStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #2
Rise of the Evening StarRise of the Evening StarBrandon MullFablehaven #2
EclipseEclipseStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #3
Sun and Moon, Ice and SnowSun and Moon, Ice and SnowJessica Day George
Do No HarmDo No HarmGregg Luke
Heaven ScentHeaven ScentRebecca Talley
FreefallFreefallTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #1
Fool Me TwiceFool Me TwiceStephanie BlackFool Me #1
The Journal of Curious LettersJournal of Curious Letters, TheJames Dashner13th Reality #1
The Grip of the Shadow PlagueGrip of the Shadow Plague, TheBrandon MullFablehaven #3
The HostHost, TheStephenie Meyer
All's FairAll's FairJulie Coulter Bellon
Breaking DawnBreaking DawnStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #4
Her Good NameHer Good NameJosi S. Kilpack
Water KeepWater KeepJ. Scott SavageFarWorld #1
Isabelle Webb: Legend of the JewelIsabelle Webb: Legend of the JewelN.C. AllenIsabelle Webb #1
Royal TargetRoyal TargetTraci Hunter AbramsonRoyal Series #1
Above and BeyondAbove and BeyondBetsy Brannon GreenDuty #2
The Scrivener's BonesScrivener's Bones, TheBrandon SandersonAlcatraz vs the Evil Librarians #2
AbinadiAbinadiH.B. MooreBook of Mormon #1
The Stranger She MarriedStranger She Married, TheDonna HatchRogue Hearts #1
The Reluctant WarriorReluctant Warrior, TheKathi Oram PetersonTime Stone Chronicles #1
Lemon TartLemon TartJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #1
LockdownLockdownTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #2
Trail of StormsTrail of StormsMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #5
Secrets of the Dragon SanctuarySecrets of the Dragon SanctuaryBrandon MullFablehaven #4
WingsWingsAprilynne PikeWings #1
AlvorAlvorLaura BinghamAlvor #1
Altared PlansAltared PlansRebecca Talley
English TrifleEnglish TrifleJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #2
The UndauntedUndaunted, TheGerald N. LundSan Juan Pioneers #1
The Maze RunnerMaze Runner, TheJames DashnerMaze Runner #1
Land KeepLand KeepJ. Scott SavageFarWorld #2
CrossfireCrossfireTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #3
Devil's Food CakeDevil's Food CakeJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #3
Courting Miss LancasterCourting Miss LancasterSarah M. EdenLancaster Family #2
Keys to the Demon KingdomKeys to the Demon KingdomBrandon MullFablehaven #5
I Am Not a Serial KillerI Am Not a Serial KillerDan WellsJohn Cleaver #1
The Guise of a GentlemanGuise of a Gentleman, TheDonna HatchRogue Hearts #2
SpellsSpellsAprilynne PikeWings #2
The Short Second Life of Bree TannerShort Second Life of Bree Tanner, TheStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #3.5
City of AngelsCity of AngelsSheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #1
Being Jamie BakerBeing Jamie BakerKelly OramJamie Baker #1
Guardian of the StoneGuardian of the StoneKathi Oram PetersonTime Stone Chronicles #3
Welcome to Stalk Lake CityWelcome to Stalk Lake CitySheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #2
Key Lime PieKey Lime PieJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #4
The Way of KingsWay of Kings, TheBrandon SandersonStormlight Archive #1
The LimitLimit, TheKristen Landon
BacklashBacklashTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #4
Mr. MonsterMr. MonsterDan WellsJohn Cleaver #2
City LimitsCity LimitsSheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #3
The Scorch TrialsScorch Trials, TheJames DashnerMaze Runner #2
Kay'svilleKay'svilleSheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #4
The Lost GateLost Gate, TheOrson Scott CardMithermages #1
The Kiss of a StrangerKiss of a Stranger, TheSarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #1
SmokescreenSmokescreenTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #5
Tiger's CurseTiger's CurseColleen HouckTiger's Curse #1
Blackberry CrumbleBlackberry CrumbleJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #5
Hazzardous UniverseHazzardous UniverseJulie WrightHazzardous Universe #1
I Don't Want to Kill YouI Don't Want to Kill YouDan WellsJohn Cleaver #3
Wings of LightWings of LightLaura BinghamAlvor #2
The Man from ShenandoahMan from Shenandoah, TheMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #2
Ride to RatonRide to RatonMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #4
IllusionsIllusionsAprilynne PikeWings #3
WatchedWatchedCindy M. HoganWatched #1
HatterHatterDaniel ColemanKnights of Wonderland #1
Tiger's QuestTiger's QuestColleen HouckTiger's Curse #2
A Night of Blacker Darkness by Dan WellsNight of Blacker Darkness by Dan Wells, ADan WellsFrederick Whithers #1
Pumpkin RollPumpkin RollJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #6
Seeking PersephoneSeeking PersephoneSarah M. EdenLancaster Family #1
SlayersSlayersC.J. HillSlayers #1
The Death CureDeath Cure, TheJames DashnerMaze Runner #3
The Riddles of HillgateRiddles of Hillgate, TheClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #1
Tiger's VoyageTiger's VoyageColleen HouckTiger's Curse #3
The Sweetest KissSweetest Kiss, TheMarie HigginsSons of Worthington #1
Someone Else's FairytaleSomeone Else's FairytaleE.M. TippettsSomeone Else's Fairytale #1
Sleeping RosesSleeping RosesRaShelle WorkmanDead Roses #1
Friends & FoesFriends & FoesSarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #2
Dangerous FavorDangerous FavorJoyce DiPastenaPoitevin Hearts #3
Cruise to MurderCruise to MurderClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #2
Royal SecretsRoyal SecretsTraci Hunter AbramsonRoyal Series #2
OliviaOliviaJulie WrightNewport Ladies Book Club #1
PartialsPartialsDan WellsPartials Sequence #1
Banana SplitBanana SplitJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #7
The Magicians's Last WordMagicians's Last Word, TheJulie WrightHazzardous Universe #2
ProtectedProtectedCindy M. HoganWatched #2
The AvenuesAvenues, TheSheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #1.5
The Sweetest TouchSweetest Touch, TheMarie HigginsSons of Worthington #2
The False PrinceFalse Prince, TheJennifer A. NielsenAscendance #1
DaisyDaisyJosi S. KilpackNewport Ladies Book Club #2
DestinedDestinedAprilynne PikeWings #4
The Rock of IvanoreRock of Ivanore, TheLaurisa White ReyesCelestine Chronicles #1
EvertasterEvertasterAdam Glendon SidwellEvertaster #1
The Hollow CityHollow City, TheDan Wells
Code WordCode WordTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #6
PaigePaigeAnnette LyonNewport Ladies Book Club #3
DiSemblanceDiSemblanceShanae BranhamHoloquest Fantasy #1
The Kill OrderKill Order, TheJames DashnerMaze Runner #4
The Ugly Stepsister Strikes BackUgly Stepsister Strikes Back, TheSariah WilsonUgly Stepsister #1
Test Spotlight BookTest Spotlight BookTest #1
IsolationIsolationDan WellsPartials Sequence #0
Tres Leches CupcakesTres Leches CupcakesJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #8
Tiger's DestinyTiger's DestinyColleen HouckTiger's Curse #4
All Fall DownAll Fall DownJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #1
Winter CollectionWinter CollectionAnnette Lyon, Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore, Heidi Ashworth, Joyce DiPastena, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #1
CreatedCreatedCindy M. HoganWatched #3
AthenaAthenaHeather B. MooreNewport Ladies Book Club #4
Spinster's FollySpinster's FollyMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #3
Nobody's DamselNobody's DamselE.M. TippettsSomeone Else's Fairytale #2
Zombie KidZombie KidJ. Scott SavageCase File 13 #1
Heart of the OceanHeart of the OceanHeather B. Moore
Drops of GoldDrops of GoldSarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #3
The ChangeChange, TheTeyla BrantonUnbounded #1
Dark MemoriesDark MemoriesJ. Scott Savage, Jeffrey S. Savage
The Wretched of MuirwoodWretched of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerLegends of Muirwood #1
Unpleasant GroveUnpleasant GroveSheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #5
The Blight of MuirwoodBlight of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerLegends of Muirwood #2
The 7th Knight7th Knight, TheIain R. SaundersKai of Conway #1
The Scourge of MuirwoodScourge of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerLegends of Muirwood #3
Spring Vacation CollectionSpring Vacation CollectionAnnette Lyon, Aubrey Mace, Heather B. Moore, Heather Justesen, Josi S. Kilpack, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #2
FairchildFairchildJaima FixsenFairchild #1
FirebloodFirebloodJeff WheelerWhispers from Mirrowen #1
Baked AlaskaBaked AlaskaJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #9
DissensionDissensionAdrienne MonsonBlood Inheritance #1
Air KeepAir KeepJ. Scott SavageFarWorld #3
FragmentsFragmentsDan WellsPartials Sequence #2
The Runaway KingRunaway King, TheJennifer A. NielsenAscendance #2
InevitableInevitableTamara Hart HeinerGoddess of Fate #1
The Gate ThiefGate Thief, TheOrson Scott CardMithermages #2
GoneGoneChristine KerseyParallel #1
DescendantDescendantNichole GilesDescendant #1
The CureCure, TheTeyla BrantonUnbounded #2
Of Wind and WinterOf Wind and WinterDanyelle LeaftyTales of the Snow Queen #1
I, SpyI, SpyJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #1
Hexes and X'sHexes and X'sClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #3
Summer Wedding CollectionSummer Wedding CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson, Rachael Anderson, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #3
The Buttersmiths' GoldButtersmiths' Gold, TheAdam Glendon SidwellEvertaster
The Emerald RingEmerald Ring, TheDorine WhiteCleopatra's Legacy #1
Ashes AshesAshes AshesJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #2
Mr. Nice SpyMr. Nice SpyJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #0
The Butcher of KhardovButcher of Khardov, TheDan WellsWarcaster Chronicles #2
No More GoddessesNo More GoddessesKim BaccelliaMagic & Mayhem #1
ImprisonedImprisonedChristine KerseyParallel #2
The Sweetest LoveSweetest Love, TheMarie HigginsSons of Worthington #3
Cassie's Cowboy CraveCassie's Cowboy CraveKimberly KreySweet Montana Bride #3
Shannon's HopeShannon's HopeJosi S. KilpackNewport Ladies Book Club #5
Autumn CollectionAutumn CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Heather Horrocks, Rachelle J. Christensen, Sarah M. Eden, Stephanie BlackA Timeless Romance #4
Longing For HomeLonging For HomeSarah M. EdenLonging For Home #1
Shadows of ValorShadows of ValorElsie Park
Rocky RoadRocky RoadJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #10
Heart's JourneyHeart's JourneyKristen McKendry
RisingRisingHolly KellyRising #1
Wild BornWild BornBrandon MullSpirit Animals #1
Lock and KeyLock and KeyTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #7
Making the TeamMaking the TeamJ. Scott SavageCase File 13 #2
SteelheartSteelheartBrandon SandersonReckoners #1
Ruby's SecretRuby's SecretHeather B. MooreNewport Ladies Book Club #6
The EscapeEscape, TheTeyla BrantonUnbounded #3
More Than Jamie BakerMore Than Jamie BakerKelly OramJamie Baker #2
Friends and TraitorsFriends and TraitorsC.J. HillSlayers #2
Pocket Full of PosiesPocket Full of PosiesJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #3
Warrior BeautifulWarrior BeautifulWendy KnightRiders of Paradesos #1
CinderskellaCinderskellaAmie Borst, Bethanie BorstScarily Ever Laughter #1
A Perfect SecretPerfect Secret, ADonna HatchRogue Hearts #3
Adrenaline RushAdrenaline RushCindy M. HoganChristy Spy #1
GravediggersGravediggersCindy M. Hogan
Get That Gold!Get That Gold!L.T. DowningAdventures of the Restoration #1
European CollectionEuropean CollectionAnnette Lyon, G.G. Vandagriff, Heather B. Moore, Michele Paige Holmes, Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #5
The Last EnchanterLast Enchanter, TheLaurisa White ReyesCelestine Chronicles #2
HuntedHuntedChristine KerseyParallel #3
Tell Me No LiesTell Me No LiesRachel BrantonLily's House #2
Spy For A SpySpy For A SpyJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #2
Hallows GateHallows GateMichelle EricksonStoddard Sisters #1
Mansfield RanchMansfield RanchJenni JamesJane Austen Diaries #5
As You AreAs You AreSarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #4
BlindsidedBlindsidedNatalie WhippleTransparent #2
Temperature RisingTemperature RisingAlysia S. Knight
Island PromisesIsland PromisesLeanne Banks, Marie Ferrarella, RaeAnne Thayne
Rules of EngagementRules of EngagementAmber Gilchrist
Jade's Cowboy CrushJade's Cowboy CrushKimberly KreySweet Montana Bride #2
River of DreamsRiver of DreamsLynn KurlandNine Kingdoms #8
DefyDefySara B. LarsonDefy #1
Into the FireInto the FireCheree AlsopGaldoni #2
The Golden SymbolGolden Symbol, TheAndrea PearsonKilenya #6
Hunting for HappenstanceHunting for HappenstanceCindy A. ChristiansenMerchant Street #2
Witch FallWitch FallAmber ArgyleWitch Song #3
Reach for HeavenReach for HeavenMarie HigginsGrayson Brothers #3
Victoria's PromiseVictoria's PromiseJulie WrightNewport Ladies Book Club #7
The Magic ShopMagic Shop, TheJustin SwappShadow Magic #1
Almost SuperAlmost SuperMarion JensenAlmost Super #1
Love Letter CollectionLove Letter CollectionAnnette Lyon, Diane Darcy, Heather B. Moore, Karey White, Krista Lynne Jensen, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #6
Spy NoonSpy NoonJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #0
The Newton PropheciesNewton Prophecies, TheKeith KatsikasMichael DiBianco #1
Dryad-BornDryad-BornJeff WheelerWhispers from Mirrowen #2
Fallen AngelFallen AngelLisa SwintonOpera Dynasty Romance #1
Hope SpringsHope SpringsSarah M. EdenLonging For Home #2
Under ZenithUnder ZenithShannen Crane CampZenith Cycles #1
The Shadow ThroneShadow Throne, TheJennifer A. NielsenAscendance #3
IntertwineIntertwineNichole VanHouse of Oak #1
Your Eyes Don't LieYour Eyes Don't LieRachel BrantonLily's House #3
Imperfect LoveImperfect LoveRebecca Talley
Words of RadianceWords of RadianceBrandon SandersonStormlight Archive #2
The Ruby PendantRuby Pendant, TheDorine WhiteCleopatra's Legacy #2
Eye On OrionEye On OrionLaura D. BastianOrion #1
RuinsRuinsDan WellsPartials Sequence #3
Sky RaidersSky RaidersBrandon MullFive Kingdoms #1
DangerousDangerousShannon Hale
Chances AreChances AreTraci Hunter AbramsonChances Are #1
The Fortune CaféFortune Café, TheHeather B. Moore, Julie Wright, Melanie JacobsonTangerine Street #1
Missing RoyalMissing RoyalKonstanz SilverbowFinding Gold #1
Sweet ConfectionsSweet ConfectionsDanyelle FergusonIndulgence Row #1
What I WantWhat I WantNoelle StevensDrake & Ashley #2
Fortune CookieFortune CookieJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #11
DescendingDescendingHolly KellyRising #2
Intercession: Jessica's StoryIntercession: Jessica's StoryVicki Hunt BudgeHope & Healing #1
I'm With YouI'm With YouTaylor Dean
Ilana's WishIlana's WishAnnette LyonNewport Ladies Book Club #8
Miss Armistead Makes Her ChoiceMiss Armistead Makes Her ChoiceHeidi AshworthMiss Delacourt #5
TimelessTimelessJaclyn WeistLost in a Fairy Tale #1
Old West CollectionOld West CollectionAnnette Lyon, Carla Kelly, Heather B. Moore, Liz Adair, Marsha Ward, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #7
BirthrightBirthrightNichole GilesDescendant #2
Reese's Cowboy KissReese's Cowboy KissKimberly KreySweet Montana Bride #1
Tales of Myrick the (Not So) MagnificentTales of Myrick the (Not So) MagnificentBerin L. StephensTales of Myrick #1
Arrow to His HeartArrow to His HeartMisty MoncurStripling Warrior #4
Warrior Everlasting by Wendy KnightWarrior Everlasting by Wendy KnightWendy KnightRiders of Paradesos #2
Evil TwinsEvil TwinsJ. Scott SavageCase File 13 #3
Bound in BlueBound in BlueHeather Hamilton-SenterSword of Elements #1
The Sweetest SecretSweetest Secret, TheMarie HigginsSons of Worthington #4
Fire and IceFire and IceShannon HaleSpirit Animals #4
The ReckoningReckoning, TheTeyla BrantonUnbounded #4
Tying the KnotTying the KnotAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Josi S. Kilpack, Julie WrightNewport Ladies Book Club #9
Legend of the LostLegend of the LostClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #4
Cupcake GIrlCupcake GIrlCatherine Doxey White
Summer in New YorkSummer in New YorkAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Janette Rallison, Lisa Mangum, Luisa Perkins, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #8
The Obituary SocietyObituary Society, TheJessica L. RandallObituary Society #1
AfterAfterChristine KerseyParallel #4
Ring Around the RosieRing Around the RosieJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #4
Cinder & EllaCinder & EllaKelly OramCinder & Ella #1
The Captain's GuardCaptain's Guard, TheMisty MoncurStripling Warrior #5
DrowningDrowningJenni JamesRevitalizing Jane #1
Knight of LightKnight of LightDeirdra EdenThe Watchers #1
The Paper MagicianPaper Magician, TheCharlie N. HolmbergThe Paper Magician #1
My Book of Life by AngelMy Book of Life by AngelMartine Leavitt
IncognitaIncognitaJaima FixsenFairchild #2
DiscernDiscernAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #1
Gone for a SoldierGone for a SoldierMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #1
PraxisPraxisAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #2
JabberwockyJabberwockyDaniel ColemanKnights of Wonderland #0
A Grave SituationGrave Situation, AClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #5
Secrets of FatharaSecrets of FatharaRobin GlasseyAzetha #1
The Accidental ApprenticeAccidental Apprentice, TheAnika ArringtonHavensgate Chronicles #1
Under a Georgia MoonUnder a Georgia MoonCindy Roland AndersonGeorgia Moon Romance #1
Loving LuciannaLoving LuciannaJoyce DiPastenaHearts in Autumn #1
Little Dead Riding HoodLittle Dead Riding HoodAmie Borst, Bethanie BorstScarily Ever Laughter #2
RemakeRemakeIlima ToddRemake #1
The Princess in BlackPrincess in Black, TheDean Hale, Shannon HalePrincess In Black #1
Silver BellsSilver BellsAnnette Lyon, Becca Wilhite, Heather B. Moore, Lu Ann Staheli, Lucinda Brant, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #9
Tales of the Great BeastsTales of the Great BeastsBrandon MullSpirit Animals
On the RunOn the RunTaylor HartThe Real Thing #1
HotwireHotwireCindy M. HoganWatched #5
Drop ZoneDrop ZoneTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #8
RemembrandtRemembrandtRobin KingRemembrandt #1
Spy by NightSpy by NightJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #0
Tomorrow We SpyTomorrow We SpyJordan McCollumSpy Another Day #3
Best Kind of LoveBest Kind of LoveRebecca TalleyReunion Romance
Rogue KnightRogue KnightBrandon MullFive Kingdoms #2
To Make a WitchTo Make a WitchHeather Hamilton-SenterSword of Elements
The Other MorganOther Morgan, TheChristine KerseyParallel #5
CoincidenceCoincidenceDanette J. Hansen
From the AshesFrom the AshesJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #2.5
The Christmas RanchChristmas Ranch, TheRaeAnne ThayneCowboys of Cold Creek #13
Lucky MidasLucky MidasKate Palmer
GiftchildGiftchildJanci Patterson
Chimmeken Crossing the DelawareChimmeken Crossing the DelawareD. Lee Jortner
Mistletoe PromiseMistletoe PromiseRichard Paul EvansMistletoe #1
The Law of MosesLaw of Moses, TheAmy Harmon
Free BreadFree BreadShari Bird
A Haunting LoveHaunting Love, ACheri Chesley
A Generation RisingGeneration Rising, AGerald N. LundFire and Steel #1
Altered PerceoptionsAltered PerceoptionsVarious Authors
HaladrasHaladrasMichael M. FarnsworthHaladras #1
The Girl in Seat 24BGirl in Seat 24B, TheJennifer Peel
The Orthogonal GalaxyOrthogonal Galaxy, TheMichael L. LewisGalaxy Series #1
Years & an OceanYears & an OceanJo Noelle
Beyond the CabinBeyond the CabinJared Nathan Garrett
Paladin PawnPaladin PawnMichael D. YoungChess Quest #1
Legion: Skin DeepLegion: Skin DeepBrandon SandersonLegion #1
Endless: A Modern Cinderella TaleEndless: A Modern Cinderella TaleJaclyn Weist
The Highwayman IncidentHighwayman Incident, TheKristy TateWitching Well #1
The Mysterious DollMysterious Doll, TheLinda Weaver ClarkeAmelia Moore #4
A Piece of SkyPiece of Sky, AAnn HunterCrown of the Twelve #4
Eve: In the BeginningEve: In the BeginningH.B. Moore
A Christmas HopeChristmas Hope, AStacy HenrieOf Love and War #1.5
Fog of FortuneFog of FortuneMichael S. GlassfordSilversword Chronicles #1
The AwakeningAwakening, TheDorine White
Only the BraveOnly the BraveGerald N. LundSan Juan Pioneers #2
Catching JuneCatching JuneShannen Crane CampJune #3
Master of LiesMaster of LiesLisa RectorHalf-Emrys #1
TwistedTwistedMichaelbrent Collings
An Uncommon BlueUncommon Blue, AnR.C. HancockColor Blind #1
Just DessertsJust DessertsPaige TimothyMain Street Merchants #4
DivineDivineNichole VanHouse of Oak #2
Pierced by LovePierced by LoveLaura L. Walker
Demon's HeartDemon's HeartEmily H. Bates
Lined with SilverLined with SilverRoseanne Evans WilkinsCalifornia Connections #1
The CoveCove, TheJulie L. Spencer
Rough Around the Edges Meets RefinedRough Around the Edges Meets RefinedRachael AndersonMeet Your Match #2
The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous PencilTuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil, TheConnor BoyackTuttle Twins #2
Hope RisingHope RisingStacy HenrieOf Love & War #2
Dark DestinyDark DestinyKari GrayDestiny #1
Ava's RevengeAva's RevengeTeyla BrantonUnbounded #1.5
Getting Her GroomGetting Her GroomHeather TullisDiCarlo Brides #7
City of Brick and ShadowCity of Brick and ShadowTim Wirkus
The Celestine SwordCelestine Sword, TheM.E. CunninghamInto Terratir #2
Wildflowers and KissesWildflowers and KissesJaclyn M. Hawkes
The Keepers' CouncilKeepers' Council, TheKelly NelsonKeepers Saga #4
Worlds Without NumberWorlds Without NumberDavid R. Christensen
Professional BoundariesProfessional BoundariesJennifer Peel
Across the AgesAcross the AgesRaShelle WorkmanAcross the Ages #1
Wedding CakeWedding CakeJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #12
IgniteIgniteSara B. LarsonDefy #2
ExileExileG.G. VandagriffLove and War #2
The Bishop's WifeBishop's Wife, TheMette Ivie HarrisonLinda Wallheim #1
BetrayedBetrayedRonda Hinrichsen
Breaking PointeBreaking PointeLani Woodland
All RegencyAll RegencyAnna Elliott, Annette Lyon, Carla Kelly, Heather B. Moore, Josi S. Kilpack, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #10
Sadie's Little Black Recipe BookSadie's Little Black Recipe BookJosi S. KilpackSadie Hoffmiller #13
FirefightFirefightBrandon SandersonReckoners #2
How to Hook a BookwormHow to Hook a BookwormCassie MaeHow To #3
EmissaryEmissaryMelissa McShane
Deadly SecretsDeadly SecretsFrank Richardson
A Storybook RomanceStorybook Romance, AJennifer K. Clark, Julie Daines, Melanie JacobsonLove Unexpected #1
Into ShadowInto ShadowT.D. ShieldsShadow and Light #1
Of Fire and AshOf Fire and AshAmber ArgyleFairy Queens #1.5
The Boardwalk Antiques ShopBoardwalk Antiques Shop, TheHeather B. Moore, Julie Wright, Melanie JacobsonTangerine Street #2
Silent CriesSilent CriesAnastasia Alexander
The Trouble with MagicTrouble with Magic, TheDanyelle LeaftySecret Stepsister Society #2
Haven WaitingHaven WaitingTifani ClarkSoul Saver #2
The Cottage Park PuzzleCottage Park Puzzle, TheRichard M. Siddoway209
The Hunt for the Big Bad WolfHunt for the Big Bad Wolf, TheE.M. TippettsSomeone Else's Fairytale #3
Wishing on Baby DustWishing on Baby DustLydia Winters
Keeping KateKeeping KateLauren Winder Farnsworth
Sunrise Over ScipioSunrise Over ScipioH. Linn Murphy
Searching For SuperSearching For SuperMarion JensenAlmost Super #2
Light of the CandleLight of the CandleCarol Pratt Bradley
Gabriel's DaughtersGabriel's DaughtersJanet Kay Jensen
The Mad Song and other Tales of Sword & SorceryMad Song and other Tales of Sword & Sorcery, TheDavid J. West
My One and OnlyMy One and OnlyShannon GuymonLove & Weddings #1
TrollSpellTrollSpellDanyelle LeaftyFairy Godmother Dilemma #5
Ever DarkeningEver DarkeningJaneal FalorEver Darkening #1
Rough EdgesRough EdgesKimberly KreySecond Chances #1
EruptionEruptionAdrienne QuintanaEruption #1
The DecisionDecision, TheHeather GilletteThe Choice #2
Cut Me FreeCut Me FreeJ.R. Johansson
WovenWovenDavid Powers King, Michael Jensen
BirdlegsBirdlegsKenneth R. Tarr
Hands of MercyHands of MercyCharissa StastnyBending Willow Tree #3
The Lady and the MinstrelLady and the Minstrel, TheJoyce DiPastena
House DividedHouse DividedJennifer Peel
Mortal BrotherMortal BrotherTeyla BrantonUnbounded #2.5
Once Upon Two KingdomsOnce Upon Two KingdomsAnna del C. Dye
My Sweet Danish RoseMy Sweet Danish RoseTina Peterson ScottErichsen #2
Water So DeepWater So DeepNichole GilesWater So Deep #1
ShutterShutterCourtney AlamedaShutter #1
Honorable DisgraceHonorable DisgraceStephanie N. Pitman
Going HomeGoing HomeRobbin J. Peterson
The Monster and the BeastMonster and the Beast, TheJessica LorenneTales of Evermagic #4
The Eleventh BrotherEleventh Brother, TheRachel K. Wilcox
The Rules In RomeRules In Rome, TheA.L. Sowards
Angel In A Black FedoraAngel In A Black FedoraSherry GammonTrue Love Is Magical #3
The HealerHealer, TheGregg Luke
What Took You So LongWhat Took You So LongPamela S. Williams
Fish Out of WaterFish Out of WaterNatalie Whipple
The Lazarus GameLazarus Game, TheStephen J. Valentine
A Season of ChangeSeason of Change, ADonna K. WeaverSafe Harbors #2.5
Attractive NuisanceAttractive NuisanceJennifer GriffithLegally In Love #1
Between the LinesBetween the LinesPaige TimothyMain Street Merchants #5
Star Crossed HurricaneStar Crossed HurricaneWendy Knight
Out of BoundsOut of BoundsLani WoodlandPom Pom Periodicals #3
The Autumn RepublicAutumn Republic, TheBrian McClellanPowder Mage #3
Like Tendrils of a Vine (Brothers In Arms Part 1)Like Tendrils of a Vine (Brothers In Arms Part 1)Misty MoncurStripling Warrior #6
The Wife MakerWife Maker, TheKarey WhiteHusband Maker #3
Science FictionedScience FictionedLee Falin
Letters to My Future HusbandLetters to My Future HusbandLisa McKendrick
MidianMidianAndrea PearsonKilenya Romances #2
Loving HelenLoving HelenMichele Paige HolmesHearthfire Romance #2
Safe HavenSafe HavenHeather JustesenHomecoming #4
Redeem ThisRedeem ThisCami CheckettsTenderness & Terror #2
The Smoke-Scented GirlSmoke-Scented Girl, TheMelissa McShane
Reluctantly MarriedReluctantly MarriedVictorine E. LieskeMarried #2
Midnight RunnerMidnight RunnerMarilee Jackson
Ideal HighIdeal HighValerie Ipson
Her Own Fairy GodmotherHer Own Fairy GodmotherMarie HigginsWhere Dreams Come True #2
Mark of the ThiefMark of the ThiefJennifer A. NielsenMark of the Thief #1
Flowers of GraceFlowers of GraceTeresa Hirst
PoisonwellPoisonwellJeff WheelerWhispers from Mirrowen #3
The Forgotten SistersForgotten Sisters, TheShannon HalePrincess Academy #3
Savage LightSavage LightJaneal FalorEver Darkening #2
True SightTrue SightTerron JamesBeholders #2
Gold DragonGold DragonRebecca ShelleyDragonbound #7
DefianceDefianceAdrienne MonsonBlood Inheritance #2
Just My LuckJust My LuckJaclyn WeistLuck #1.5
Beyond OrionBeyond OrionLaura D. BastianOrion #2
Lord John's DilemmaLord John's DilemmaG.G. VandagriffGrenville Chronicles #2
Going RogueGoing RogueTaylor HartThe Real Thing #2
Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American AnthologyMechanized Masterpieces 2: An American AnthologyD. Lee Jortner, MeriLyn Oblat, Penny FreemanMechanized Masterpieces 2
Witherwood Reform SchoolWitherwood Reform SchoolObert SkyeWitherwood Reform School #1
The Impossible RaceImpossible Race, TheChad MorrisCragbridge Hall #3
Heart TiedHeart TiedRobyn Buttars
Born to RunBorn to RunAnn HunterNorth Oak #1
WreckageWreckageEmily Bleeker
Royal DateRoyal DateSariah WilsonRoyals of Monterra #1
Interlude at Cottonwood SpringsInterlude at Cottonwood SpringsLiz Adair
Murder At TophouseMurder At TophouseClair M. Poulson
Falling SlowlyFalling SlowlyJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #1.5
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of HellShadows for Silence in the Forests of HellBrandon Sanderson
What Is LostWhat Is LostLauren Skidmore
BuriedBuriedMichaelbrent CollingsThe Colony #6
A Wish in Her HandWish in Her Hand, AAmberlee Day
The Quantum DeceptionQuantum Deception, TheDenver AceyTanner Zane #2
The Academic BrideAcademic Bride, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #1
The Cross BearerCross Bearer, TheE. James Harrison
The StoryspinnerStoryspinner, TheBecky WallaceKeepers' Chronicles #1
Beauty and the ChiefBeauty and the ChiefAlysia S. Knight
Levels: Fantastic and Macabre StoriesLevels: Fantastic and Macabre StoriesNathan Shumate
Hidden FireHidden FireDeirdra EdenThe Watchers #2
Secrets and LiesSecrets and LiesMarie Higgins
Lethal EngagementLethal EngagementTeyla BrantonUnbounded #4.5
Heart of GoldHeart of GoldJeanette Miller
Crystal KeepersCrystal KeepersBrandon MullFive Kingdoms #3
The ElementalistElementalist, TheMelissa J. CunninghamRansomed Souls #2
HousebrokenHousebrokenThe Behrg
Numbers GameNumbers GameRebecca RodeNumbers Game #1
Enoch in the City of AdamEnoch in the City of AdamJ.L. ThompsonComing Flood #1
SilenceSilenceDeborah Lytton
Beast CharmingBeast CharmingJenniffer Wardell
PagesPagesJewel Adams
Protect ThisProtect ThisCami CheckettsTenderness & Terror #0.5
Off KilterOff KilterGlen RobinsOff #1
The True Bride and the ShoemakerTrue Bride and the Shoemaker, TheL PalmerPippington Tales #1
Hidden IdentitiesHidden IdentitiesJames C. Duckett, Jo Noelle, Laura D. Bastian, Lindzee Armstrong, Paige Timothy, Stephanie Connelley WorltonSweet & Sassy #1
Her Lost LoveHer Lost LoveLinda Weaver ClarkeAmelia Moore Detective #5
MaximusMaximusRichard L. Black
A Hope RememberedHope Remembered, AStacy HenrieOf Love & War #3
Between Now & NeerBetween Now & NeerLaura Johnston
The Angel Court AffairAngel Court Affair, TheAnne PerryCharlotte and Thomas Pitt #30
Miss Burton Unmasks a PrinceMiss Burton Unmasks a PrinceJennifer Moore
Perfect StatePerfect StateBrandon Sanderson
FailsafeFailsafeTraci Hunter AbramsonThe Guardians #1
Court of the HawkCourt of the HawkDebbie Peterson
Fire GateFire GatePendragon InmanShinehah Saga #1
ResidueResidueSteve DiamondJack Bishop #1
Crooked HouseCrooked HouseMarlene BatemanErica Coleman #3
The Veil of DeathVeil of Death, TheRobin GlasseyAzetha #2
A Heart RevealedHeart Revealed, AJosi S. Kilpack
Escape to HavenEscape to HavenAnna Jones ButtimoreHaven #2
Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel IslandCaptain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel IslandRebecca BlevinsCaptain Schnozzlebeard #1
Taking the ReinsTaking the ReinsTristi PinkstonEstelle Watkins #4
Nemesis: KnightNemesis: KnightMichael D. YoungChess Quest #2
The Enchanted RoseEnchanted Rose, TheKonstanz SilverbowFinding Gold #2
Love's DeceptionLove's DeceptionKelly Nelson
The Royal SpyRoyal Spy, TheCassie M. Shiels
Grounded for LoveGrounded for LoveRebecca TalleyReunion Romance #2
Caught In CrimsonCaught In CrimsonHeather Hamilton-SenterSword of Elements #2
Jack: The True Story of Jack & the BeanstalkJack: The True Story of Jack & the BeanstalkLiesl Shurtliff
Meet Your MatchMeet Your MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match For Love #0.5
The Tainted CrownTainted Crown, TheElizabeth D. MichaelsHorstberg Saga #4
California Dreamin' CollectionCalifornia Dreamin' CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Jennifer Moore, Kaylee Baldwin, Sarah M. Eden, Shannon GuymonA Timeless Romance #11
Summer QueenSummer QueenAmber ArgyleFairy Queens #2
My Fairly Dangerous GodmotherMy Fairly Dangerous GodmotherJanette RallisonMy Fair Godmother #3
Free Fallin'Free Fallin'Shannon GuymonLove & Wedding #2
Bezza's Book of EnchantmentsBezza's Book of EnchantmentsAndrea PearsonRanch City Academy #1
Silver LinedSilver LinedShannen Crane CampSugar Coated #3
ScionScionKelly OramSupernaturals #3
AvengingAvengingHolly KellyRising #3
The Fangs of BloodhavenFangs of Bloodhaven, TheCheree AlsopMonster Asylum #1
A Piper's SongPiper's Song, AC.K. JohnsonPied Piper Tales #1
The Perfect FoolPerfect Fool, TheBethany Zohner Herbert
StrandedStrandedNathan Huffaker
The Other Side of QuietOther Side of Quiet, TheTara C. Allred
With a Dreamboat in a HammockWith a Dreamboat in a HammockMarcia Lynn McClure
Crystal GateCrystal GatePendragon InmanShinehah Saga #2
Snowed InnSnowed InnKate PalmerWestern Hearts #1
The Organized BrideOrganized Bride, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #2
Hello AgainHello AgainHeather TullisIn the Garden #1
My Pride, His PrejudiceMy Pride, His PrejudiceJenni JamesAusten In Love #1
A Sky So BigSky So Big, AKarl Beckstrand, Ransom Wilcox
True SonTrue SonLana KrumwiedePsi Chronicles #3
The Arctic CodeArctic Code, TheMatthew J. KirbyDark Gravity Sequence #1
MarrowMarrowPreston Norton
The BotanistBotanist, TheL.K. Hill
Mismatched in Love: Almost CinderellaMismatched in Love: Almost CinderellaJolene B. PerryAlmost a Fairytale #1
Peter PanPeter PanJenni JamesJenni James Faerie Tale Collection #12
Extreme MeasuresExtreme MeasuresMichele Asman Bell
The Order of Curse-Bound KnightsOrder of Curse-Bound Knights, TheCheri A. SchmidtFateful Vampire #4
PeterPeterToni Sorenson
Trouble in LovelandTrouble in LovelandJennifer Peel
The RidealongRidealong, TheMichaelbrent Collings
Through Castle WindowsThrough Castle WindowsElizabeth D. MichaelsHorstberg Saga #5
Wake of RuinWake of RuinBrett JensenRelegated #1
Love, LucasLove, LucasChantele Sedgwick
Elemental PrincessElemental PrincessM.M. RoethigElemental Series #1
Miss MatchMiss MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match for Love #1
RaineRaineM.M. RoethigElemental Series #2
Taken by ChanceTaken by ChanceLani WoodlandLaguna Tides #1
The Fill-In BoyfriendFill-In Boyfriend, TheKasie West
The Lost PrincessLost Princess, TheCheri ChesleyPeasant Queen #3
The Warrior ReturnsWarrior Returns, TheAlyson PetersonIan Quicksilver #1
Hurricane ColtraneHurricane ColtraneTaya Okerlund
Liam Darcy, I Loathe YouLiam Darcy, I Loathe YouHeidi Jo DoxeyPemberley Prep #1
The Sound of Life and EverythingSound of Life and Everything, TheKrista Van Dolzer
Fire KeepFire KeepJ. Scott SavageFarworld #4
The Tulip ResistanceTulip Resistance, TheLynne Leatham Allen
Ink and AshesInk and AshesValynne E. Maetani
Trouble in ParadiseTrouble in ParadiseKaren Tuft
BondageBondageH.B. MooreMoses Chronicles #1
The Sheik's RubySheik's Ruby, TheJennifer Moore
ProdigalProdigalSherry D. Ficklin, Tyler H. JolleyLost Imperials #2
The Creator's SentinelCreator's Sentinel, TheSteve Nelson
RivenRivenSherry D. Ficklin, Tyler H. JolleyLost Imperials #3
The Secret KeeperSecret Keeper, TheAngela CarlingThe Secret Series #1
Bridges of the HeartBridges of the HeartJoan Sowards
IllusionariumIllusionariumHeather Dixon
Love and MiraclesLove and MiraclesC. Allen Moore
Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American StoriesDark Watch and Other Mormon-American StoriesWilliam Morris
Last PlayLast PlayTaylor HartLast Play #1
ClandestineClandestineNichole VanHouse of Oak #3
The Gift of LiesGift of Lies, TheNorma T. Rudolph
Fifty Shades of GreystokeFifty Shades of GreystokeHeather HorrocksChick Flick Clique #4.
At LastAt LastShannon GuymonLove & Weddings #3
Summer in Snow Valley AnthologySummer in Snow Valley AnthologyCami Checketts, Cindy Roland Anderson, Jeanette Lewis, Kimberley Montpetit, Lucy McConnell, Taylor HartSnow Valley Romance #2
Forever AfterForever AfterStacy Lynn CarrollPrincess Sisters #3
With No RegretsWith No RegretsJulie N. Ford
The Master MagicianMaster Magician, TheCharlie N. HolmbergPaper Magician #3
SpelledSpelledBetsy Schow
The Charity ChipCharity Chip, TheBrock Booher
The Stranger’s ObituaryStranger’s Obituary, TheJessica L. RandallObituary Society #2
Bilwok: Dawn of the TrollsBilwok: Dawn of the TrollsGeorge Anthon Kibbie
Survival Strategies of the Almost BraveSurvival Strategies of the Almost BraveJen White
The GatheringGathering, TheDavid ArmstrongIn the Days of Lachoneus #1
The Song of DavidSong of David, TheAmy Harmon
Zion's CallZion's CallJeremy MaughanLegacy of Hope #1
The Devil’s Only FriendDevil’s Only Friend, TheDan WellsJohn Cleaver #4
Mothman's CurseMothman's CurseChristine Hayes
Playing for KeepsPlaying for KeepsRaneé S. Clark
Twists in Time AnthologyTwists in Time AnthologyAmanda Strong, Holly Kelly, Sherry D. Ficklin
More Than Just LuckMore Than Just LuckJaclyn WeistLuck Series #4
Kisses in the RainKisses in the RainKrista Lynne Jensen
Trail to Her HeartTrail to Her HeartAlysia S. Knight
First Love Second ChoiceFirst Love Second ChoiceLindzee Armstrong
Curse of the Mummy’s UncleCurse of the Mummy’s UncleJ. Scott SavageCase File 13 #4
Salem Witch HauntSalem Witch HauntTheresa SneedSalem Witch Haunt #1
Vanishing ActVanishing ActErica KieferLingering Echoes #3
Catching CaytieCatching CaytieCindy Roland AndersonSnow Valley Romance
When the Time Is Right (Brothers In Arms Part 2)When the Time Is Right (Brothers In Arms Part 2)Misty MoncurStripling Warrior #6
Stick in the Mud Meets SpontaneityStick in the Mud Meets SpontaneityRachael AndersonMeet Your Match #3
ConstitutionConstitutionNick WebbLegacy Fleet #1
Sensible & SensationalSensible & SensationalJenni JamesJane Austen Diaries #6
A Touch of LoveTouch of Love, ACami CheckettsSnow Valley Romance
Redemption BayRedemption BayRaeAnne ThayneHaven Point #2
Sink or SwimSink or SwimLaura D. Bastian
Inn the Family WayInn the Family WayHeather HorrocksWho-Dunn-Him Inn #3
Annette Lyon CollectionAnnette Lyon CollectionAnnette LyonA Timeless Romance #12
The Shadow PrisonShadow Prison, TheK.A. ParkinsonThe Ninth Chosen #1
The Kiss That Launched 1,000 GifsKiss That Launched 1,000 Gifs, TheSheralyn Pratt
Silver in the BloodSilver in the BloodJessica Day George
Worth Waiting ForWorth Waiting ForSally JohnsonSkeleton in My Closet #2
ManiaManiaJ.R. JohanssonNight Walkers #3
One of ManyOne of ManyB.M.J. Gatt
Veils and VengeanceVeils and VengeanceRachelle J. ChristensenWedding Planner Mystery #2
Secrets of NeverakSecrets of NeverakJacob GowansTale of Light and Shadow #2
LibertyLibertyRebecca BellistonCitizens of Logan Pond #2
Boston's QuestBoston's QuestShanae BranhamHoloquest Fantasy #2
Not So LuckyNot So LuckyRaShelle WorkmanLucky Clover #1
The Haunting of Springett HallHaunting of Springett Hall, TheE.B. Wheeler
Queen of TomorrowQueen of TomorrowSherry D. FicklinStolen Empire #2
Servant of the CrownServant of the CrownMelissa McShaneCrown of Tremontane #1
Shadow in the SeaShadow in the SeaSheila A. NielsonWindwaithe Island #2
Another Time for LoveAnother Time for LoveLynne Larson
JohannaJohannaLiza WestbrookDakota Bound #1
Callahan CrossroadsCallahan CrossroadsAnola Pickett
The Professional BrideProfessional Bride, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #3
The DeepDeep, TheMichaelbrent Collings
The Other Side of the StarsOther Side of the Stars, TheKatherine King
In the Wilds of DevonIn the Wilds of DevonWanda Luce
The Devil's FoolDevil's Fool, TheRachel McClellanThe Devil Series #1
Once Upon An AssassinOnce Upon An AssassinKonstanz SilverbowFinding Gold #3
BeatBeatJared Garrett
Love on a WhimLove on a WhimAubrey Mace
Wandering RealitiesWandering RealitiesSteven L. Peck
Memory HunterMemory HunterFrank MorinFacetakers #1
His GovernessHis GovernessAlysia S. Knight
The McCarran CollectionMcCarran Collection, TheLiz Adair
Dead LuckyDead LuckyRaShelle WorkmanLucky Clover #2
Soul of SmokeSoul of SmokeCaitlyn McFarlandDragonsworn #1
A Kiss with ScandalKiss with Scandal, AJanelle DanielsScandals & Secrets #4
Marrying ChristopherMarrying ChristopherMichele Paige HolmesHearthfire Romance #3
Portrait of LiesPortrait of LiesClair M. Poulson
DefianceDefianceG.G. VandagriffLove and War #3
Eleanor and the Iron KingEleanor and the Iron KingJulie Daines
Song of LockeSong of LockeJ Washburn
PandoraPandoraJennifer GriffithGoddesses & Geeks #1
Don't Vote for MeDon't Vote for MeKrista Van Dolzer
Legally and Lawfully YoursLegally and Lawfully YoursAnita Stansfield
The Throne of DavidThrone of David, TheAnn Farnsworth
Call to Arms: Nations FallCall to Arms: Nations FallRandy LindsayCall to Arms #1
SandsSandsKevin L. NielsenSharani #1
Storm MoonStorm MoonTeri HarmanMoonlight #3
The Devil's AngelDevil's Angel, TheRachel McClellanThe Devil Series #2
ReawakenedReawakenedColleen HouckReawakened #1
Kate UnmaskedKate UnmaskedCindy M. HoganCode of Silence #1
All Hallow’s EveAll Hallow’s EveAnnette Lyon, Elana Johnson, Heather B. Moore, Jordan McCollum, Lisa Mangum, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #13
Witch WaysWitch WaysKristy TateWitch Ways #1
Mine to FearMine to FearJaneal FalorMine #3
Get You BackGet You BackTaylor HartThe Real Thing #3
Daring Hearts Boxed SetDaring Hearts Boxed SetAmber Argyle, Christine Kersey, Cindy M. Hogan, Elana Johnson, RaShelle Workman, Wendy Knight
The RookieRookie, TheTaylor HartLast Play #2
The Banished of MuirwoodBanished of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerCovenant of Muirwood #1
SisteringSisteringJennifer Quist
Of Firebirds and FrostOf Firebirds and FrostDanyelle LeaftyTales of the Snow Queen #2
Rook: RevengeRook: RevengeMichael D. YoungChess Quest #3
PerceivePerceiveAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #3
BirthrightBirthrightCheri Chesley
Joni, UnderwayJoni, UnderwayJonathan Harrow, Kelly Oram
A Night DividedNight Divided, AJennifer A. Nielsen
A Thousand FacesThousand Faces, AJanci PattersonThousand Faces #1
ObserveObserveAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #4
SabotageSabotageEllisa BarrPowerless Nation #3
Never SaidNever SaidCarol Lynch Williams
Lie CatchersLie CatchersPaul Bishop
The Witching CraftWitching Craft, TheJanelle DanielsWitches of Redwood Falls #2
The StorytellersStorytellers, TheLaurisa White Reyes
WitnessWitnessChristine KerseyWitness #1
Whispers of DeathWhispers of DeathAlicia Rivoli
Of Ice and SnowOf Ice and SnowAmber ArgyleFairy Queens #0.5
Has to Be LoveHas to Be LoveJolene Perry
FacelessFacelessMonica MillardMortal Monsters #1
Burden of DestinyBurden of DestinyBrett JensenRelegated #2
Echoes of SummerEchoes of SummerLaura D. BastianSeasons of Love #1
Paloma and the Horse TradersPaloma and the Horse TradersCarla KellySpanish Brand #3
Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent #2Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent #2Berin L. StephensTales of Myrick #2
The Two MastersTwo Masters, TheLisa RectorHalf-Emrys #2
Simply AnnaSimply AnnaJennifer Moore
Mending HeartsMending HeartsKimberly KreySecond Chances #2
The Afterlife AcademyAfterlife Academy, TheFrank L. Cole
Played for a FoolPlayed for a FoolStephanie BlackFool Me #2
True Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-day Fairy TalesTrue Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-day Fairy TalesAdam Glendon Sidwell, Ally Condie, Bobbie Pyron, Brandon Mull, Chad Morris, Clint Johnson, Frank L. Cole, Ilima Todd, J. Scott Savage, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Jess Smart Smiley, Kristyn Crown, Lehua Parker, Liesl Shurtliff, Linda Gerber, Peggy Eddleman, Sara B. Larson, Shannon Hale, Sharlee Glenn, Stephen Reid Andrews, Tyler Whitesides
Heroes of the DustbinHeroes of the DustbinTyler WhitesidesJanitors #5
Journey's EndJourney's EndJewel AdamsLegacy #3
The Soul's AgentSoul's Agent, TheWendy KnightThe Agents #1
Casters of DoovikCasters of DoovikMcKenzie Wagner
Rocker BoyRocker BoyWendy Knight
Sacrifice of MineSacrifice of MineJaneal FalorMine #4
CaretakerCaretakerJosi RussellCaretaker #1
The Ring of RemalihaRing of Remaliha, TheMelanie Mason
Corridors of the NightCorridors of the NightAnne PerryWilliam Monk #21
Storm of LightningStorm of LightningRichard Paul EvansMichael Vey #5
The Ciphers of MuirwoodCiphers of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerCovenant of Muirwood #2
Second Chance RanchSecond Chance RanchLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #1
Regency Christmas GiftsRegency Christmas GiftsCarla Kelly
Silver Cascade SecretsSilver Cascade SecretsRachelle J. Christensen
Vocal CrushVocal CrushLisa Swinton
Lucky In LoveLucky In LoveRaShelle WorkmanLucky Clover #3
Castle CollectionCastle CollectionCindy M. Hogan, Donna K. Weaver, Jo Noelle, Kaye P. Clark, Paige TimothySweet & Sassy Anthology #2
Heart of OrionHeart of OrionLaura D. BastianOrion #3
The Spectra UnearthedSpectra Unearthed, TheChristie Valentine PowellKeita's Wings #1
Jessie BelleJessie BelleJennifer PeelWomen of Merryton #1
Out of the AshesOut of the AshesAlicia Buck
Followed by FrostFollowed by FrostCharlie N. Holmberg
Aspen EverlastingAspen EverlastingKathryn Cooper
This Monstrous ThingThis Monstrous ThingMackenzie Lee
Dangerous ObsessionDangerous ObsessionM.M. RoethigTaylor Family Saga #1
A Killing In ZionKilling In Zion, AAndrew HuntArt Oveson #2
Fatal ExchangeFatal ExchangeCindy M. HoganWatched #6
Shadow of FlameShadow of FlameCaitlyn McFarlandDragonsworn #2
Felicity and the Featherless Two-FootFelicity and the Featherless Two-FootLoralee EvansFelicity #2
In the StarsIn the StarsPaige TimothyMain Street Merchants #6
Fires of InventionFires of InventionJ. Scott SavageMysteries of Cove #1
BanishedBanishedChristy Monson
LinkLinkSummer WierShadow of Light #1
The TakeoverTakeover, TheTeyla BrantonUnbounded #5
Westly: A Spider's TaleWestly: A Spider's TaleBryan Beus
Evergreen SpringsEvergreen SpringsRaeAnne ThayneHaven Point #3
Autumn MasqueradeAutumn MasqueradeDonna Hatch, Josi S. Kilpack, Nancy Campbell AllenTimeless Regency Collection #1
YearlingYearlingAnn HunterNorth Oak #2
The Agitated HeartAgitated Heart, TheJ. Scott Bronson
Whispers Out of the DustWhispers Out of the DustDavid J. West
FireweedFireweedTerry Montague
Shadows of SelfShadows of SelfBrandon SandersonMistborn #5
Just PlayJust PlayTaylor HartLast Play #3
Psion OmegaPsion OmegaJacob GowansPsion #5
Lord Fenton's FollyLord Fenton's FollyJosi S. KilpackProper Romance #5
Life and DeathLife and DeathStephenie MeyerTwilight Saga #5
RefineRefineNichole VanHouse of Oak #4
Always WillAlways WillMelanie Jacobson
NamelessNamelessJennifer JenkinsNameless #1
SpotlightSpotlightTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad #9
Journey to the Mercy MinesJourney to the Mercy MinesRobin GlasseyAzetha #3
Bridgetown HighBridgetown HighPaul W. West
The Lord of the HatLord of the Hat, TheObert SkyeCreature from My Closet #5
North for ChristmasNorth for ChristmasChristina Dymock
The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess PartyPrincess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, TheDean Hale, Shannon HalePrincess In Black #2
Renewal: Kayla's StoryRenewal: Kayla's StoryVicki Hunt BudgeHope & Healing #2
Waiting to Fall: Almost RapunzelWaiting to Fall: Almost RapunzelJolene B. PerryAlmost a Fairytale #2
StormStormKate PalmerWestern Hearts #2
Christmas WondersChristmas WondersRobyn Buttars
Airships of CamelotAirships of CamelotRobison Wells
Son of the Black SwordSon of the Black SwordLarry CorreiaForgotten Warrior #1
Desert RainsDesert RainsJana S. BrownDesert Romance #1
Shadows Before DawnShadows Before DawnJan HindsTharon Trace #3
Under the MistletoeUnder the MistletoeAnnette Lyon, Cindy Roland Anderson, Heather B. Moore, Jennifer Griffith, Julie Coulter Bellon, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #14
Sandy and the Weird SistersSandy and the Weird SistersJ.D. Newman
Saints & SpiesSaints & SpiesJordan McCollumSaints & Spies #1
GatefatherGatefatherOrson Scott CardMithermages #3
Rider of the CrownRider of the CrownMelissa McShaneCrown of Tremontane #2
DaybreakDaybreakCheree AlsopGirl from the Stars #1
The Wizard's HeirWizard's Heir, TheDevri Walls
The Caretaker's Guide to FablehavenCaretaker's Guide to Fablehaven, TheBrandon MullFablehaven #6
Of Indigo and IceOf Indigo and IceDanyelle LeaftyTales of the Snow Queen #3
Lord Basingstoke's DownfallLord Basingstoke's DownfallG.G. VandagriffGrenville Chronicles #3
Playing with FirePlaying with FireSherry D. Ficklin#Hackers #1
The Void of MuirwoodVoid of Muirwood, TheJeff WheelerCovenant of Muirwood #3
The Immortal NicholasImmortal Nicholas, TheGlenn Beck
Sim 299Sim 299Johan TwissI Am Sleepless #1
The Country BrideCountry Bride, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #4
Home and AwayHome and AwayDean Hughes
Dream House on Golan DriveDream House on Golan DriveDavid G. Pace
Courting ScandalCourting ScandalJaima FixsenFairchild #3
Prince Charming's QuestPrince Charming's QuestJessica L. ElliottCharming Academy #6
Getting Kole for ChristmasGetting Kole for ChristmasKimberly Krey
Christmas KissesChristmas KissesCami Checketts, Connie E. Sokol, Heather Tullis, Lucy McConnell, Rachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Anthology #1
An Unexpected ProposalUnexpected Proposal, AnAnnette Lyon
The Duke's Christmas TidingsDuke's Christmas Tidings, TheMarie Higgins
Power of the MatchmakerPower of the MatchmakerVarious AuthorsPower of the Matchmaker #0.5
Jacob and LaceJacob and LaceTory C. Anderson
A Pear-Shaped FuneralPear-Shaped Funeral, ADan WellsFrederick Whithers #2
Ring of TruthRing of TruthJaclyn HardySilver Script #1
Withn QwestarWithn QwestarTeya PeckQwestar #1
ReclaimReclaimAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #5
The Sale of Woodhouse GlassSale of Woodhouse Glass, TheK.J. Watters
Until We Meet AgainUntil We Meet AgainRenee Collins
ReckoningReckoningMichaelbrent CollingsThe Colony #7
The Storm DescendsStorm Descends, TheGerald N. LundFire and Steel #2
The Mariposa HotelMariposa Hotel, TheHeather B. Moore, Julie Wright, Melanie JacobsonTangerine Street #3
PowerlessPowerlessMonica MillardMortal Monsters #2
Dangerous LiesDangerous LiesBecca Fitzpatrick
Doing No HarmDoing No HarmCarla Kelly
SidekickSidekickNatlie Whipple
Christmas at HavenChristmas at HavenAnna Jones ButtimoreHaven #3
One Last SpringOne Last SpringSian Ann Bessey
The CenoteCenote, TheChelsea Dyreng
EllaEllaJessilyn Stewart Peaslee
A Christmas EscapeChristmas Escape, AAnne PerryAnne Perry's Christmas #14
Resurgent ShadowsResurgent ShadowsKevin L. NielsenSuccessive Harmony #1
Van Gogh GoneVan Gogh GoneRobin KingRemembrandt #2
The Mistletoe InnMistletoe Inn, TheRichard Paul EvansMistletoe Collection #2
Heir to EdenbrookeHeir to EdenbrookeJulianne DonaldsonEdenbrooke #0.5
By the RiverBy the RiverJennie Hansen
Broken Deeds, Broken HeartsBroken Deeds, Broken HeartsCindy A. Christiansen
Puzzle PiecesPuzzle PiecesBetsy Brannon GreenHaggerty Mystery #9
Asked and AnsweredAsked and AnsweredJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #2
Playing with HeartstringsPlaying with HeartstringsLydia Winters
Sarah M. Eden British Isles CollectionSarah M. Eden British Isles CollectionSarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #15
The Game of LivesGame of Lives, TheJames DashnerMortality Doctrine #3
Her Irresistible EmployerHer Irresistible EmployerGinny HartmanUnconventional Suitor #4
CalvinCalvinMartine Leavitt
Not Your MatchNot Your MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match For Love #2
Tara and the Fairy FlagTara and the Fairy FlagPatricia J. RicksTara #1
The EnvisageEnvisage, TheM.M. WarrenEnvisage #1
The Diamond Looking GlassDiamond Looking Glass, TheDorine WhiteCleopatra's Legacy #3
The Devil's SoldierDevil's Soldier, TheRachel McClellanThe Devil Series #3
The Pilfered PapersPilfered Papers, TheL.T. DowningAdventures of the Restoration #2
Take My AdviceTake My AdviceTristi Pinkston
Rachel: Bride of New HampshireRachel: Bride of New HampshireDiane DarcyAmerican Mail-Order Brides #9
Fort KanoshFort KanoshKurt F. KammeyerClan of the Stone #1
The Witch HuntWitch Hunt, TheDusti Miller, Marie HigginsWhere Dreams Come True #1
Shattered HeartsShattered HeartsStacy Lynn Carroll
LostLostKatie Lee O'GuinnChasing the Wolf #3
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, WivesMothers, Daughters, Sisters, WivesKaren Rosebaum
Third Time's the CharmThird Time's the CharmLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #2
His Right HandHis Right HandMette Ivie HarrisonLinda Wallheim #2
A Midwinter BallMidwinter Ball, AAnnette Lyon, Heidi Ashworth, Michele Paige HolmesTimeless Regency Collection #2
Lost KingLost KingH.B. MooreOmar Zagouri #2
Soda SpringsSoda SpringsCarolyn Steele
FortitudeFortitudeCarrie Dalby
Twelve Days in DecemberTwelve Days in DecemberMichele Paige HolmesHearthfire Romance #4
A Christmas SecretChristmas Secret, AJanelle DanielsScandals & Secrets #4.5
Child of the EmpireChild of the EmpireMichaelbrent CollingsSword Chronicles #1
A Player for ChristmasPlayer for Christmas, ATaylor HartLast Play #4
The CaptiveCaptive, TheJulie Coulter BellonGriffin Force #1
Waiting for PatienceWaiting for PatienceStephanie Adams
The Suspect's DaughterSuspect's Daughter, TheDonna HatchRogue Hearts #4
No RegretsNo RegretsTy W. Isham
Home for the HolidaysHome for the HolidaysMaria HoaglandCountdown to Christmas #2
Truth of EmbersTruth of EmbersCaitlyn McFarlandDragonsworn #3
Exile of the CrownExile of the CrownMelissa McShaneCrown of Tremontane #2.5
Oh, Come On—Be FaithfulOh, Come On—Be FaithfulCami CheckettsCountdown to Christmas #3
A Christmas Worth BillionsChristmas Worth Billions, AJaclyn HardySilver Script #2
Romance in Sleepy HollowRomance in Sleepy HollowMarcia Lynn McClure
Keeping JuneKeeping JuneShannen Crane CampJune #4
Keeping ChristmasKeeping ChristmasRebecca BlevinsCountdown to Christmas #5
A Fortunate ExileFortunate Exile, AHeather B. Moore
Adding ChristmasAdding ChristmasRebecca TalleyCountdown to Christmas #7
City of LightCity of LightCheri Chesley
Jane & BingleyJane & BingleyJenni JamesAusten in Love #2
Chasing TessChasing TessAnnette Lyon
A Heart Made of IndigoHeart Made of Indigo, AShaela KayJourneys of the Heart #1
Violet: Bride of North DakotaViolet: Bride of North DakotaHeather HorrocksAmerican Mail-Order Brides #39
StormsStormsKevin L. NielsenSharani #2
SwaySwayMelanie StanfordRomance Revisited #1
In Enemy ArmsIn Enemy ArmsMisty MoncurStripling Warrior #7
EndureEndureSara B. LarsonDefy #3
OliviaOliviaKate PalmerWestern Hearts #3
The Undead RoadUndead Road, TheDavid Powers KingMy Zombie Summer #1
Broken Things to MendBroken Things to MendKarey WhitePower of the Matchmaker #1
DaylightDaylightCheree AlsopGirl from the Stars #2
The Secret Life of DaydreamsSecret Life of Daydreams, TheLucinda Whitney
My Fair GentlemanMy Fair GentlemanNancy Campbell AllenProper Romance #6
Double PlayDouble PlayRaneé S. Clark
Abby's CrossingAbby's CrossingDarryl Harris
Window of TimeWindow of TimeDebra (DJ) ErfertWindow of Time #1
UnforgettableUnforgettableEric James Stone256
The Maya MysteryMaya Mystery, TheMichael/Mikey BrooksMuseum Adventures #1
Doom of the DragonDoom of the DragonMargaret Weis, Tracy HickmanDragonships of Vindras #4
My Wicked Half-SisterMy Wicked Half-SisterE.M. TippettsSomeone Else's Fairytale #4
Vision of the Griffin's HeartVision of the Griffin's HeartL.R.W. LeeAndy Smithson #5
The MatchupMatchup, TheLaura L. Walker
Chasing MidnightChasing MidnightCourtney King Walker
Kitty: Bride of HawaiiKitty: Bride of HawaiiJanelle DanielsAmerican Mail-Order Brides #50
Numbers IgniteNumbers IgniteRebecca RodeNumbers Game #2
Into LightInto LightT.D. ShieldsShadow and Light #2
Three Little WordsThree Little WordsAubrey Mace, Jennie Hansen, K.C. Grant
Daemarkin: Demon's VowDaemarkin: Demon's VowR.W. Hert
House Without LiesHouse Without LiesRachel BrantonLily's House #1
No Such LuckNo Such LuckJaclyn WeistLuck Series #5
Witch WishesWitch WishesKristy TateWitch Ways #3
The Passionate OnePassionate One, TheJeanette LewisBillionaire Bride Pact #2
The Resilient OneResilient One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #1
PimpernelPimpernelSheralyn PrattPimpernel #1
It Takes a SleuthIt Takes a SleuthDebra (DJ) ErfertRoyals of Monterra Novellas
Because of YouBecause of YouRaShelle Workman
Royal DeliveryRoyal DeliveryRebecca ConnollyRoyals of Monterra Novellas
The Royal GuardRoyal Guard, TheCindy M. HoganRoyals of Monterra Novellas
Royal QuestRoyal QuestRachel BrantonRoyals of Monterra Novellas
RetributionRetributionChristine KerseyWitness #2
Tailor MadeTailor MadeAnnette LyonRoyals of Monterra Novellas
Return to NeverlandReturn to NeverlandJenni JamesJenni James Faerie Tale Collection #13
His Personal Relationship ManagerHis Personal Relationship ManagerJennifer PeelDating by Design #1
The Picking Bag: Ammon's Journey HomePicking Bag: Ammon's Journey Home, TheDebbra Beecher Nance
The Bands of MourningBands of Mourning, TheBrandon SandersonMistborn #6
Rise of the WolfRise of the WolfJennifer A. NielsenMark of the Thief #2
A Savage GhostSavage Ghost, ADonna K. Weaver
Lay Me DownLay Me DownTamara Hart Heiner
See Me ForMeSee Me ForMeTeya PeckSee Me For Me #1
Royal ChaseRoyal ChaseSariah WilsonRoyals of Monterra #2
Chocolate ObsessedChocolate ObsessedAnnette Lyon
Kate ConcealedKate ConcealedCindy M. HoganCode of Silence #2
Earth AngelEarth AngelTheresa SneedNo Angel #4
Mistborn: Secret HistoryMistborn: Secret HistoryBrandon SandersonMistborn #3.5
Kingdom by the SeaKingdom by the SeaAnna del C. DyeRoyal Romance #2
Eun Na and the PhantomEun Na and the PhantomErica Laurie
Borrowed MagicBorrowed MagicShari Lambert
Not Always HappenstanceNot Always HappenstanceRachael AndersonPower of the Matchmaker #2
The Spider and The SparrowSpider and The Sparrow, TheA.L. Sowards
Aurora RisingAurora RisingAlysia S. Knight
Star StruckStar StruckKathi Oram Peterson
MosaicMosaicSusan Bohnet
The Liahona EffectLiahona Effect, TheKeith KatsikasMichael DiBianco #2
Morning GloryMorning GloryAnn HunterNorth Oak #3
Legally WeddedLegally WeddedJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #3
Now and Always YoursNow and Always YoursAnita Stansfield
BanishedBanishedKimberley Griffiths LittleForbidden #2
The Ghost of Dunlow ManorGhost of Dunlow Manor, ThePaige Timothy
The Lost AbbeyLost Abbey, TheJeff WheelerCovenant of Muirwood #4
Fridays with the WizardsFridays with the WizardsJessica Day GeorgeCastle Glower #4
Princess in Black & the Hungry Bunny HordePrincess in Black & the Hungry Bunny HordeDean Hale, Shannon HalePrincess In Black #3
BlackheartsBlackheartsNicole CastromanBlackhearts #1
The Pages Between UsPages Between Us, TheLindsey Leavitt, Robin MellomPages Between Us #1
Mail Order BrideMail Order BrideAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Kristin Holt, Sarah M. Eden, Sian Ann Bessey, Stacy HenrieA Timeless Romance #16
Escape to EdenEscape to EdenRachel McClellanEscape to Eden #1
The Express Rider's LadyExpress Rider's Lady, TheStacy Henrie
Changes of the HeartChanges of the HeartDebra (DJ) Erfert
The Land of Look BehindLand of Look Behind, TheAaron BlaylockLand of Look Behind #1
In Too DeepIn Too DeepSherry D. Ficklin#Hackers #2
Guilt TripGuilt TripJuli Caldwell
Winter's KissWinter's KissLaura D. BastianSeasons of Love #2
CalamityCalamityBrandon SandersonReckoners #3
BluescreenBluescreenDan WellsMirador #1
Painting RainPainting RainAnnette K. LarsenDalthia #4
Fourth and LongFourth and LongLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #3
Day's EndDay's EndCheree AlsopGirl from the Stars #3
ObsidianObsidianKimberly LothDragon Kings #1
Courting CassandryCourting CassandryJoyce DiPastenaHearts in Autumn #2
The Ghost of Little Elm LakeGhost of Little Elm Lake, TheShelley Bingham HuskApparitions of America #1
The Zion TrailZion Trail, TheMarsha WardPromised Valley #1
ChampionChampionMarie HigginsWhere Dreams Come True #3
Kisses Over CandlelightKisses Over CandlelightJennifer Youngblood, Sandra PooleAngel Matchmaker #1
GuardiansGuardiansJosi RussellCaretaker #2
A Timely RomanceTimely Romance, ALeAnn Mathis
The Unsame OnesUnsame Ones, TheStephanie Skeem354
A Cloak of FrostCloak of Frost, ADanyelle LeaftyCloaks of Faerie #1
The Path of DestinyPath of Destiny, TheMike SheltonThe Cremelino Prophecy #1
Eggnog & ExtortionEggnog & ExtortionHeather JustesenSweet Bites #4
The Crazy Girl's HandbookCrazy Girl's Handbook, TheDelSheree GladdenThe Handbook #1
Agent of the CrownAgent of the CrownMelissa McShaneCrown of Tremontane #3
The House That Death BuiltHouse That Death Built, TheMichaelbrent Collings
First Light ForeverFirst Light ForeverMichele Paige HolmesForever After #1
Not Cinderella's TypeNot Cinderella's TypeJenni JamesJenni James Modern Fairy Tales #1
Maggie's SongMaggie's SongKarey White
A Little Bit of LuckLittle Bit of Luck, ATifani Clark
Love at First NoteLove at First NoteJenny Proctor
Burning GlassBurning GlassKathryn PurdieBurning Glass #1
If We Were A MovieIf We Were A MovieKelly OramPower of the Matchmaker #3
SolsticeSolsticeJane ReddSolstice #1
The Feisty OneFeisty One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #3
Of Secrets and SnowOf Secrets and SnowDanyelle LeaftyTales of the Snow Queen #4
Emancipation ExpeditionEmancipation ExpeditionRon Lee Jones
Silent StingSilent StingClair M. Poulson
By the StarsBy the StarsLindsay B. Ferguson
Secrets of the King's DaughterSecrets of the King's DaughterRenae Weight MackleyKing's Daughter #1
Catching Lucas RileyCatching Lucas RileyLauren Winder Farnsworth
The Protective GroomProtective Groom, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #5
Spring In Snow ValleySpring In Snow ValleyCami Checketts, Cindy Roland Anderson, Jeanette Lewis, Kimberley Montpetit, Lucy McConnell, Taylor HartSnow Valley Romance #3
Second StringSecond StringTaylor HartLast Play #5
Into the WindInto the WindDonald J. Carey
The Serpent KingSerpent King, TheJeff Zentner
Swan and ShadowSwan and ShadowKaki Olsen
DeliveranceDeliveranceH.B. MooreMoses Chronicles #2
The CounselorCounselor, TheCurtis Taylor
ContactContactLaurisa White Reyes
Stealing EternityStealing EternityJeff BordersDiamond War #1
Sealed With A KissSealed With A KissKimberley MontpetitA Snow Valley Novella
Death WeaversDeath WeaversBrandon MullFive Kingdoms #4
Spring in Hyde ParkSpring in Hyde ParkG.G. Vandagriff, Jennifer Moore, Nichole VanTimeless Regency Collection #3
The AmplifiedAmplified, TheLauren M. FlaudingThe Amplified #1
When I'm GoneWhen I'm GoneEmily Bleeker
The BetBet, TheTaylor HartSnow Valley Romance
Operation: Kiss the GirlOperation: Kiss the GirlCindy Roland AndersonSnow Valley Romance
The Soldiers BrideSoldiers Bride, TheRachelle J. ChristensenMusic Box Romance #1
Running From the CowboyRunning From the CowboyCami CheckettsSnow Valley Romance
The Bluestocking and the Dastardly Intolerable ScoundrelBluestocking and the Dastardly Intolerable Scoundrel, TheJenni James
Fashioned For LoveFashioned For LoveJaclyn HardySilver Script #3
Got LuckGot LuckMichael DarlingTales of the BehindBeyond #1
A Lady's FavorLady's Favor, AJosi S. KilpackProper Romance
The Man Behind the WallMan Behind the Wall, TheJennifer Arnold
Mistakenly MarriedMistakenly MarriedVictorine E. LieskeMarried #3
Keep On BelievingKeep On BelievingMarie HigginsWhere Dreams Come True #4
First CrushFirst CrushHeather TullisIn the Garden #2
Off CourseOff CourseGlen RobinsOff #2
Awful IntentAwful IntentJohn D. BrownFrank Shaw #2
Window of DeathWindow of DeathDebra (DJ) ErfertWindow of Time #2
Forever and ForeverForever and ForeverJosi S. KilpackHistorical Proper Romance
The SkylighterSkylighter, TheBecky WallaceKeepers' Chronicles #2
In the Dying LightIn the Dying LightAngela CarlingThe Secret Series #2
Treachery at Lancaster GateTreachery at Lancaster GateAnne PerryCharlotte and Thomas Pitt #31
Her Independent SpiritHer Independent SpiritZina AbbottEastern Sierra Brides 1884 #3
SummerlostSummerlostAlly Condie
Dark EnergyDark EnergyRobison Wells
MacFarlane's LanternMacFarlane's LanternKylie CasperMoonhaven #1
The {Re}Model Marriage{Re}Model Marriage, TheMaria HoaglandRomance Renovations #1
The Girl Who Heard DemonsGirl Who Heard Demons, TheJanette Rallison
Lady Helen Finds Her SongLady Helen Finds Her SongJennifer Moore
BelieveBelieveNanette O'NealDoorway Back to Forever #1
Half Emrys: Master of TimeHalf Emrys: Master of TimeLisa RectorEmrys Chronicles #3
The Last Great Adventure of the PB & J SocietyLast Great Adventure of the PB & J Society, TheJanet Sumner Johnson
The Queen's PoisonerQueen's Poisoner, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #1
NateNateJ.B. MorganTexas Jack #1
The Reclusive BillionaireReclusive Billionaire, TheLucy McConnellDestination Billionaire Romance #1
Change of HeartChange of HeartJennifer MooreLobster Cove #1
Love Is ComeLove Is ComeHeather B. MoorePower of the Matchmaker #4
Royal BridesRoyal BridesTraci Hunter AbramsonRoyal Series #3
Beyond the West SeaBeyond the West SeaMisty MoncurStripling Warrior #8
Loving LeahLoving LeahLynne Larson
AlexisAlexisKate PalmerWestern Hearts #4
WhistleblowerWhistleblowerAlysia S. Knight
The HungerHunger, TheMichael D. YoungPenultimate Dawn Saga #1
Gladly BeyondGladly BeyondNichole VanBrothers Maledetti #1
The Accidental GoodbyeAccidental Goodbye, TheMarilyn Brown
Without FaithWithout FaithAshley LaurenSoulless #1
RagingRagingHolly KellyRising #4
Red: The True Story of Red Riding HoodRed: The True Story of Red Riding HoodLiesl Shurtliff
The Rebellious OneRebellious One, TheJeanette LewisBillionaire Bride Pact #4
DaredevilsDaredevilsShawn Vestal
Proposals and PoisonProposals and PoisonRachelle J. ChristensenWedding Planner Mystery #3
Captain HookCaptain HookJenni JamesJenni James Faerie Tale Collection #14
The Buckskin TrailBuckskin Trail, TheJoAnn Arnold
CorrodedCorrodedCarrie Dalby
Desert RainDesert RainJean Holbrook Mathews
The Cryptic CipherCryptic Cipher, TheDenver Acey
The Stone BearersStone Bearers, TheJacque StevensStone Bearers #0
Taylor LynneTaylor LynneJennifer PeelWomen of Merryton #2
Fifth Generation CowboyFifth Generation CowboyLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #4
War of HeartsWar of HeartsAnnette Lyon
Love Under ConstructionLove Under ConstructionDanyelle FergusonIndulgence Row #2
Let There Be DeathLet There Be DeathThe BehrgThe Creation #2
Daughter of WinterDaughter of WinterAmber ArgyleFairy Queens #3
Love Me ForeverLove Me ForeverNoelle StevensDrake & Ashley #4
LegacyLegacyNichole GilesDescendant #3
ExistenceExistenceCarolyn Twede FrankQuantum Faith Effect #1
Not Actually EngagedNot Actually EngagedJan HindsOtherwise Engaged #1
Sand and KissesSand and KissesCandice N. Toone, Cindy M. Hogan, Donea Lee Weaver, Elana Johnson, Jo NoelleSweet & Sassy Anthology #3
The Passion of DolssaPassion of Dolssa, TheJulie Berry
Curl Up With a Cowboy AnthologyCurl Up With a Cowboy AnthologyCassie Mae, Cindi Madsen, Jolene B. Perry, Kelli Ann Morgan, Lindzee Armstrong, Liz Isaacson
ParrishParrishShannen Crane CampParrish Chronicles #1
Day's JourneyDay's JourneyCheree AlsopGirl from the Stars #4
Once EnchantedOnce EnchantedMarie HigginsWhere Dreams Come True #5
Redneck Eldritch AnthologyRedneck Eldritch AnthologyBrad R. Torgersen, Dave (D.J.) Butler, David Dunwoody, David J. West, Garrett Calcaterra, Ian Welke, Jaleta Clegg, Jason A. Anderson, Nathan Shumate, Robert J Defendi, Robert Masterson, Sarah E. Seeley, Scott William Taylor, SM Williams, Steve Diamond, Theric Jepson
DuchessDuchessNikki Wilson
The Country GroomCountry Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #1
While You Were StrandedWhile You Were StrandedHeather HorrocksChick Flick Clique #4
Four ChambersFour ChambersJulie WrightPower of the Matchmaker #5
A Little In Love With YouLittle In Love With You, AJenny Proctor
Over Your Dead BodyOver Your Dead BodyDan WellsJohn Cleaver #5
The Path of DecisionsPath of Decisions, TheMike SheltonThe Cremelino Prophecy #2
Bethany's New RealityBethany's New RealityRachel JohnReality TV Romance #1
FlashFlashAlex Hoagland
The Independent OneIndependent One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #5
Echoes of SilenceEchoes of SilenceElana Johnson
The Jewel ThiefJewel Thief, TheAndrea PearsonRanch City Academy #2
The CaptainCaptain, TheJulie Coulter BellonGriffin Force #2
The Librarian Shoots a GunLibrarian Shoots a Gun, TheAmber GilchristAudrey Scott Mysteries #1
Road Trip CollectionRoad Trip CollectionAnnette Lyon, Aubrey Mace, Heather B. Moore, Jolene Perry, Raneé S. Clark, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #17
Love BlindLove BlindC. Desir, Jolene Perry
The UndoerUndoer, TheMelissa J. CunninghamRansomed Souls #3
To Soar with EaglesTo Soar with EaglesGerald N. LundSan Juan Pioneers #3
Born to TreasonBorn to TreasonE.B. Wheeler
Safety Assured Leaving East of MedicettiSafety Assured Leaving East of MedicettiTrish MercerForest at the Edge #5
A Fire That HealsFire That Heals, AD Vansen
The Unfinished GroomUnfinished Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #2
Pride & PoliticsPride & PoliticsBrittany Larsen
The Legend of the Slave KingLegend of the Slave King, TheJustin KauerRoad Back to Effulgia #1
The Earl's BetrothalEarl's Betrothal, TheKaren Tuft
The Bird and the SwordBird and the Sword, TheAmy HarmonThe Bird and the Sword Chronicles #1
The Akamerian EmpireAkamerian Empire, TheKurt F. KammeyerClan of the Stone #2
ConcealConcealAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #6
Day's HuntDay's HuntCheree AlsopGirl from the Stars #5
The Hope of Eternal SpringsHope of Eternal Springs, TheJustin KauerRoad Back to Effulgia #2
Loving RoxieLoving RoxieG.G. Vandagriff
Will From AshesWill From AshesMark MinsonPhoenix Cycle #2
Partof Your World: A Little Mermaid…FlippedPartof Your World: A Little Mermaid…FlippedJolene PerryAlmost a Fairytale #3
Full CircleFull CircleHeather JustesenBall's in Her Court #3
Lord Romney's Exquisite WidowLord Romney's Exquisite WidowJenni James
OrisonOrisonBrandon Gray
Dr Wolf: ShockwaveDr Wolf: ShockwaveCheree AlsopFae Rift #1
Blood at Haught SpringsBlood at Haught SpringsMarsha WardMen of Haught Springs #1
Peak CrosserPeak CrosserAdam J. MangumEmpire of the Peaks #1
The Thief's DaughterThief's Daughter, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #2
O'er River LiffeyO'er River LiffeyHeidi AshworthPower of the Matchmaker #6
I Am DelilahI Am DelilahJosi S. Kilpack
Past the AgesPast the AgesRaShelle WorkmanAcross the Ages #2
DeliveranceDeliveranceAdrienne MonsonBlood Inheritance #3
When the Mockingbird SingsWhen the Mockingbird SingsKatherine King
My Lady JaneMy Lady JaneBrodi Ashton
Summer House PartySummer House PartyDonna Hatch, Regina Scott, Sarah M. EdenTimeless Regency Collection #4
A Date with DangerDate with Danger, AKari IrozJacklyn Wyatt #1
Remember Jamie BakerRemember Jamie BakerKelly OramJamie Baker #3
The Lucky BillionnaireLucky Billionnaire, TheJeanette LewisDestination Billionaire Romance #4
Beyond the Rising TideBeyond the Rising TideSarah Beard
Between the LinesBetween the LinesAnnette Lyon
Tide PoolsTide PoolsHeather B. Moore
The Time KeyTime Key, TheMelanie Bateman
Forget Me NotForget Me NotJulie Coulter BellonHostage Negotiation Team #3.5
PricelessPricelessTamara Hart HeinerPerilous #3
Who Is Ian Taylor?Who Is Ian Taylor?Julie L. SpencerBuxton Peak #1
The Kidnap PlotKidnap Plot, TheDave (D.J.) ButlerThe Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie #1
Chemistry LessonsChemistry LessonsRebecca H. Jamison
DuskfallDuskfallChristopher HusbergChaos Queen #1
Child of SorrowsChild of SorrowsMichaelbrent CollingsSword Chronicles #2
Pigs When They Straddle the AirPigs When They Straddle the AirJulie J. Nichols
Willowkeep by Julie DainesWillowkeep by Julie DainesJulie DainesA Proper Romance
Walker Wildcats Year 1Walker Wildcats Year 1Tamara Hart HeinerCassandra Jones #1
Menopausal Fairy MischiefMenopausal Fairy MischiefTina Scott
Woven PerilWoven PerilJeffrey CollyerAylosian Chronicles #2
Cupcakes and CowboysCupcakes and CowboysLindzee ArmstrongSunset Plains #1
And I DarkenAnd I DarkenKiersten WhiteAnd I Darken #1
Magic Bitter, Magic SweetMagic Bitter, Magic SweetCharlie N. Holmberg
The Truth About Fragile ThingsTruth About Fragile Things, TheRegina Sirois
A Review of LivesReview of Lives, AR. Lee Cook
The Dragons of Alsace FarmDragons of Alsace Farm, TheLaurie Lewis
Chasing FirefliesChasing FirefliesTaylor DeanPower of the Matchmaker #7
Change In HarmonyChange In HarmonyJaclyn HardySilver Script #4
ResistResistIlima ToddRemake #2
That Thing Formerly Known as My LifeThat Thing Formerly Known as My LifeSally Johnson
Royal GamesRoyal GamesSariah WilsonRoyals of Monterra #3
The Princess and the SorceressPrincess and the Sorceress, TheJaclyn WeistPrincess #2
The Seventh SergeantSeventh Sergeant, TheLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #6
Crushing on YouCrushing on YouChristine KerseyEmerald Falls #1
Heir of Brownlie ManorHeir of Brownlie ManorAnita Stansfield
Trapped in East GermanyTrapped in East GermanyCarolyn Twede Frank
WaypointWaypointHeather Tullis
The Resilient BrideResilient Bride, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #6
Rachel LaineRachel LaineJennifer PeelWomen of Merryton #3
The Obituary's Last StandObituary's Last Stand, TheJessica L. RandallObituary Society #3
Dr. Wolf: Demon SpiralDr. Wolf: Demon SpiralCheree AlsopFae Rift #2
Dipped In DarkDipped In DarkLaura BinghamAlvor #3
Sixth Stree Love AffairSixth Stree Love AffairLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #5
Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Curse of the WerechickensCaptain Schnozzlebeard and the Curse of the WerechickensRebecca BlevinsCaptain Schnozzlebeard #2
Faith and the ForemanFaith and the ForemanMarsha Ward
Sigil in ShadowSigil in ShadowConstance Roberts
Beyond the NarrowsBeyond the NarrowsM.R. Durbin
The Barefoot GroomBarefoot Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #3
Killer PotentialKiller PotentialAften Brook Szymanski
Five Magic SpindlesFive Magic SpindlesAshley Stangl, Grace Mullins, Kathryn McConaughy, Michelle Pennington, Rachel Kovaciny
EmergenceEmergenceCarolyn Twede FrankQuantum Faith Effect #2
One Truth, No LieOne Truth, No LieLehua ParkerNiuhi Shark #3
P.S. I Like YouP.S. I Like YouKasie West
Mix 'N MatchMix 'N MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match for Love #3
The Sweet SisterSweet Sister, TheC. David Belt
In the Hands of the GadiantonsIn the Hands of the GadiantonsCameron Staley
Magicless in NevermoreMagicless in NevermoreViolet MerriweatherWitches of Nevermore #1
Between Heaven and EarthBetween Heaven and EarthMichele Paige HolmesPower of the Matchmaker #8
Caribbean RescueCaribbean RescueCami CheckettsDestination Billionaire Romance #6
Beauty and the Clockwork BeastBeauty and the Clockwork BeastNancy Campbell Allen
FoxtailsFoxtailsErica Laurie
Playing with FirePlaying with FireC.J. HillSlayers #3
The Bad Luck WitchBad Luck Witch, TheHeather HamiltonBad Luck Witch #1
Just a Kiss in the MoonlightJust a Kiss in the MoonlightCindy Roland AndersonGeorgia Moon Romance #2
Confessions of a Faux Fairy GodmotherConfessions of a Faux Fairy GodmotherS.E. PageIffy Magic #1
RecreatedRecreatedColleen HouckReawakened #2
Safe HarborSafe HarborJennifer MooreLobster Cove #2
ExodusExodusH.B. MooreMoses Chronicles #3
Until Summer EndsUntil Summer EndsElana JohnsonRedwood Bay #1
MindblowerMindblowerAlysia S. Knight
Accidentally MeAccidentally MeKim Karras
The Longest ConLongest Con, TheMichaelbrent Collings
Kisses Between Lines AnthologyKisses Between Lines AnthologyCami Checketts, Connie E. Sokol, Heather Tullis, Lucy McConnell, Rachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Anthology #2
Once Upon a Time, A Bit EarlierOnce Upon a Time, A Bit EarlierErik Peterson
ObscureObscureAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #7
Davidson and GoliathDavidson and GoliathHeather HorrocksChick Flick Clique #6
The SwarmSwarm, TheAaron Johnston, Orson Scott CardSecond Formic War #1
The PursuitPursuit, TheRebecca BellistonCitizens of Logan Pond #3
Shadows of EmpyriadShadows of EmpyriadJosi RussellEmpyriad #1
Burning BrightBurning BrightMelissa McShaneThe Extraordinaries #1
The EchoingEchoing, TheJessica Blackburn
Of Sand and StormOf Sand and StormAmber ArgyleFairy Queens #5
Her Fateful DebutHer Fateful DebutG.G. Vandagriff
SkiesSkiesKevin L. NielsenSharani #3
If A Dragon CriesIf A Dragon CriesGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #1
Dr Wolf: The Four HorsemenDr Wolf: The Four HorsemenCheree AlsopFae Rift #3
Magic Me ThisMagic Me ThisKonstanz SilverbowEclipsed #1
Cold Slither & Other Horrors of the Weird WestCold Slither & Other Horrors of the Weird WestDavid J. West
Grandma's Christmas WishGrandma's Christmas WishShelley Bingham Husk
The Wrong Side of MagicWrong Side of Magic, TheJanette Rallison
Out LawyeredOut LawyeredClair M. Poulson
The Spectra UnitedSpectra United, TheChristie Valentine PowellSpectra #2
Undercover TargetUndercover TargetFrank HoldawayMatthew Knight #2
The Woman with No NameWoman with No Name, TheKelly Nelson
One Small ChanceOne Small ChanceLucinda WhitneyLove Story from Portugal
The Fall of Lord DraysonFall of Lord Drayson, TheRachael AndersonTanglewood #1
Slave QueenSlave QueenH.B. MooreOmar Zagouri #3
Sleeping Beauty: Back to RealitySleeping Beauty: Back to RealityJenni JamesJenni James Modern Fairy Tales #2
The ScourgeScourge, TheJennifer A. Nielsen
Love on the RocksLove on the RocksJennifer Youngblood, Sandra PooleHawaii Billionaire Romance #1
King of the Friend ZoneKing of the Friend ZoneSheralyn PrattPower of the Matchmaker #9
The Delicious CityDelicious City, TheAdam Glendon SidwellEvertaster #2
Diplomatic ImmunityDiplomatic ImmunityBrodi Ashton
The Orphan KeeperOrphan Keeper, TheCamron Wright
The King's TraitorKing's Traitor, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #3
The Dark TalentDark Talent, TheBrandon SandersonAlcatraz vs the Evil Librarians #5
Revenge In A Cold RiverRevenge In A Cold RiverAnne PerryWilliam Monk #22
Christopher & JaimeChristopher & JaimeJennifer PeelPianos and Promises #1
The Protective OneProtective One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #6
Scoundrel In DisguiseScoundrel In DisguiseShaela KayJourneys of the Heart #2
Heart StringsHeart StringsDonna HatchMusic of the Heart #1
The Alien that Ate My SocksAlien that Ate My Socks, TheBrandon DormanHoolie and the Hooligans #1
Remember the GirlRemember the GirlLeanora Benoit
BatneezerBatneezerObert SkyeCreature from My Closet #6
Ella's WillElla's WillJessilyn Stewart Peaslee
The Last Messenger of ZitolLast Messenger of Zitol, TheChelsea Dyreng
On the Corner of Heartache and LoveOn the Corner of Heartache and LoveLisa Swinton
The Fall of HadesFall of Hades, TheRichard Paul EvansMichael Vey #6
Blind Date CollectionBlind Date CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Rachel Branton, Sarah M. Eden, Sariah Wilson, Victorine E. LieskeA Timeless Romance #18
The Path of PeacePath of Peace, TheMike SheltonThe Cremolino Prophecy #3
Mayhem in ManhattanMayhem in ManhattanC. Jay FullerStone Dragon #1
Blissfully MarriedBlissfully MarriedVictorine E. LieskeMarried #4
The Cursed DaggerCursed Dagger, TheAlyson PetersonIan Quicksilver #2
A Place for Miss SnowPlace for Miss Snow, AJennifer Moore
ReclamationReclamationAdrienne QuintanaEruption #2
The Queen's VowQueen's Vow, TheGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #2
Gears of RevolutionGears of RevolutionJ. Scott SavageMysteries of Cove #2
InfectedInfectedGregg Luke
Between Hope & the HighwayBetween Hope & the HighwayCharissa Stastny
Southern CharmedSouthern CharmedMelanie Jacobson
Another Chance for LoveAnother Chance for LoveJaclyn HardySilver Script #5
Eight Second RideEight Second RideLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #6
Set AblazeSet AblazeTeyla BrantonUnbounded #9
Beck and CallBeck and CallJennifer PeelPianos and Promises #2
The Second SeasonSecond Season, TheHeather Chapman192
Burden of BloodBurden of BloodLaura D. Bastian
Stormy KissesStormy KissesCindy M. Hogan, Donna K. Weaver, Jo Noelle, Lindzee Armstrong, Rachel Branton, Rebecca RodeSweet & Sassy #4
The Fever CodeFever Code, TheJames DashnerMaze Runner #5
Winter SkyWinter SkyChris Stewart
Snowfall on Haven PointSnowfall on Haven PointRaeAnne ThayneHaven Point #5
The Sapphire BladeSapphire Blade, TheDorine WhiteCleopatra's Legacy #4
A Yen for MurderYen for Murder, AClair Kane, Zoey KaneSiamese Sleuth #1
The Broken QueenBroken Queen, TheJeff BordersDiamond War #2
To Bottle LightningTo Bottle LightningAnn HunterNorth Oak #4
To Move the WorldTo Move the WorldRegina SiroisPower of the Matchmaker #10
The Masquerading GroomMasquerading Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #4
ClanlessClanlessJennifer JenkinsNameless #2
The Adventurous OneAdventurous One, TheJeanette LewisBillionaire Bride Pact #6
Snow FrightSnow FrightAmie Borst, Bethanie BorstScarily Ever Laughter #3
Cole and JillianCole and JillianJennifer PeelPianos and Promises #3
To Catch a FoxTo Catch a FoxClaire Kane
Courting the CountessCourting the CountessDonna HatchCourting #1
Dangerous Lies: Sawyer and AmethystDangerous Lies: Sawyer and AmethystChristine KerseyEmerald Falls #2
Made for MeMade for MeSarah GerdesDanielle Grant #1
For This We Are SoldiersFor This We Are SoldiersCarla Kelly
A Country ChristmasCountry Christmas, ACarla Kelly, Jennifer Moore, Josi S. KilpackTimeless Regency Collection #5
The UnsaidUnsaid, TheAaron Blaylock
Through the ArchThrough the ArchDevri WallsVenators #1
GhostsitterGhostsitterShelly Brown
Cauldron BubbleCauldron BubbleWendy KnightToil & Trouble #1
Hope for ChristmasHope for ChristmasRachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Romance #1
For Sale by OwnerFor Sale by OwnerMarlene Bateman
Kitab KabbaniKitab KabbaniMike Mitchell
RiftRiftElana JohnsonRift Walkers #1
Oneida's FuryOneida's FuryRobert SchultzStar Bird #1
Magi's Christmas: Everyone's Journey Goes Through ChristmasMagi's Christmas: Everyone's Journey Goes Through ChristmasNoel Thornley
MessengerMessengerCarol Lynch Williams
Kept SecretsKept SecretsTraci Hunter Abramson
Reaching Kylee Book 0Reaching Kylee Book 0Tamara Hart HeinerKellam High #1
Cinnamon MoonCinnamon MoonTess Hilmo
The GovernessGoverness, TheKristen McKendry
Midst of HeavenMidst of HeavenRoy GladdenMidst of Heaven #1
Cinderella's Phantom Prince and Beauty's MirrorCinderella's Phantom Prince and Beauty's MirrorJenni James, Rose Fairbanks
Felicity & the Fire StoppersFelicity & the Fire StoppersLoralee EvansFelicity #3
GlitterGlitterAprilynne Pike
Marrying Miss Kringle: GingerMarrying Miss Kringle: GingerLucy McConnellMarrying Miss Kringle #1
LeanaLeanaJaclyn Weist
A Zombie Love StoryZombie Love Story, ARachel John
The Artist Cries WolfArtist Cries Wolf, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #1
Cozumel EscapeCozumel EscapeCami CheckettsDestination Billionaire Romance #9
Kayaks and KissesKayaks and KissesMaria HoaglandSeason of Thanks
How I Met Your BrotherHow I Met Your BrotherJanette RallisonPower of the Matchmaker #11
Walk of InfamyWalk of InfamySheralyn PrattRhea Jensen #6
Love's Broken RoadLove's Broken RoadJulie Coulter BellonLincoln Love Stories #1
Mistletoe MatchMistletoe MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match for Love #4
Christmas in Three RiversChristmas in Three RiversLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch
Fire of the WordFire of the WordCarol Pratt Bradley
The Way It Should BeWay It Should Be, TheLaura D. BastianSeason of Thanks
The Shadow FallsShadow Falls, TheGerald N. LundFire and Steel #3
No Peace with the DawnNo Peace with the DawnE.B. Wheeler, Jeffrey Bateman
To Suit a SuitorTo Suit a SuitorPaula Kremser
The ChemistChemist, TheStephenie Meyer
Love for All SeasonsLove for All SeasonsStacy Henrie
The Sweetest ChallengeSweetest Challenge, TheMarie HigginsSons of Worthington #5
Love and Fat-Free CheeseLove and Fat-Free CheeseCrissy Sharp
Love in ReturnLove in ReturnJaclyn HardySilver Script #6
From Cairo, With LoveFrom Cairo, With LoveNancy Campbell AllenTimeless Romance Single #1
To Win a Lady's HeartTo Win a Lady's HeartSian Ann Bessey
The Princess in Black Takes a VacationPrincess in Black Takes a Vacation, TheDean Hale, Shannon HalePrincess In Black #4
Love on the ReboundLove on the ReboundJennifer Youngblood, Sandra PooleHawaii Billionaire Romance #2
The Mistletoe SecretMistletoe Secret, TheRichard Paul EvansMistletoe Collection #3
Extreme MakeoverExtreme MakeoverDan Wells
The God-Touched ManGod-Touched Man, TheMelissa McShane
The Glory of the StarsGlory of the Stars, TheAngie Lofthouse
The Soulstealer's ChildSoulstealer's Child, TheBrandon Gray
Center StageCenter StageJulie L. SpencerBuxton Peak #2
Pass InterferencePass InterferenceCami CheckettsLast Play #6
Four-Four-TwoFour-Four-TwoDean Hughes
Not A WordNot A WordStephanie BlackNatalie Marsh #1
A Christmas MessageChristmas Message, AAnne Perry
The Christmas GroomChristmas Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #5
Arcanum UnboundedArcanum UnboundedBrandon SandersonCosmere
ArabesqueArabesqueAprilynne PikeWings #5
Beyond LyraBeyond LyraShannen Crane CampZenith Cycles #2
Waking LucyWaking LucyLorin GraceAmerican Homespun #1
The Pixie Meets Her MatchPixie Meets Her Match, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #2
Love's ShadowLove's ShadowNichole VanBrothers Maledetti #2
Memory of MonetMemory of MonetRobin KingRemembrandt #3
Flood and FireFlood and FireDeirdra EdenThe Watchers #3
CatalystCatalystKristin SmithDeception Game #1
Cash ValleyCash ValleyRyan K. NelsonCash Valley #1
Darker the ShadowDarker the ShadowJ. Lloyd MorganHowler King #1
Desolation FlatsDesolation FlatsAndrew HuntArt Oveson #3
Dr. Wolf: Dragon's BayneDr. Wolf: Dragon's BayneCheree AlsopFae Rift #4
Saving Lord Whitton's DaugterSaving Lord Whitton's DaugterSusan Tietjen
The Dawn of the Seventh EonDawn of the Seventh Eon, TheKurt F. KammeyerClan of the Stone #3
From Sand and AshFrom Sand and AshAmy Harmon
The Neighbor's SecretNeighbor's Secret, TheKimberley MontpetitSecret Billionaire Romance #1
Lady ALady ACassie M. ShielsA Princess Tale #2
The ReformerReformer, TheJaima FixsenPower of the Matchmaker #12
The Faithful OneFaithful One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #8
EnshroudEnshroudAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #8
The First Lady of Three Rivers RanchFirst Lady of Three Rivers Ranch, TheLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #8
The Plus OnePlus One, TheRebecca BlevinsMidwestern Hearts #2
Jed and the Junkyard WarsJed and the Junkyard WarsSteven Bohls
My PersuasionMy PersuasionJenni JamesAusten in Love #3
Winter in Snow Valley AnthologyWinter in Snow Valley AnthologyCami Checketts, Cindy Roland Anderson, Jeanette Lewis, Kimberley Montpetit, Lucy McConnell, Taylor HartSnow Valley Romance #4
The Blade and the BowBlade and the Bow, TheMike SheltonThe Cremolino Prophecy #0
MendMendElana JohnsonRift Walkers #2
Falling for SydneyFalling for SydneyHeather B. MooreFalling #1
4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace4 Years Trapped in My Mind PalaceJohan Twiss
Save the BatsSave the BatsAmy LinnabaryAdventure Brothers #1
Mischief & ManorsMischief & ManorsAshtyn Newbold
RenegadeRenegadeCheree AlsopPirate from the Stars #1
The Triple-Date DareTriple-Date Dare, TheLauraine Henderson
Reaching Kylee Book 2Reaching Kylee Book 2Tamara Hart HeinerKellam High #0
Heaven Must WaitHeaven Must WaitClaire Kane, Stan CroweDead Ex Files #1
Strike a MatchStrike a MatchLindzee ArmstrongNo Match for Love #5
Destiny Came KnockingDestiny Came KnockingCindy Roland AndersonSnow Valley
Redemption LostRedemption LostCindy M. HoganWatched #8
FadeFadeShannen Crane CampParrish Chronicles #2
Deliverance: Lydia's StoryDeliverance: Lydia's StoryVicki Hunt BudgeHope & Healing #3
Rescue My HeartRescue My HeartChristine KerseyPark City Firefighter Romance #1
Garden of the GodsGarden of the GodsStephen J. Stirling
Lover's QuarrelLover's QuarrelJessica L. Randall
Rescue MeRescue MeTaylor HartPark City Firefighter Romance #2
Azetha RisingAzetha RisingRobin GlasseyAzetha #4
How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety DaysHow to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety DaysJennifer Peel
The Road Back to EffulgiaRoad Back to Effulgia, TheJustin KauerThe Road Back to Effulgia #3
Ever the HuntedEver the HuntedErin SummerillClash of Kingdoms #1
Headless in NevermoreHeadless in NevermoreViolet MerriweatherWitches of Nevermore #2
Cursed by the Fountain of YouthCursed by the Fountain of YouthHolly KellyUnnatural States of America #1
Khari'na MadeKhari'na MadeJean WinterMuse #1
Color of LoveColor of LoveAnita Stansfield
The Daring OneDaring One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #9
The Disenchanted OneDisenchanted One, TheCami CheckettsBillionaire Bride Pact #10
Witness in the DarkWitness in the DarkLynne Larson
Petticoat SpyPetticoat SpyCarol Warburton
The Lady of the LakesLady of the Lakes, TheJosi S. Kilpack
The Princess and the PeaPrincess and the Pea, TheJenni JamesRoyal Romance Collection #1
Love RightLove RightRebecca Rode
Teapots & TreacheryTeapots & TreacheryDonna K. Weaver
Wedding FeverWedding FeverLucy McConnell
The Maid's WarMaid's War, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #0
Twisters and TextbooksTwisters and TextbooksLindzee ArmstrongSunset Plains #2
The Director Gets a GripDirector Gets a Grip, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #3
Daughter of IshmaelDaughter of IshmaelDiane Stringham Tolley
Six-Gun SerenadeSix-Gun SerenadeDavid J. WestDark Trails #0
Make LemonadeMake LemonadeCassie MaeHope Falls
For Time and All EternitiesFor Time and All EternitiesMette Ivie HarrisonLinda Wallheim #3
CrossingsCrossingsSarah Johnson
Unbreak My HeartUnbreak My HeartKimberley MontpetitSnow Valley Novellas
Kizzie's KissesKizzie's KissesZina AbbottGrandma’s Wedding Quilts #2
Poison's KissPoison's KissBreeana ShieldsPoison's Kiss #1
Monkeys and MayhemMonkeys and MayhemKimberly LothOmega Mu Alpha Brothers #4
Royal RivalsRoyal RivalsRebecca ConnollyRoyals of Monterra Novellas
An Ocean AwayOcean Away, AnHeather B. MooreTimeless Romance Novellas
Eve, First MatriarchEve, First MatriarchAngelique CongerAncient Matriarchs #1
Two Hearts RescueTwo Hearts RescueDaniel BannerPark City Firefighter Romance #3
Wondering SightWondering SightMelissa McShaneThe Extraordinaries #2
The Missing Heir of MandralayMissing Heir of Mandralay, TheBraden BellSoulbound #1
Destined for YouDestined for YouSarah GerdesDanielle Grant #2
SecretsSecretsCindy M. HoganWatched #7
Twists in TimeTwists in TimeAngie Taylor
A Season in LondonSeason in London, AElizabeth Johns, Heather B. Moore, Rebecca ConnollyTimeless Regency Collection #6
Winter FallsWinter FallsJacque Stevens
ScavengersScavengersDavid J. WestDark Trails #1
Happy ScoopsHappy ScoopsKatie Coughran
Quest for the HarmoniconQuest for the HarmoniconRandy LindsayBattlementals #1
Rescued by LoveRescued by LoveCami CheckettsPark City Firefighter Romance #4
Paige's TurnPaige's TurnJennifer Peel
The Billionaire DisguiseBillionaire Disguise, TheKate PalmerA Cowboy's Billionaire Fairytale #1
By Your SideBy Your SideKasie West
Wrath of the StormWrath of the StormJennifer A. NielsenMark of the Thief #2
When Fireflies SingWhen Fireflies SingChristine HoustonSnowflake Falls #2
Valentine's Day CollectionValentine's Day CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Heather Tullis, Janette Rallison, Jenny Proctor, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #19
One Fell DownOne Fell DownRonda Hinrichsen
An Inconvenient RomanceInconvenient Romance, AnChalon Linton
A Golden PrincessGolden Princess, AAnna del C. DyeRoyal Romance #3
Hearts on FireHearts on FireChristine KerseyPark City Firefighter Romance #5
Chasing SomedayChasing SomedayLindzee Armstrong
The Outlaw's SecretOutlaw's Secret, TheStacy HenrieLove Inspired Historicals
Switching GearsSwitching GearsChantele Sedgwick
ReturnedReturnedKimberley Griffiths LittleForbidden #3
A Model MurderModel Murder, AClaire Kane, Stan CroweDead Ex Files #2
The Marquis' KissMarquis' Kiss, TheRegina ScottMarvelous Munroes #3
Falling for MariaFalling for MariaHeather B. MooreFalling #2
Breach of TrustBreach of TrustKathi Oram Peterson
The Lady and the FrogLady and the Frog, TheL PalmerPippington Tales #2
Before the LeapBefore the LeapLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #1
Squirrel Meets WorldSquirrel Meets WorldDean Hale, Shannon HaleUnbeatable Squirrel Girl #1
Hearts Never LieHearts Never LieRachel BrantonLily's House #4
After the FallAfter the FallLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #2
Waves of HopeWaves of HopeJaclyn HardySilver Script #7
Ones and ZeroesOnes and ZeroesDan WellsMirador #2
Royal DesignRoyal DesignSariah WilsonRoyals of Monterra #4
One Last SummerOne Last SummerJo Noelle
DragonkynDragonkynNathan Smith JonesDragonkyn #1
The Captain and the Healer's HeartCaptain and the Healer's Heart, TheBetsy LoveStarBride Chronicles #1
The Dating ExperimentDating Experiment, TheElodia Strain
The Amulet ChaseAmulet Chase, TheMcKenzie WagnerBenotripia #0
Warrior InnocentWarrior InnocentWendy KnightRiders of Paradesos #3
According to HaroldAccording to HaroldNorma Pyper Mitchell
SnapshotSnapshotBrandon Sanderson
The Rise of Miss NottleyRise of Miss Nottley, TheRachael AndersonTanglewood #2
Love Comes CallingLove Comes CallingRoseanne Evans WilkinsCalifornia Connections #2
The Howliday InnHowliday Inn, TheClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #6
Numbers RagingNumbers RagingRebecca RodeNumbers Game #3
Saturdays at SeaSaturdays at SeaJessica Day GeorgeCastle Glower #5
EntrancedEntrancedTamara Hart HeinerGoddess of Fate #2
In A MomentIn A MomentSarah Gerdes
PetalsPetalsLaurisa White Reyes
The Dragon's PriceDragon's Price, TheBethany WigginsTransference #1
The Kavanagh HouseKavanagh House, TheSusan DayleyAeturnus Machine #1
ReignitedReignitedColleen HouckReawakened #0
The Glamorous OneGlamorous One, TheJeanette LewisBillionaire Bride Pact #11
God of the SunGod of the SunKimberly LothStella and Sol #1
Shot to the HeartShot to the HeartKate PalmerA Fairly Western Tale #2
17 Degrees South17 Degrees SouthBruce CallJamie Beckett Fiasco
Beauty's ThiefBeauty's ThiefKonstanz SilverbowFinding Gold #4
The Athletic GroomAthletic Groom, TheLucy McConnellBillionaire Marriage Brokers #7
The Fireman Finds His FlameFireman Finds His Flame, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #4
The HuntressHuntress, TheJohan TwissI Am Sleepless #2
A Fine GentlemanFine Gentleman, ASarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #5
Beauty Is the BeastBeauty Is the BeastJenni JamesJenni James Modern Fairy Tales #3
The Spanish ExileSpanish Exile, TheJewel AllenIslands of the Crown #1
The Dragon OrbDragon Orb, TheMike SheltonAlaris Chronicles #1
Lake TownLake TownJane ReddSolstice #2
How to Love a Dog's Best FriendHow to Love a Dog's Best FriendCami CheckettsMust Love Dogs #1
Love, JaneLove, JaneRaneé S. Clark
The Lost GroomLost Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #6
Daughter of the Pirate KingDaughter of the Pirate KingTricia LevensellerDaughter of the Pirate King #1
Sweet WaterSweet WaterLaurie LewisDestination Billionaire Romance #10
Lucky Number ThirteenLucky Number ThirteenLiz IsaacsonThree Rivers Ranch #10
Witchy EyeWitchy EyeDave (D.J.) ButlerWitchy Eye #1
Silver Screen Kisses AnthologySilver Screen Kisses AnthologyCami Checketts, Heather Tullis, Janette Rallison, Lucy McConnell, Rachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Anthology #3
Sins of EmpireSins of EmpireBrian McClellanGods of Blood and Powder #1
Follow the MusicFollow the MusicL.C. IrelandThe Collective #1
TalismansTalismansLisa LowellThe Wise Ones #1
Death's QueenDeath's QueenJaneal FalorDeath's Queen #1
Fire BurnFire BurnWendy KnightToil & Trouble #2
Deadly InheritanceDeadly InheritanceClair M. Poulson
Falling for the BeastFalling for the BeastVictorine E. Lieske
Statistically ImprobableStatistically ImprobableJennifer PeelDating by Design #2
Arizona ForeverArizona ForeverJaclyn M. Hawkes
Love at the Ocean BreezeLove at the Ocean BreezeJennifer Youngblood, Sandra PooleHawaii Billionaire Romance #3
How to Become a Pirate HunterHow to Become a Pirate HunterMarty Reeder
Condemn Me NotCondemn Me NotHeather B. Moore
Got HopeGot HopeMichael DarlingTales of the BehindBeyond #2
In the SpotlightIn the SpotlightLindsey Leavitt, Robin MellomPages Between Us #2
Forget Me NotForget Me NotEllie Terry
DragonwatchDragonwatchBrandon MullDragonwatch #1
Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience AnthologyUnexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience AnthologyAshtyn Newbold, Heather Chapman, Mandi Ellsworth, Paula Kremser
Until Winter BreaksUntil Winter BreaksElana JohnsonRedwood Bay #2
Courting Carrie in WonderlandCourting Carrie in WonderlandCarla Kelly
Murder on the SerpentineMurder on the SerpentineAnne PerryCharlotte and Thomas Pitt #32
The Hibiscus LadiesHibiscus Ladies, TheG. ParkerHibiscus Ladies 31
Never Ever AfterNever Ever AfterLucy McConnellQuotable Romance #2
Latent, Emergence RevisitedLatent, Emergence RevisitedC. Michelle JefferiesChrysalis #0
Starting Over at Steeple RidgeStarting Over at Steeple RidgeLiz IsaacsonTimeless Romance Single #3
The Memory ThiefMemory Thief, TheBryce Moore
The Sailor's KissSailor's Kiss, TheShaela KayJourneys of the Heart
StrayStrayJoni Johnson
Delay of GameDelay of GameLucy McConnellDating Mr. Baseball #1
Goodbye DaysGoodbye DaysJeff Zentner
Prayers in BathPrayers in BathLuisa Perkins
Reluctant RescueReluctant RescueCami CheckettsPark City Firefighter Romance #6
Jolly & BrightJolly & BrightJenni James
Cinder HeartCinder HeartAmy LinnabaryThe Fairytale Prophecies #1
Blood Rose RebellionBlood Rose RebellionRosalyn EvesBlood Rose Rebellion #1
Blind FlightBlind FlightEvalyn Fulmer
The Heart of FireHeart of Fire, TheH. Linn Murphy
Elvis Gets His Groove BackElvis Gets His Groove BackHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #5
OutshineOutshineNichole VanHouse of Oak #5
DefianceDefianceA.L. Sowards
Through the MistThrough the MistLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #3
The Fourth Law of KanaloaFourth Law of Kanaloa, TheJohan Twiss
Miss Whitaker Opens Her HeartMiss Whitaker Opens Her HeartJennifer Moore
All the Forever ThingsAll the Forever ThingsJolene Perry
The Magnificent Glass GlobeMagnificent Glass Globe, TheN.R. Bergeson
The Vicar's DaughterVicar's Daughter, TheJosi S. KilpackA Proper Romance
The Prince of Ash and BloodPrince of Ash and Blood, TheCheree Alsop
Prince of the MoonPrince of the MoonKimberly LothStella and Sol #2
Hearts in PerilHearts in PerilKaylee BaldwinDestination Billionaire Romance
Potions in the PizzaPotions in the PizzaMichael/Mikey BrooksW.H.O. Files #1
The Burdens of a BachelorBurdens of a Bachelor, TheRebecca ConnollyArrangements #5
The End of the BeginningEnd of the Beginning, TheJulie L. SpencerBuxton Peak #3
Firsts and LastsFirsts and LastsAnnette LyonTimeless Romance Novellas
Hold Me At TwilightHold Me At TwilightLucinda WhitneyRomano Family #1
Chance for HomeChance for HomeTraci Hunter AbramsonChances Are #2
Unseen Road to LoveUnseen Road to LoveChelsea Curran
How To See With Your HeartHow To See With Your HeartJennifer YoungbloodMust Love Dogs #3
BlacksoulsBlacksoulsNicole CastromanBlackhearts #2
Happily Ever AfterHappily Ever AfterKelly OramCinder & Ella #2
Chasing RedChasing RedLauren Winder Farnsworth
A Ghostly DareGhostly Dare, AClaire Kane, Zoey KaneZ & C Mysteries #7
Saints and SuspectsSaints and SuspectsJordan McCollumSaints & Spies #2
Hannah's LegacyHannah's LegacyJack Weyland
Chance EncounterChance EncounterChristine KerseyEmerald Falls #3
AscensionAscensionC. Michelle JefferiesChrysalis #1
Love in Light and ShadowLove in Light and ShadowLucy McConnellSnow Valley Novellas
The Twisted GalaxyTwisted Galaxy, TheMichael L. LewisGalaxy Series #2
How to Heel a Wounded HeartHow to Heel a Wounded HeartDaniel ColemanMust Love Dogs #4
Under a New York SkylineUnder a New York SkylineKathi Oram Peterson, Maureen Mills, Nikki Trionfo, Teresa Richards
The Matchmaking GameMatchmaking Game, TheDonna HatchTimeless Romance Single
It Could Happen to UsIt Could Happen to UsLucy McConnellMagnolias and Moonshine #8
Under Locker and KeyUnder Locker and KeyAllison K. HymasMAX #1
Frozen SoulsFrozen SoulsAli CrossRunes Universe
Grace in the MirrorGrace in the MirrorKristy TateFairy Tale Found #1
On Wings of ThunderOn Wings of ThunderGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #3
ForgottenForgottenKristin SmithDeception Game #2
Charming Lady EllaCharming Lady EllaDene LowLaurel Wreath #1
Falling for a FraudFalling for a FraudBetsy LoveStarBride Chronicles #2
Goddesses Can WaitGoddesses Can WaitKim BaccelliaMagic & Mayhem #2
A Strange Twist of FateStrange Twist of Fate, ADebra (DJ) Erfert
A Taste of SunTaste of Sun, AHeather B. Moore
Beauty and the Billionaire BeastBeauty and the Billionaire BeastMaria HoaglandDestination Billionaire Romance
The Hacker Pushes Her LuckHacker Pushes Her Luck, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #6
Hit and Run LoveHit and Run LoveJennifer PeelMagnolias and Moonshine #20
The Last PrincessLast Princess, TheJewel AllenIslands of the Crown #2
Our Sweet GuillotineOur Sweet GuillotineMary Gray
Streets of GlassStreets of GlassMichelle D. Argyle
The Undercover GroomUndercover Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #7
The Killing CurseKilling Curse, TheH.B. MooreOmar Zagouri #4
King of the StarsKing of the StarsKimberly LothStella and Sol #3
Accidentally in LoveAccidentally in LoveShannon Guymon
The Dragon RiderDragon Rider, TheMike SheltonAlaris Chronicles #2
Wrong for YouWrong for YouJenny Proctor
Winds of ChangeWinds of ChangeJean Holbrook Mathews
The Broken RoadBroken Road, TheRichard Paul EvansBroken Road #1
Far TurnFar TurnAnn HunterNorth Oak #5
Sense and Second ChancesSense and Second ChancesBrittany Larsen
Into the Storms: Ganet, Wife of SethInto the Storms: Ganet, Wife of SethAngelique CongerAncient Matriarchs #2
A Holiday in BathHoliday in Bath, ACaroline Warfield, Jaima Fixsen, Julie DainesTimeless Regency Collection #7
Caliban's WorldCaliban's WorldAdam J. MangumSycorax #1
Stripling WarriorStripling WarriorKathi Oram PetersonTime Stone Chronicles #2
The Prodigal FatherProdigal Father, TheRichard M. Siddoway
The Duke of Bannerman PrepDuke of Bannerman Prep, TheKatie A. Nelson
The Queen and the CureQueen and the Cure, TheAmy HarmonThe Bird and the Sword Chronicles #2
Jacob’s Dangerous BirthrightJacob’s Dangerous BirthrightTerrance Cooper
Crazy HorsesCrazy HorsesDavid J. WestDark Trails #2
Flight of the Wounded FalconFlight of the Wounded FalconTrish MercerForest at the Edge #6
ShatterShatterNikki Trionfo
When Darkness BuildsWhen Darkness BuildsM.C. SuttonThe Caldera Series #1
TrustTrustNanette O'NealDoorway Back to Forever #2
Before It's LoveBefore It's LoveMichelle Pennington
The Seeker's StormSeeker's Storm, TheLea CarterSilver Sagas #6
Between the ReinsBetween the ReinsLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #4
Fallen StoneFallen StoneJana S. BrownSentinels of Essence #1
If the Kilt FitsIf the Kilt FitsSally JohnsonWit & Whimsy #1
AccelerationAccelerationWendy C. Jorgensen
Cancun GetawayCancun GetawayCami CheckettsBillionaire Beach Romance #4
Seeking MansfieldSeeking MansfieldKate WatsonSeeking Mansfield #1
Toil and TroubleToil and TroubleWendy KnightToil & Trouble #3
Matchmaker for HireMatchmaker for HireRachel JohnReality TV Romance #2
Reforming ElizabethReforming ElizabethLorin GraceAmerican Homespun #2
EvangelineEvangelineErica Laurie
Meet Me At SunriseMeet Me At SunriseLucinda WhitneyRomano Family #2
Tomorrow's LullabyTomorrow's LullabyLindzee Armstrong
Carve Me a MelodyCarve Me a MelodyRachelle J. ChristensenMusic Box Romance #2
Code Name ScorpionCode Name ScorpionDonna Gustainis Fuller
The Proud Shall StumbleProud Shall Stumble, TheGerald N. LundFire and Steel #4
The Summoned MageSummoned Mage, TheMelissa McShaneConvergence #1
The Wandering MageWandering Mage, TheMelissa McShaneConvergence #2
The Unconquered MageUnconquered Mage, TheMelissa McShaneConvergence #3
The Shores of BountifulShores of Bountiful, TheLoralee Evans
End ZoneEnd ZoneTaylor HartLast Play #7
Sweet Home AtlantaSweet Home AtlantaLucy McConnellQuotable Romance #3
Once Upon A WishOnce Upon A WishDanyelle Ferguson
Dark Breaks the DawnDark Breaks the DawnSara B. LarsonDark Breaks the Dawn #1
The CaptureCapture, TheJulie Coulter BellonGriffin Force #3
The Contestant Flies Off the HandleContestant Flies Off the Handle, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #7
Onboard for LoveOnboard for LoveCami CheckettsBillionaire Beach Romance #5
The Hundredth QueenHundredth Queen, TheEmily R. KingHundredth Queen #1
Twenty-Four Potential Children of ProphecyTwenty-Four Potential Children of ProphecyEmily Martha SorensenNumbers Just Keep Getting Bigger #1
Whatever AfterWhatever AfterE.M. TippettsSomeone Else's Fairytale #5
Illegal ProcedureIllegal ProcedureChristine KerseyFair Catch #1
The Chancellor from Connier by Anna del C. DyeChancellor from Connier by Anna del C. Dye, TheAnna del C. Dye
Mission: Oasis de HuacachinaMission: Oasis de HuacachinaDebra (DJ) ErfertWindow of Secrets
The Secret of the AbbeySecret of the Abbey, TheKathleen C. PerrinThe Watchmen #3
CambalacheCambalacheMike Mitchell
The DarklightsDarklights, TheMichaelbrent Collings
Secrets of Skin and StoneSecrets of Skin and StoneWendy Laine
12 Days to Love12 Days to LoveLisa SwintonDestined for Love: Europe
Nothing Left to LoseNothing Left to LoseDan WellsJohn Cleaver #6
Mormon Girl: IncognitoMormon Girl: IncognitoKari IrozJacklyn Wyatt #2
Sweet IllusionsSweet IllusionsJeanette LewisIndigo Bay #4
Trials of a Teenage WerevultureTrials of a Teenage WerevultureEmily Martha SorensenTeenage Werevulture #1
Romancing DaphneRomancing DaphneSarah M. EdenLancaster Family #3
His Mysterious LadyHis Mysterious LadyG.G. VandagriffThree Gentlemen of London #2
Return to SalemReturn to SalemTheresa SneedSalem Witch Haunt #2
Love Changes EverythingLove Changes EverythingJennifer YoungbloodHawaii Billionaire Romance #4
Planet of the Red DustPlanet of the Red DustN. Tolman Rudolph
Love on PointLove on PointTiffany OdekirkLove Series #1
Survival of the King's DaughterSurvival of the King's DaughterRenae Weight MackleyKing's Daughter #2
A Wedding for the WidowerWedding for the Widower, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #1
The Unicorn HunterUnicorn Hunter, TheRachel Kirkaldie
The Hollow CrownHollow Crown, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #4
Kiss Me in the MoonlightKiss Me in the MoonlightLindzee ArmstrongDestined for Love: Europe
So Pure a HeartSo Pure a HeartAmber Lynn PerryDaughters of His Kingdom #4
Sweet RegretsSweet RegretsJennifer PeelIndigo Bay #5
Heir of DeceitHeir of DeceitJan M. Martin
The Year I Dated the InternetllYear I Dated the Internetll, TheStacy Lynn Carroll
BeyondBeyondAngela Larkin, Catina HaverlockBeyond #1
The Emperor's OstrichEmperor's Ostrich, TheJulie Berry
How to Love Again, for the First TimeHow to Love Again, for the First TimeSarah GayMust Love Dogs #5
False StartFalse StartChristine KerseyFair Catch #2
In Too DeepIn Too DeepJennifer K. Clark
Never Trust the RainNever Trust the RainLaura D. BastianDestined for Love: Europe
The Giant's SeatGiant's Seat, TheDave (D.J.) ButlerThe Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie #2
The Ghost of You and MeGhost of You and Me, TheKelly Oram
With These WingsWith These WingsWendy KnightWith These Wings #2
SketchesSketchesTeyla BrantonColony Six #1
The Devil in BeautyDevil in Beauty, TheHeidi AshworthLord Trevelin Mysteries #1
Dark ImmolationDark ImmolationChristopher HusbergChaos Queen #2
Over the MoonOver the MoonLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #5
Playground TreasuresPlayground TreasuresJenny Rabe
Now I RiseNow I RiseKiersten WhiteAnd I Darken #2
SnowdriftSnowdriftDebra (DJ) Erfert
The Roar of WingsRoar of Wings, TheGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #4
The Librarian from the Black LagoonLibrarian from the Black Lagoon, TheHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #6.5
A Bride Worth TakingBride Worth Taking, ARebecca ConnollyArrangements #6
MisplacedMisplacedDanette J. Hansen
The Renegade's RedemptionRenegade's Redemption, TheStacy HenrieLove Inspired Historicals
Wolf's PawnWolf's PawnChaaya ChandraSajani Tails #1
A Companion for the CowboyCompanion for the Cowboy, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #2
Yesterday's PromiseYesterday's PromiseMichele Paige HolmesHearthfire Scottish Romance #1
Seer of the Guide by Laurisa White ReyesSeer of the Guide by Laurisa White ReyesLaurisa White ReyesCelestine Chronicles #3
Hail MaryHail MaryTaylor HartLast Play #8
Searching for IreneSearching for IreneMarlene Bateman
Finding Peace: Rebecca, Wife of EnosFinding Peace: Rebecca, Wife of EnosAngelique CongerAncient Matriarchs #3
The Rise of Ammon's SwordRise of Ammon's Sword, TheC.C. RaubellGray-eyed Girl #3
VeritasVeritasQuinn ColeridgeVeritas #1
Royal DistractionRoyal DistractionLucy McConnellDestination Billionaire Romance
The Perfect CatchPerfect Catch, TheJennifer YoungbloodLast Play #9
Lily of the ManorLily of the ManorAnita Stansfield
BrutalBrutalJames AlderdiceBrutal #1
Window of DarknessWindow of DarknessDebra (DJ) ErfertWindow of Time #3
Lies & LettersLies & LettersAshtyn Newbold
That Tender LightThat Tender LightMarsha WardOwen Family Saga #0
You May Already Be a WinnerYou May Already Be a WinnerAnn Dee Ellis
My Dearest LoveMy Dearest LoveSarah M. EdenLonging for Home #4
Safe HouseSafe HouseShannon Symonds
The Pathways to the HeartPathways to the Heart, TheE.B. Wheeler, Kimberly Eden, Mandi Ellsworth, Paula Kremser
CheyenneCheyenneJennifer PeelWomen of Merryton #4
Last of the GentlemenLast of the GentlemenCami CheckettsEcho Ridge Singles
The Song of Copper CreekSong of Copper Creek, TheKristen McKendry
Love's PulseLove's PulseLiz IsaacsonFirst Street Church Romances
Acting MarriedActing MarriedVictorine E. LieskeMarried #5
The Executive's SecretExecutive's Secret, TheKimberley MontpetitSecret Billionaire Romance #2
WithholdWithholdAndrea PearsonMosaic Chronicles #9
Montana GoldMontana GoldDiane DarcyRocky Mountain Romances #3
The Island KingIsland King, TheJewel Adams
Falling for JuneFalling for JuneHeather B. MooreFalling #3
The Dragon KingDragon King, TheMike SheltonAlaris Chronicles #3
Lizzy's PrideLizzy's PrideJohanna EvelynSecond Chances Books #1
Dragon MoonDragon MoonScott E. Tarbet
The Kiss ThiefKiss Thief, TheRachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Romance #2
Unknown PresenceUnknown PresenceAlicia Rivoli
Hazel of Heber ValleyHazel of Heber ValleyAnnette LyonRocky Mountain Romances #5
A Night in NottinghamNight in Nottingham, AMichael/Mikey BrooksMuseum Adventures #2
The Fifth DollFifth Doll, TheCharlie N. Holmberg
Lucky in LoveLucky in LoveKasie West
Roadtrips and RomanceRoadtrips and RomanceKimberly LothOmega Mu Alpha Brothers #5
A Bride for the Bronc RiderBride for the Bronc Rider, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #3
BlindsidedBlindsidedChristine KerseyFair Catch #3
Beanstalker and Other Hilarious ScarytalesBeanstalker and Other Hilarious ScarytalesKiersten White
Colorado DreamsColorado DreamsHeather HorrocksRocky Mountain Romances #7
P.S. I Loathe YouP.S. I Loathe YouDiane DarcyRegency Rendezvous #8
Prophecy of the DragonProphecy of the DragonMike SheltonAlaris Chronicles #0
Wills & TrustWills & TrustJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #4
Summer HolidaySummer HolidayAnnette Lyon, Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. EdenTimeless Victorian #1
Monster Hunger SiegeMonster Hunger SiegeLarry CorreiaMonster Hunters International #6
The Secret of the India OrchidSecret of the India Orchid, TheNancy Campbell Allen
WovenWovenBree Moore
The Search by Clair M. PoulsonSearch by Clair M. Poulson, TheClair M. Poulson
Mr. WriteMr. WriteChelsea HaleSundaes for Breakfast #1
HavencrossHavencrossJulie Daines
Courting the Country MissCourting the Country MissDonna HatchCourting #2
MeléeMeléeMenagerie #3
Catching a WitchCatching a WitchHeidi Eljarbo
How to Fetch a FiancéHow to Fetch a FiancéRachelle J. ChristensenDestination Billionaire Romance #7
Under the BridgeUnder the BridgeLiz IsaacsonGold Valley #6
Speak to My HeartSpeak to My HeartRebecca Talley
Song BreakerSong BreakerAnnette Lyon
Isabella and the SlipperIsabella and the SlipperVictorine E. Lieske
The World's Greatest Adventure MachineWorld's Greatest Adventure Machine, TheFrank L. Cole
I Know You'll Find MeI Know You'll Find MeJennifer Youngblood
The Duke's BrotherDuke's Brother, TheHeather B. Moore53
Never Say NecklaceNever Say NecklaceJaclyn HardyLove on the Run #1
The Mark of the WitchMark of the Witch, TheFinn BlackwoodThe Relic Heir #1
ReunitedReunitedColleen HouckReawakened #3
30 Red Dresses30 Red DressesJohan Twiss
A Family for the FarmerFamily for the Farmer, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #4
Right NextRight NextRachel Ward
Waking BeautyWaking BeautyBrittlyn Gallacher Doyle
Haniah and the Golden GemHaniah and the Golden GemJason Ford
Devil in the MicroscopeDevil in the MicroscopeRyan DecariaDevil In The Microscope #1
A Perfect RescuePerfect Rescue, ADaniel BannerPark City Firefighter Romance #7
Death's BetrayalDeath's BetrayalJaneal FalorDeath's Queen #2
The Lone Star GroomLone Star Groom, TheTaylor HartBachelor Billionaire Romance #8
Fairest OneFairest OneAmy LinnabaryThe Fairytale Prophecies #2
Remembering AnnaRemembering AnnaLorin GraceAmerican Homespun #1.5
Crystal BladeCrystal BladeKathryn PurdieBurning Glass #2
Double Eagle Double CrossDouble Eagle Double CrossM.R. Durbin
A Day in ParisDay in Paris, AJewel AllenLove Around the World #1
Bridge to My HeartBridge to My HeartCarolyn Twede FrankReflections of the Past #1
Geoffrey P. Ward's Guide to VillainyGeoffrey P. Ward's Guide to VillainyM.A. Nichols
A Red PeaceRed Peace, ASpencer EllsworthStarfire #1
The Silent ShieldSilent Shield, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #5
Switching LivesSwitching LivesLisa Rector
The Ja'sidJa'sid, TheDeborah T. BickmoreThe Heldan #2
The Pursuit of Lady HarriettPursuit of Lady Harriett, TheRachael AndersonTanglewood #3
BreakBreakJoLyn Brown
Mr. Beaverton and the Pistachio FiascoMr. Beaverton and the Pistachio FiascoOlivia RianKnotty Pine Mysteries #1
Forgetting the BillionaireForgetting the BillionaireAnne-Marie MeyerClean Billionaire Romance #1
Walking Through WallsWalking Through WallsDavid J. West, James Alderdice175
Saffron SummerSaffron SummerJewel AllenLove Around the World #2
Mergers & AcquisitionsMergers & AcquisitionsJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #3
Working FireWorking FireEmily Bleeker
Long Dark NightLong Dark NightJanci Patterson
Dog Designer Ruffles Some FeathersDog Designer Ruffles Some FeathersHeather HorrocksMoonchuckle Bay #8
Rescue and RedemptionRescue and RedemptionDaniel BannerPark City Firefighter Romance #8
A Dragon Storm RisesDragon Storm Rises, AGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #5
The Mafia's SecretMafia's Secret, TheKimberley MontpetitSecret Billionaire Romance #3
All That Makes Life BrightAll That Makes Life BrightJosi S. KilpackA Proper Romance
The Early YearsEarly Years, TheJulie L. SpencerBuxton Peak #0.5
Love RemainsLove RemainsSarah M. EdenLonging For Home #3
Watching AmyWatching AmyDale Britton
A Home for the HorsemanHome for the Horseman, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #5
Shards of JanderelleShards of JanderelleJacque StevensFairy Ring #1
The Horse Trainer, the Buyer and the BrideHorse Trainer, the Buyer and the Bride, TheErica PenrodCountry Brides & Cowboy Boots #1
Mind GamesMind GamesStephanie BlackNatalie Marsh #2
Ocean So WideOcean So WideNichole GilesWater So Deep #2
The Man in the Yellow JaguarMan in the Yellow Jaguar, TheJulie L. Spencer
Wish Me LoveWish Me LoveMichele Ashman Bell
The Final SparkFinal Spark, TheRichard Paul EvansMichael Vey #7
Her Big Fat Fake Billionaire BoyfriendHer Big Fat Fake Billionaire BoyfriendVictorine E. LieskeHer Big Fat Billionaire #1
DeadzoneDeadzoneJennifer A. NielsenHorizon #2
Blue Moon KissesBlue Moon KissesCindy Roland AndersonGeorgia Moon Romance #3
The Princess in Black and the Mysterious PlaydatePrincess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate, TheDean Hale, Shannon HalePrincess in Black #5
The Smoking LampSmoking Lamp, TheKimberly LothSons of the Sand #1
Horses, Hayrides, and HusbandsHorses, Hayrides, and HusbandsJeanette LewisCountry Brides & Cowboy Boots #2
Waiting for the LightWaiting for the LightCarol Pratt Bradley
Kissing GateKissing GateMichelle EricksonStoddard Sisters #2
Saving ShadowSaving ShadowLaura BeersBeckett Files #1
Snow and the Seven TeenagersSnow and the Seven TeenagersJulia KeaniniSecond Chance Fairy Tale #2
Kiss Me in the RainKiss Me in the RainLindzee ArmstrongDestined for Love: Mansions #1
Falling for a DukeFalling for a DukeJanelle Daniels, Nichole Van, Rebecca ConnollyTimeless Regency Collection #8
Second Chance Kisses AnthologySecond Chance Kisses AnthologyCami Checketts, Heather Tullis, Janette Rallison, Lucy McConnell, Rachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Anthology #4
Speak Easy, Speak LoveSpeak Easy, Speak LoveMcKelle George
An Echo of MurderEcho of Murder, AnAnne PerryWilliam Monk #23
A Year of LoveYear of Love, AHeather B. Moore
The Unlikely BrideUnlikely Bride, TheKimberly KreyCobble Creek Romance #1
Pretender to the CrownPretender to the CrownMelissa McShaneSaga of Willow North #1
Miss Leslie's SecretMiss Leslie's SecretJennifer Moore
The Trouble with BillionairesTrouble with Billionaires, TheMichelle PenningtonSouthern Billionaires #1
The Time SellerTime Seller, TheAbel KeoghChronos #1
ClaireClaireL.K. BastianDaimon High #1
Embers of DestructionEmbers of DestructionJ. Scott SavageMysteries of Cove #3
When Our Love Was NewWhen Our Love Was NewDene LowMalibuVu #1
The Keeper of Her HeartKeeper of Her Heart, TheStacy Henrie
Roping His HeartRoping His HeartJaclyn HardyCottonwood Ranch #1
A Wolfish DilemmaWolfish Dilemma, AKate PalmerA Fairly Western Tale #2
The Fire QueenFire Queen, TheEmily R. KingHundredth Queen #2
A Refuge for the RancherRefuge for the Rancher, ALiz IsaacsonBrush Creek Brides #6
The Heart Only GrowsHeart Only Grows, TheMichele Paige HolmesTimeless Romance Single #5
The Inventive BrideInventive Bride, TheMaria HoaglandCountry Brides & Cowboy Boots
Romancing the CloneRomancing the CloneHeather HorrocksChick Flick Clique #6
Topaz ReignTopaz ReignTeresa RichardsAltered Stones #2
Gilda Trillim: Shepherdess of RatsGilda Trillim: Shepherdess of RatsSteven L. Peck
Dead Set DelphiniaDead Set DelphiniaZina AbbottSweethearts of Jubilee Springs #11
Forgiving the BillionaireForgiving the BillionaireAnne-Marie MeyerClean Billionaire Romance #2
Abounding MightAbounding MightMelissa McShaneThe Extraordinaries #3
The Unexpected GroomUnexpected Groom, TheLucy McConnellLime Peak Ranch #1
A Much Anticipated BrideMuch Anticipated Bride, ALucy McConnellLime Peak Ranch #2
Protect My HeartProtect My HeartJudy Corry
The Princess and the Pizza ManPrincess and the Pizza Man, TheCassie MaeDestined for Love: Mansions #3
For Love or HonorFor Love or HonorSarah M. EdenJonquil Brothers #6
River WhispersRiver WhispersRachelle J. Christensen
Remember Me AlwaysRemember Me AlwaysRenee Collins
Game ChangerGame ChangerCharissa StastnyRuled Out Romances #1
Ticket to BrideTicket to BrideLiz IsaacsonBride Texas #3
A Cowboy's ProposalCowboy's Proposal, ALucy McConnellLime Peak Ranch #3
The Axe of SunderingAxe of Sundering, TheM.L. FormanAdventurers Wanted #5
Moving into Light: Zehira, Wife of EnochMoving into Light: Zehira, Wife of EnochAngelique CongerAncient Matriarchs #4
Battlementals: Pounce and the Riddle of FireBattlementals: Pounce and the Riddle of FireRandy LindsayPounce Elemental Fantasy Quest Saga #1
The Wolf Within MeWolf Within Me, TheCheree AlsopHaunted High #1
The Fearless GroomFearless Groom, TheCami CheckettsTexas Titans #1
Kate EmpoweredKate EmpoweredCindy M. HoganCode of Silence #3
Mending Fences with the BillionaireMending Fences with the BillionaireLorin GraceArtists & Billionaires #1
Mustaches for MaddieMustaches for MaddieChad Morris, Shelly Brown
Last Star BurningLast Star BurningCaitlin SangsterLast Star Burning #1
Brush with LoveBrush with LoveLisa McKendrick
A Wager Worth MakingWager Worth Making, ARebecca ConnollyArrangements #7
Swing VoteSwing VoteDonna K. WeaverSafe Harbors #3
Safe HouseSafe HouseTraci Hunter AbramsonThe Guardians #2
Camera WarsCamera WarsChelsea HaleSundaes for Breakfast #2
Finding Love at Steeple RidgeFinding Love at Steeple RidgeLiz IsaacsonSteeple Ridge #2
The Persistent GroomPersistent Groom, TheJennifer YoungbloodTexas Titans
Daughter 4254Daughter 4254Leigh Statham
Shadows of MontsegurShadows of MontsegurJ. Sowards
Broken LiesBroken LiesRachel BrantonLily's House #5
The Christmas BoyfriendChristmas Boyfriend, TheTaylor HartReturn to Snow Valley
EdgedancerEdgedancerBrandon SandersonStormlight Archive
A Season of LoveSeason of Love, ACarla Kelly
The Undercover BridesmaidUndercover Bridesmaid, TheKimberley Montpetit
The Cowboy's Accidental BrideCowboy's Accidental Bride, TheCindy Roland AndersonCountry Brides & Cowboy Boots
Paper ChainsPaper ChainsElaine Vickers
Love Me At SunsetLove Me At SunsetLucinda WhitneyRomano Family #3
Christmas Grace, A Regency Christmas CollectionChristmas Grace, A Regency Christmas CollectionAnita Stansfield, Chalon Linton, Jennifer Moore, Krista Lynne Jensen
Blackjack Magic MurderBlackjack Magic MurderClaire Kane, Stan CroweDead Ex Files #3
The Crystal KingCrystal King, TheJohn M. OlsenRiland Throne #1
Beneath These WingsBeneath These WingsWendy KnightWith These Wings #3
The Legend of Shadow HighLegend of Shadow High, TheDean Hale, Shannon HaleEver After High
FearlessFearlessJennifer JenkinsNameless #3
Taming His HeartTaming His HeartJaclyn HardyCottonwood Ranch #2
Children of the FleetChildren of the FleetOrson Scott CardFleet School #1
Honeymoon for One in Christmas FallsHoneymoon for One in Christmas FallsJennifer PeelReturn to Christmas Falls #2
Christmas at Edgewood ParkChristmas at Edgewood ParkShaela KaySeasons of Littleton #1
Saving Sycamore BaySaving Sycamore BayCami CheckettsDestined for Love: Mansions #6
The Tough Love GroomTough Love Groom, TheTaylor HartTexas Titans
Hush, Now ForgetHush, Now ForgetCammie Larsen, Mary GraySisters of Bloodcreek #1
Don't Forget MeDon't Forget MeJudy CorryRidgewater High Romance #2
Lieutenant Terry's Christmas FudgeLieutenant Terry's Christmas FudgeGerald N. Lund
Happily Ever After CollectionHappily Ever After CollectionAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Jessica Day George, Julie Daines, Julie Wright, Sarah M. EdenA Timeless Romance #20
One-Date DealOne-Date DealLucy McConnellReturn to Snow Valley
On Moonlit WingsOn Moonlit WingsGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #6
Air Whisperers of NkandlaAir Whisperers of NkandlaPatricia Pike
Unspoken WordsUnspoken WordsAnneka Walker, Beth Buck, Carol Malone, Jen Geigle Johnson, Jenny Rabe, Julie L. Spencer, Laura L. Walker, Melanie Mason, Michelle Pennington, Nicole White, Rachel John, Rebekah Wells, Sara Cardon, Victorine E. LieskeLDS Beta Readers Anthology #2
Lucky in LoveLucky in LoveJo NoelleCowboys & Angels #2
Crooked Top MountainCrooked Top MountainAaron BlaylockLand of Look Behind #2
Rise of the Forgotten SunRise of the Forgotten SunJon MonsonThe Sun and the Raven #1
Pass InterferencePass InterferenceChristine KerseyFair Catch #4
Storm ChildStorm ChildMelanie MasonStorm #1
SpectrisSpectrisQuinn ColeridgeVeritas #2
The Nobleman's DaughterNobleman's Daughter, TheJen Geigle Johnson
Stone SilenceStone SilenceTaylor DeanSound of Silence #1
The Hunter's SonHunter's Son, TheGregg Luke
Love & Loss at Whitmore ManorLove & Loss at Whitmore ManorAnita Stansfield
Marrying Miss Kringle: LuxMarrying Miss Kringle: LuxLucy McConnellMarrying Miss Kringle #2
The Lumberjack's Yuletide BrideLumberjack's Yuletide Bride, TheKimberly KreyCobble Creek Romance #2
Touch of RainTouch of RainTeyla BrantonImprints #1
A Christmas ReturnChristmas Return, AAnne Perry
The Start of UsStart of Us, TheRachel JohnChange in Plans #1
Lies Jane Austen Told MeLies Jane Austen Told MeJulie Wright
The Fattest MormonFattest Mormon, TheTyson AbaroaWinnebago Chronicles #1
Romancing the SingerRomancing the SingerCami CheckettsReturn to Snow Valley
Christmas SecretsChristmas SecretsDonna Hatch
Learning Faith at Steeple RidgeLearning Faith at Steeple RidgeLiz IsaacsonSteeple Ridge #3
For Castle and CrownFor Castle and CrownSian Ann Bessey
The Darkest SummerDarkest Summer, TheRebecca J. GreenwoodDarkest Season #1
Sawdust and MistletoeSawdust and MistletoeMichelle PenningtonChristmas in Willow Falls #1
Chasing the StarChasing the StarKathi Oram PetersonTime Stone Chronicles #4
OathbringerOathbringerBrandon SandersonStormlight Archive #3
The Forsaken ThroneForsaken Throne, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #6
Picturing ChristmasPicturing ChristmasJason F. Wright
A House Divided by DianeHouse Divided by Diane, ADiane Stringham Tolley
How to Kiss a BillionaireHow to Kiss a BillionaireCami CheckettsBillionaire Beach Romance
A Grand TourGrand Tour, AAnthea Lawson, Heather B. Moore, Jennifer MooreTimeless Victorian #2
A Royal (Fake) EngagementRoyal (Fake) Engagement, AJulia KeaniniSecond Chance Fairy Tale #3
Guardian of the CrownGuardian of the CrownMelissa McShaneSaga of Willow North #2
The Ghost FilesGhost Files, TheCheree AlsopHaunted High #2
The Hero Next DoorHero Next Door, TheGraham Bradley
Once Upon a Time TravelOnce Upon a Time TravelSariah Wilson
Love's SparkLove's SparkLiz IsaacsonFirst Street Church Romances
DeadlineDeadlineJewel Allen
Damsel Under DeadlineDamsel Under DeadlineJewel AllenRomance on the Run #2
Finding Love with the BillionaireFinding Love with the BillionaireAnne-Marie MeyerClean Billionaire Romance #3
Shadow Sun SevenShadow Sun SevenSpencer EllsworthStarfire #2
Before These WingsBefore These WingsWendy KnightWith These Wings #1
Love on a LimbLove on a LimbLaurie LewisThe Graykens #1
CollideCollideMelanie StanfordRomance Revisited #2
The Christmas SwitchChristmas Switch, TheLaura L. Walker
More Trouble in LovelandMore Trouble in LovelandJennifer PeelTimeless Romance Single #6
The Blazing GlassBlazing Glass, TheKimberly LothSons of the Sand #2
A Promise for TomorrowPromise for Tomorrow, AMichele Paige HolmesHearthfire Scottish Romance #2
Mended by MoonlightMended by MoonlightMarsha WardShenandoah Neighbors #1
A Peculiar CourtshipPeculiar Courtship, ALaura BeersBeckett Files #2
Love UndefinedLove UndefinedAmy Meyer, Erin Mindes, H. Lynn Murphy, Jana S. Brown, Jean Newman, Jeanna Mason Stay, Julie L. Spencer, Lisa Rector, Marla Buttars, Tiffany Chandler, Victorine E. Lieske, C. David BeltLDS Beta Readers Anthology #3
RuthRuthH.B. Moore
World War SchoolWorld War SchoolAndrea PearsonRanch City Academy #3
BlemishBlemishJewel Allen
Ever the BraveEver the BraveErin SummerillClash of Kingdoms #2
The Queen's OpalQueen's Opal, TheJacque StevensStone Bearers #1
My Fair AussieMy Fair AussieJennifer GriffithMillionaire Makeover Romance #3
Waiting on WaylonWaiting on WaylonJo NoelleCowboys & Angels #6
Shelter MeShelter MeElana JohnsonBarefoot Bay
Loving the Movie StarLoving the Movie StarJennifer YoungbloodHawaii Billionaire Romance #6
Lights, Camera, MurderLights, Camera, MurderClaire Kane, Zoey KaneSiamese Sleuth #2
Sea So BlueSea So BlueNichole GilesWater So Deep #0
Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best FriendHer Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best FriendVictorine E. LieskeHer Big Fat Billionaire #2
Delilah's DessertsDelilah's DessertsHeather B. Moore, Julie Wright, Melanie JacobsonTangerine Street #4
Royal BallRoyal BallSheralyn PrattPimpernel #2
Kissing Santa at Steeple RidgeKissing Santa at Steeple RidgeLiz IsaacsonSteeple Ridge #4
In Spite of LionsIn Spite of LionsScarlette Pike
Mending Christmas with the BillionaireMending Christmas with the BillionaireLorin GraceArtists & Billionaires #2
The Second Window by Erica KieferSecond Window by Erica Kiefer, TheErica KieferThe Window #1
When the Clouds LiftWhen the Clouds LiftLaura L. WalkerWhen Love Happens #1
Just FriendsJust FriendsElana Johnson
Poetic JusticePoetic JusticeH.B. Moore
Jailbird Jailbird Taylor DeanSound of Silence #2
Falling for the BillionaireFalling for the BillionaireAnne-Marie MeyerClean Billionaire Romance #4
Baker's DozenBaker's DozenAmey Zeigler
The Ambitious OneAmbitious One, TheJeanette LewisBillionaire Bride Pact
Jessica & JamesJessica & JamesKimberley MontpetitSnow Valley Novellas
The Gentleman's DeceptionGentleman's Deception, TheKaren Tuft
KeelaKeelaJaclyn Weist
I Never Knew I Needed YouI Never Knew I Needed YouDene LowMalibuVu #2
The Billionaire's Stray HeartBillionaire's Stray Heart, TheRachelle J. ChristensenBurke Billionaire Romance #2
If Not For TheeIf Not For TheeAmber Lynn PerryDaughters of His Kingdom
DeniseDeniseL.K. BastianDaimon High #2
Sparks Will FlySparks Will FlyDaniel BannerPark City Firefighter Station 2
On the HuntOn the HuntTeyla BrantonImprints #2
A Dash of LoveDash of Love, ALiz Isaacson
Hawaiian MasqueradeHawaiian MasqueradeRachelle J. ChristensenBurke Billionaire Romance #1
Love, Life, and the ListLove, Life, and the ListKasie West
The Bavarian JewelerBavarian Jeweler, TheZina AbbottLockets & Lace #0
DIY MagicDIY MagicHeather HamiltonBad Luck Witch #2
Stone Cold SparksStone Cold SparksCami CheckettsPark City Firefighter Station 2
Mistress GrimMistress GrimJane Redd
The Shadow DragonShadow Dragon, TheAndrea Pearson
The World I KnowWorld I Know, TheDale Britton
The Fisherman's DaughterFisherman's Daughter, TheMelinda Sue Sanchez
First TouchFirst TouchTeyla BrantonImprints #0
The Eternity ElixirEternity Elixir, TheFrank L. ColePotion Masters #1
Hothouse FlowerHothouse FlowerTaylor DeanSound of Silence #3
Heart of the WestHeart of the WestCarolyn Twede Frank
The Miracle GroomMiracle Groom, TheLucy McConnellTexas Titans
Lightning StruckLightning StruckNichole VanBrothers Maledetti #3
Once Hitched Twice ShyOnce Hitched Twice ShyKimberly KreyUnlikely Cowgirl
To Bring One DownTo Bring One DownRyan K. NelsonCash Valley #2
Six Days to LiveSix Days to LiveKenneth M. Page
Coming Home to Steeple RidgeComing Home to Steeple RidgeLiz IsaacsonSteeple Ridge #5
Chance's BluffChance's BluffCatherine McGreevy
Package DealPackage DealCharissa StastnyRuled Out Romances #2
Not an Ordinary BaronetNot an Ordinary BaronetG.G. VandagriffThree Gentlemen of London #3
The Poisoner's EnemyPoisoner's Enemy, TheJeff WheelerKingfountain #0
The Second Chance GroomSecond Chance Groom, TheTaylor HartTexas Titans
A Lie Universally HiddenLie Universally Hidden, AAnngela Schroeder
Finding Beauty in the BeastFinding Beauty in the BeastJessilyn Stewart Peaslee
The Dream GroomDream Groom, TheTaylor HartTexas Titans
The Sidelined WifeSidelined Wife, TheJennifer PeelMore Than a Wife #1
As Long As There Is ChocolateAs Long As There Is ChocolateTana Lovett
The Infinite FutureInfinite Future, TheTim Wirkus
#Starstruck#StarstruckSariah Wilson#Lovestruck #1
Poison's CagePoison's CageBreeana ShieldsPoison's Kiss #2
To Be YoursTo Be YoursElana Johnson
Love Letters from HeavenLove Letters from HeavenDebbie Peterson
Fractured SlipperFractured SlipperAdrienne Monson, Angela Brimhall, Angela Corbett, Lehua Parker, Liz IsaacsonFairy Tale Ink #2
The Trustworthy GroomTrustworthy Groom, TheCami CheckettsTexas Titans
The Billionaire's Sweet ValentineBillionaire's Sweet Valentine, TheLaura L. WalkerLove Confessions #1
KeganKeganL.K. BastianDaimon High #3
City of DemonsCity of DemonsCheree AlsopHaunted High #3
UpstagedUpstagedTeyla BrantonImprints #3
The Queen's GiftQueen's Gift, TheJacque StevensStone Bearers #2
A Night in Grosvenor SquareNight in Grosvenor Square, AAnnette Lyon, Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. EdenTimeless Regency Collection #9
Illegally WeddedIllegally WeddedJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #6
The Ghost GroomGhost Groom, TheJennifer YoungbloodTexas Titans
Otto's OfferOtto's OfferZina AbbottLockets & Lace #3
Off ScriptOff ScriptLiv BartletMonkey & Me #2
Five Days Five KissesFive Days Five KissesAngela Carling
Lord Atten Meets His MatchLord Atten Meets His MatchJenni James
The Dragon LordsDragon Lords, TheC.J. HillSlayers #4
Inn Over Her HeadInn Over Her HeadDixie DavisDusky Cove Mysteries #1
Pass ProtectionPass ProtectionChristine KerseyFair Catch #5
Champion of the CrownChampion of the CrownMelissa McShaneSaga of Willow North #3
The Social TutorSocial Tutor, TheSally BrittonBranches of Love #1
Fixing the BillionaireFixing the BillionaireAnne-Marie MeyerClean Billionaire Romance #5
Dark Mirror ImageDark Mirror ImageAnna del C. DyeRoyal Romance #4
Love's Journey HomeLove's Journey HomeJulie Coulter BellonLincoln Love Stories #2
The Stars Above Northumberland by Anita StansfieldStars Above Northumberland by Anita Stansfield, TheAnita Stansfield
A Tangled InheritanceTangled Inheritance, AChalon Linton
The Secret of a KissSecret of a Kiss, TheKimberley MontpetitReturn to Snow Valley
A Familiar FearFamiliar Fear, AKathi Oram Peterson
The Lady and the GentLady and the Gent, TheRebecca ConnollyLondon League #1
Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire BossHer Big Fat Hunky Billionaire BossVictorine E. LieskeHer Big Fat Billionaire #3
Shoot the MoonShoot the MoonKate WatsonSeeking Mansfield #2
Check Me OutCheck Me OutBecca Wilhite
FlickerFlickerRebecca RodeEmber in Space #1
The CompanionCompanion, TheChelsea HaleSundaes for Breakfast #3
The Dragon's CurseDragon's Curse, TheBethany WigginsTransference #2
The Rancher's Temporary EngagementRancher's Temporary Engagement, TheStacy Henrie
Craving the CowboyCraving the CowboyLiz IsaacsonGrape Seed Falls #2
Colonial Prime: HumanityColonial Prime: HumanityKevin L. Nielsen
The Love Potion GroomLove Potion Groom, TheTaylor HartMovie Star Romances
Death's EmbraceDeath's EmbraceJaneal FalorDeath's Queen #3
The Smallest PartSmallest Part, TheAmy Harmon
The Rogue QueenRogue Queen, TheEmily R. KingHundredth Queen #3
Arts and TheftsArts and TheftsAllison K. HymasMAX #2
Active MemoryActive MemoryDan WellsMirador #3
The Forgotten GirlForgotten Girl, TheHeather Chapman
Worth the RiskWorth the RiskHeather B. MoorePine Valley #1
Kisses with KCKisses with KCJo NoelleCowboys & Angels #1
How to Catch a Cowboy in 10 DaysHow to Catch a Cowboy in 10 DaysKimberly KreyUnlikely Cowgirl
TruthStoneTruthStoneMike SheltonTruthSeer Archives #1
If the Boot FitsIf the Boot FitsSally JohnsonWit & Whimsy #2
Southern SpinsterSouthern SpinsterCassie MaeFrostville #2
Cage the BeastCage the BeastCheree AlsopHaunted High #4
Love's PastLove's PastLaura D. BastianTwickenham Time Travel True Love Romance #1
Seeking Mr. DebonairSeeking Mr. DebonairCami CheckettsJane Austen Pact #1
Against the MagicAgainst the MagicDonna K. WeaverTwickenham Full-Moon Ball #1
Under FireUnder FireTeyla BrantonImprints #4
Pitch DarkPitch DarkCourtney Alameda
P.S. I Love YouP.S. I Love YouJo NoelleTwickenham Manor Time Travel Romance #1
The Book of SecretsBook of Secrets, TheMelissa McShaneThe Last Oracle #1
The Glowing SandsGlowing Sands, TheKimberly LothSons of the Sand #3
GrayghostGrayghostTamara GranthamFairy World MD #7
Seeking Mr. PerfectSeeking Mr. PerfectJennifer YoungbloodJane Austen Pact #2
The WishmakersWishmakers, TheTyler WhitesidesWishmakers #1
Not in the PlansNot in the PlansHeather TullisIn the Garden #3
Daughter of the Siren QueenDaughter of the Siren QueenTricia LevensellerDaughter of the Pirate King #2
The Traitor's GameTraitor's Game, TheJennifer A. NielsenTraitor's Game #1
Memory's BladeMemory's BladeSpencer EllsworthStarfire #3
Emeralds Are ForeverEmeralds Are ForeverJaclyn HardyLove on the Run #2
Sweeter Than Any DreamSweeter Than Any DreamAnnette Lyon
Sweet MercySweet MercyDonald S. Smurthwaite
SuspectSuspectClair M. Poulson
Beneath the Bellemont SkyBeneath the Bellemont SkyRaneé S. Clark
Trainee in ActionTrainee in ActionRebecca LangeHeavenly Bodyguards #1
The Practically Romantic GroomPractically Romantic Groom, TheMaria HoaglandCobble Creek Romance
Dating the Rogue CowboyDating the Rogue CowboyLucy McConnellLime Peak Ranch #4
Charming the CowboyCharming the CowboyLiz IsaacsonGrape Seed Falls #3
Ashes on the MoorAshes on the MoorSarah M. Eden
The Darkling BrideDarkling Bride, TheLaura Andersen
2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious2 Fuzzy, 2 FuriousDean Hale, Shannon HaleUnbeatable Squirrel Girl #2
The Other Side of the BridgeOther Side of the Bridge, TheCamron Wright
The Resolved WarriorResolved Warrior, TheJennifer YoungbloodNavy Seal Romance #1
Inn TroubleInn TroubleDixie DavisDusky Cove Mysteries #2
Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy!Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy!Laurisa White Reyes
Meet Me ThereMeet Me ThereJudy CorryRidgewater High Romance #1
The Protective WarriorProtective Warrior, TheCami CheckettsNavy SEAL Romance #2
On Deck for LoveOn Deck for LoveRebecca TalleyReunion Romance #3
Moot CourtMoot CourtJennifer GriffithLegally in Love #7
The Apocalypse of Morgan TurnerApocalypse of Morgan Turner, TheJennifer Quist
The Snapshot BrideSnapshot Bride, TheKimberly KreyCobble Creek Romance
Time JumpersTime JumpersBrandon MullFive Kingdoms #5
Blood Creek WitchBlood Creek WitchJay BarnsonBlood Creek #1
The Reformation of Lady ElinorReformation of Lady Elinor, TheDarryl Harris
Healing SarahHealing SarahLorin GraceAmerican Homespun #3
Frontier Matchmaker BrideFrontier Matchmaker BrideRegina Scott
My Best Man's WeddingMy Best Man's WeddingCami CheckettsEcho Ridge Singles
Wings of FireWings of FireGary J. DarbyLegend of Hooper’s Dragons #7
Marrying a CowboyMarrying a CowboyAnne-Marie MeyerFake Marriage Series #1
The Princess Bride of RiodanPrincess Bride of Riodan, TheRachelle J. ChristensenEcho Ridge Romance #3
Temple of FlamesTemple of FlamesAndrea PearsonKoven Chronicles #3
The Truth About BillionairesTruth About Billionaires, TheMichelle PenningtonSouthern Billionaires #2
A Place Called New HopePlace Called New Hope, ACatherine McGreevy
The Only Amalekite ConvertOnly Amalekite Convert, TheR.E.D. Richardson
Seeking His LuckSeeking His LuckJaclyn WeistLost Luck #1
Better With YouBetter With YouRachel JohnChange in Plans #2
TruthSpellTruthSpellMike SheltonTruthSeer Archives #2
BlindedBlindedTeyla BrantonImprints #5
The Spark of a KissSpark of a Kiss, TheSarah GayPark City Firefighter Station 2
Where I BelongWhere I BelongHeather B. MoorePine Valley #2
My Sister's IntendedMy Sister's IntendedRachael AndersonSerendipity #1
The Combustible EngagementCombustible Engagement, TheMaria HoaglandCobble Creek Romance
My VampireMy VampireLisa RectorMy Supernatural Boyfriend #1
Tiger's DreamTiger's DreamColleen HouckTiger's Curse #5
Martha's PatienceMartha's PatienceSally BrittonBranches of Love #2
Death's AssassinDeath's AssassinJaneal FalorDeath's Queen #4
The Billionaire's ConflictBillionaire's Conflict, TheJohanna EvelynBillionaire Club #2
Love at Lakewood MedLove at Lakewood MedTJ AmbersonLakewood Med #1
In Her DreamsIn Her DreamsJoanna ReederIn Her Dreams #1
The Noble HeirNoble Heir, TheJulia KeaniniPrinces of Valdoria #1
Ashes of NightAshes of NightCheree AlsopHaunted High #5
The Orient ExpressOrient Express, TheAnnette Lyon, Elizabeth Johns, Nancy Campbell AllenTimeless Victorian #3
Love Out of FocusLove Out of FocusRebecca Connolly
Flame and EmberFlame and EmberM.A. NicholsRegency Love #1
Game OnGame OnChristine KerseyFair Catch #6
EmilyEmilyL.K. BastianDaimon High #4
The Peaceful WarriorPeaceful Warrior, TheDaniel BannerNavy SEAL Romance #3
Lost Crow ConspiracyLost Crow ConspiracyRosalyn EvesBlood Rose Rebellion #2
KatKatL.K. BastianDaimon High #5
Lovers & MadmenLovers & MadmenNichole VanBrothers Maledetti #0
Everything She WantsEverything She WantsSarah Alva
Passage to AvalonPassage to AvalonMike ThayerEpic Adventures of the Techno Wizard #1
My Dearest EnemyMy Dearest EnemyJennifer Moore
To Love a SpyTo Love a SpyLaura BeersBeckett Files #3
The Lemonade YearLemonade Year, TheAmy Willoughby-Burle
The Vengeance CodeVengeance Code, TheNat McKenzie
TripwireTripwireTraci Hunter AbramsonSaint Squad
Love UnexpectedLove UnexpectedG.G. VandagriffSaunders Family #1
Courting the CowboyCourting the CowboyLiz IsaacsonGrape Seed Falls #4
The Honorable WarriorHonorable Warrior, TheKimberly KreyNavy SEAL Romance #4
Wizard for HireWizard for HireObert SkyeWizard for Hire #1
Fields of GloryFields of GloryAnna Jones Buttimore
Account 13, 14... Account 13, 14... Ellie ThorntonContemporary Reboot #2
Through the GlassThrough the GlassErica KieferThe Window #2
Never That FarNever That FarCarol Lynch Williams
Witchy WinterWitchy WinterDave (D.J.) ButlerWitchy Eye #2
Stolen EnchantressStolen EnchantressAmber ArgyleForbidden Forest #1
Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy TalesUnspun: A Collection of Tattered Fairy TalesAnika Arrington, Chris Cutler, Kaki Olsen, Katherine Cowley, PJ Switzer, Robin Prehn, Ruth Nickle, Sarah Blake Johnson, Sarah Chow, Scott Cowley
The Soul's AllianceSoul's Alliance, TheWendy KnightThe Agents #2
Road to RosewoodRoad to RosewoodAshtyn Newbold
Twenty-One DaysTwenty-One DaysAnne PerryDaniel Pitt #1
Magic UnleashedMagic UnleashedDevri WallsVenators #1
The Broken WarriorBroken Warrior, TheTaylor HartNavy SEAL Romance #5
Fighting Love for the CowboyFighting Love for the CowboyAnne-Marie MeyerMoose Falls #1
Take a Chance on MeTake a Chance on MeKaylee BaldwinMyHeartChannel Romance
Match Me If You CanMatch Me If You CanLindzee ArmstrongNo Match for Love #7
The Burnheart RedemptionBurnheart Redemption, TheChelsea Curran
Aether SparkAether SparkNicholas PetrarchClockwork Calamity #1
The Rogue RaiderRogue Raider, The