Saint Squad: Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson

February 11, 2008 | 10 Comments
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Saint Squad: Freefall by Traci Hunter AbramsonFreefall
Author: Traci Hunter Abramson
Series: Saint Squad #1
Genres: Suspense/Thriller
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 242
Date: February 2008
Publisher: Covenant

Lieutenant Brent Miller arrived in the Middle East with one objective — get seven hostages out of a hostile country.

The plan almost worked.

But now he has been left behind — with one of the hostages.

It’s up to Brent to get Amy Whitmore, an LDS Senator’s daughter, across miles of desert to safety.

What he doesn’t know is that to survive, he needs her as much as she needs him.


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About Traci Hunter Abramson

Traci Hunter Abramson dreamed of being a novelist, but studied finance and international business instead. She was recruited by the CIA right out of college and thoroughly enjoyed working there. Her love of reading and writing never left, however. After leaving the CIA, she indulged in both hobbies. She writes suspense/thriller novels, including the Saint Squad series.

10 responses to “Saint Squad: Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson

  1. Lucy

    I loved this book! I was hooked from the first page with the action, but strong characters were really what made it a great read. About halfway through I was wondering how the author would keep the suspense going, but some unexpected turns kept me completely enthralled throughout the book. The conclusion was by far my favorite part, so much so that I read it several times. Definitely one to pick up!

  2. Clay

    Freefall is an exceptional novel, one that brings LDS fiction to a new level. The action and suspense elements are superb and it’s obvious that Abramson has some background in the world of espionage. A great read for both men and women alike.

  3. Anonymous

    I loved this book! Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. I sighed. My stomach cramped into ulceric knots with each suspenseful twist and turn. I cried only to end up smiling in the end (I love happy endings!).

  4. Becki

    I am a huge fan of Traci Hunter Abramson’s books. Every book seems to get better, and I can wait for her next one to come out. It’s supposed to be a spin-off of Freefall. I wonder if my kids will notice if I disappear for a few hours…

  5. Mandy

    I know this book can’t win Novel of the Year since it didn’t make it as a finalist in that category, but I still think it’s the one I would vote for if I could. Even though I think Abramson wrote it to be an easy read, it resonated of patriotism and appreciation of those who serve in the armed forces. I also loved the strength of the characters.

  6. Taffy

    I think this book should win the Best Mystery/Suspense Fiction Whitney Award because…I liked it :)Great twists, strong characters, good plot!

  7. Becki

    I’m with Taffy. I think Freefall should with the Whitney award in Mystery/Suspense. I have read it several times now and I enjoy it every time.

  8. Tarmy

    I really loved this book! I read her first book recently and this one is even better. What a great feat to have her subsequent books improve and have original stories. Lucky me, there are still a few of her books I haven't had the chance to read yet!

  9. Gayle Humpherys

    I borrowed this audiobook and was disappointed to learn that it was an abridged version — now I’ll wonder how much I missed of the story! The story wasn’t as suspenseful as I was expecting it to be (maybe that’s partly because of the abridgment), but overall I enjoyed it!

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