Mistaken Identity by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

September 18, 2018 | 1 Comment
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Mistaken Identity by Mindy Burbidge StrunkMistaken Identity
Author: Mindy Burbidge Strunk
Series: Regency House Party: Somerstone #3
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 204
Date: September 18, 2018
Publisher: Indie

Can she truly love him if she thinks he is someone else?

Jessica Standish is considered an upstart in the eyes of society because she is merely the daughter of a wealthy merchant. After a failed season, the devastating loss of her father and his fortune, her chances of a good match seem impossible. When her mother arranges for them to attend one of the biggest house parties of the summer, Jes dreads the idea of being seen as a fortune hunter. But then Lord Ian arrives. Even though she has only danced with him once, he has become the man of her dreams. As the connection between them grows, he seems so different from the man she thought he was.

Conrad Pinkerton, the Marquess of Kendal despises the ton and all the scheming, the guises and the games that go with it. For years he has declined their invitations. Then his twin brother, Ian, calls in a favor and Conrad grudgingly assumes a guise of his own–pretending to be his brother at a house party. When he meets Miss Standish, he wants nothing more than to pursue her. But that would mean exposing his lies which would hurt both their reputations and threaten the relationship he didn’t know he wanted.

With family names and fortunes on the line, can Conrad and Jes see past their schemes and guises to find a lasting love together?

Mistaken Identity is one of five books all set at the same Regency House Party. While each is a standalone story, watch our characters mingle together with others from the other books in the series. The stories are clean romances and can be read in any order.

This book is part of the Regency House Party: Somerstone series by multiple authors. The individual books may be read in any order.

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Mindy Burbridge Strunk

Mindy loves all things history and romance, which makes reading and writing Regency romance right up her alley. When she isn’t living in her alternate realities, she is married to her real-life Mr. Darcy and trying to raise five proper boys. They live happily in the beautiful mountains of Utah.

One response to “Mistaken Identity by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

  1. Maria

    This is a light, clean, quick read romance.
    I liked the idea for the plot. I am not sure that it would truly have worked as well as it played in the book since it seems odd to me that Conrad got away with spending such a small amount of time with his brother’s friends while trying to impersonate him. I would think the friends would have figured out that it wasn’t actually Ian. But if you can set that aside, it is a fun read. I enjoyed the secret jokes between Conrad and Jes especially the outrageous historical “facts” he shared with her. Too funny to base a relationship on. You’d know that he’d always make you laugh…

    Contains a mildly threatening situation but no actual violence.

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