Not the Bodyguard’s Baby by Lorin Grace

March 2, 2019 | 1 Comment
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Not the Bodyguard’s Baby by Lorin GraceNot the Bodyguard's Baby
Author: Lorin Grace
Series: Hastings Security #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 150
Date: March 2, 2019
Publisher: Currant Creek Press

Abandoned baby, missing mother, his heart—which one should Adam guard first?

Adam Hasting’s life takes an unexpected turn when a baby is left at Hastings Security with a note asking him to take care of his daughter. As the oldest brother in the family business, Adam has always set an example. One thing he knows for sure is the child can’t possibly be his.

Faced with an impossible situation, America’s sweetest voice, September Platt makes the only sane decision she can and leaves her baby with the only man she ever loved. Trusting her life to a kind doctor September desperately seeks to put her life back together and gain the trust of Adam Hastings.

When the paparazzi find September, new dangers threaten her and her baby. Adam and the rest of the Hastings family work to keep them safe. September realizes she must draw on her own courage to save her child and claim a future with the man she has always loved.


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About Lorin Grace

Lorin Grace

Lorin Grace was born in Colorado and has been moving around the country ever since, living in eight states and several imaginary worlds. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Graphic Design. Currently she lives in northern Utah with her husband, four children, and a dog who is insanely jealous of her laptop. When not writing Lorin enjoys creating graphics, visiting historical sites, museums, and reading.

One response to “Not the Bodyguard’s Baby by Lorin Grace

  1. Maria

    Rounding up from 3.5 stars

    This is something of a romance but has a lot more than a romance in it. It deals with postpartum depression as a main thread of the story and abuse as well. In this story September is abused by two different people to my way of thinking. The ex-boyfriend is maybe more obvious but the agent is also abusive in her controlling behavior.

    I have never experienced PPD though I have depression issues so while I can’t really say if PPD plays out like this book shows or not, some of the descriptions fit exactly how I have experienced depression so I felt like it was likely accurate.

    I loved the Hastings family. They are good people. And Adam was great. He took to “fathering” very well. And it felt real that he would be a safe place for September. She trusts him and his family already. Maybe a little weird that she just left the baby without being face to face but in her state of mind maybe that was the only way she could deal with it.

    Best line of the book is after Adam leads Sven on a wild goose chase just to keep him from September. Sven asks, “Having fun yet?”
    Adam: “Depends on what you think of as fun. If you mean leading a bodyguard who is more brawn than brain halfway across the state for no reason other than my amusement, then I’m having fun. And you?”

    My biggest problem with this book was the title. It almost kept me from reading the book but I’d read other things by this author so I went ahead with it. The title made the book sound like it was going to be sleazy. It wasn’t at all. Maybe that is just my interpretation and no one else even thought of it.

    Sex: Basis of the book is that lead had out of wedlock baby prior to chapter one but there is no sex in the book.
    Language: some crass remarks from the jerk-guy.
    Violence: Flashback to major assault/attempted murder. Bad guy is verbally and physically abusive. Was physically and emotionally abusive prior to chapter one. Violence against woman.

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