The Librarian Shoots a Gun by Amber Gilchrist

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The Librarian Shoots a Gun by Amber GilchristThe Librarian Shoots a Gun
Author: Amber Gilchrist
Series: Audrey Scott Mysteries #1
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Format: eBook
Pages: 210
Date: May 4, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Audrey Scott is more upset for her jilted cousin than for the best man who supposedly disappeared and caused the cancellation of the wedding. That is, until the cops come around looking for him on suspicion of murder. That’s something Audrey never expected, and she feels a little guilty for doubting that Foster McGuire even existed, and thinking the couple invented him to get out of their wedding without fear of repercussions. When that very same best man ends up bleeding in Audrey’s closet because of something that she herself did, she has no choice but to try and get him off the hook for a crime he didn’t commit.

Too bad there are too many people, from unendingly annoying homicide detectives right to mob bosses, who don’t want to see Foster McGuire tell his story. Audrey, a pragmatist and a lover of lists, has a plan, if only homicide detectives like silent, brooding, and too attractive for Audrey’s own good, John Smith, and elderly and creepy Neil Pennyworth would stop showing up every single place she tries to hunt down another clue. She especially can’t shake persistent and irritatingly handsome Smith, whose blank stares and hard questions leave her feeling shaken every time. Audrey is no detective. In fact, she’s a children’s librarian. However, there’s always room for some good old investigation work between story times, and she’s going to use the skills she knows to follow a trail that starts with murder and ends with betrayal, with a whole lot of guns in between.

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About Amber Gilchrist

Amber Gilchrist

Amber Gilchrist lives in New Mexico with her husband, who is good at everything but she loves him anyway, and six children. She spends her time alternating between writing and taking care of little people. She writes mysteries, romantic suspense, rom coms, and urban fantasy. She also writes under the name Aimee Gilchrist. She enjoys swing music, true crime podcasts, and hanging out with Mimi, the dog she didn’t want.

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