The Charming Prince by Julia Keanini

January 22, 2019 | 0 Comments
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The Charming Prince by Julia KeaniniThe Charming Prince
Author: Julia Keanini
Series: Princes of Valdoria #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 195
Date: January 22, 2019
Publisher: Pickled Plum Publishing

His crown didn’t affect her. He had to have her.

Taylor Kensington is not the kind of woman to fly halfway around the world. Nor is she the type to agree to crash a charity event, pretending to be a noblewoman named Lori, with a woman she’s never met. And she’s definitely not the kind of woman who hobnobs with the princes of Valdoria. But after her adventurous half, her mother, passes away, newly certified veterinarian and completely responsible Taylor craves anything that will help her feel close to her mom again—even risking arres… or worse.

Prince Sebastian Kane would like nothing more than to doctor the horses he rescues, but life for a prince of Valdoria is never that simple. When he’s coerced into going to yet another gathering of women trying to lay claim to his title, disguised as a charity event, he’s less than thrilled. But at least at this one he can wear a mask and maybe spend a few moments flying under the radar. Before he’s recognized, he eavesdrops on a conversation where a stunning woman appears to know nothing about him or his brothers, and he has to find out more. His mask gives him the perfect opportunity to get to know the woman, Lori, as “George”—not Sebastian, prince of Valdoria.

The night flies by, each touch bringing them closer, each word strengthening their bond. But as Sebastian leans in for a kiss…


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About Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini writes about girls who deal with what life throws at them and always about love. She loves the mountains and would adore the beach. A good book, a great song, or a huge piece of chocolate can lift her mood, but her true happiness is found in her little fam.

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