Fire of the Word by Carol Pratt Bradley

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Fire of the Word by Carol Pratt BradleyFire of the Word
Author: Carol Pratt Bradley
Genres: General Historical
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 266
Date: November 2, 2016
Publisher: WiDo Publishing

Young English noblewoman, Anne Ayscough, lived during the turbulent times of Henry VIII, when Protestant reformist ideas clashed violently against entrenched Catholicism.

Yet many, especially the wealthy, owned William Tyndale’s New Testament, including the household of Sir William Ayscough in Lincolnshire. In her family home, Anne grew in an atmosphere of openness, gleaning new ideas from her brothers who were educated at Cambridge, a hotbed of Protestant ideals.

At the age of fifteen, Anne’s life changed drastically. Her older sister Martha, betrothed to a son of a family staunch in the Catholic faith, contracted a fever and died. With the financial arrangements for the marriage already in place, Anne’s father ordered her to stand for her dead sister, forcing his daughter to enter a loveless marriage.

England’s religious war became Anne’s as she clung tight to her own ideals in her husband’s house. This eventually brought her into the center of the vicious political and religious battles where she was faced with a choice.

Anne could deny the truths she had embraced as a young woman and live, or hold fast to her beliefs and be put to death.

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About Carol Pratt Bradley

Carol Pratt Bradley

Carol Pratt Bradley is an historical novelist with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her history interests currently include the Ancient Near Eastern world, Reformation England, and 17th century America. She and her husband Bryan have three daughters and one son have grown and left their parents to survive on their own. They have a Yorkie named Ozzie, who sleeps beside Carol on the couch while she writes.

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