Romance in Sleepy Hollow by Marcia Lynn McClure

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Romance in Sleepy Hollow by Marcia Lynn McClureRomance in Sleepy Hollow
Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 144
Date: December 17, 2015
Publisher: Distractions Ink

Tansy felt a warm blush heat her cheeks as her gaze fell to the tall, totally hot guy standing near the back of the touring group. He smiled at her as their eyes met, and she half expected to see two vampire fangs as part of his dazzlingly white set of teeth. He was truly that good-looking-fictional vampire good-looking. So good-looking, in fact, that Tansy was proud of herself for not stumbling over her words as she continued to give her “beginning of our tour” speech.

The guy wore jeans and a blue flannel shirt with his sleeves rolled up to just beneath his elbows. He had short dark hair, a flawlessly chiseled jawline, a square, mildly cleft chin, and shoulders as broad as a barn! He was so her exact idea of a dream man that Tansy quickly glanced around to ensure that there weren’t any movie cameras rolling or something. The guy was too good looking to be just a regular Joe out for a stroll with the other tourists.

But Tansy didn’t see any news or TV cameras, so she straightened her posture and tried to funnel her focus back to the group of people waiting for the tour to start.

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