Hopeless for Beckett by Jolene Perry

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Hopeless for Beckett by Jolene  PerryHopeless for Beckett
Author: Jolene Perry
Series: Meyer Brothers #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 108
Date: April 13, 2021
Publisher: Next Door Books

Effie Tremmel has a secret: she’s been in love with her best friend since they were twelve. She’s loved him through helping him get dates, through his older brother becoming a famous rock star, and through college and the start of his career as a travel journalist. She’s aching to tell him she loves him, but the fear of losing her best friend is enough to keep her silent.

Beckett Meyer is determined to remain single until at least thirty. As the youngest of four nosy brothers, he’s seen what love can do to a man who isn’t careful. On a whim, he takes his best friend, Effie, on his next travel assignment. After spending four years in college instead of working, she needs the experience for her resume. But once exploring the Bahamas, Beckett starts to see the amazing woman she’s become, and his determination to remain single begins to waver.

When a stormy night finds them in bed together, Beckett wakes up wishing he could erase the whole thing, and Effie’s worst fear has been realized.

Is there any way to restore their friendship, or is Beckett finally ready to realize he’s in love with his best friend?

Rating: Moderate+.


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About Jolene Perry

Jolene cannot express how many times she wished she could write a whole novel. And now she has. Several times. Life is good. Jolene spends grocery money on designer fabric, shoes, and books. She also writes speculative fiction under the name AJ Brooks and romance under Jolene Betty Perry and Mia Josephs.

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