A Bed & Breakfast Kind of Love by Laura L. Walker

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A Bed & Breakfast Kind of Love by Laura  L. WalkerA Bed & Breakfast Kind of Love
Author: Laura L. Walker
Series: Feather Star Bay #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 111
Date: October 2, 2021
Publisher: Indie

When Camryn O’Keefe isn’t teaching mathematical skills to her students at Feather Star Bay High School, she’s helping her widowed mother run the Feather Star Bay Bed & Breakfast. But there’s a problem: her mother is getting married at the end of the summer to a man that Camryn and her sisters aren’t sure about. Not only that, but Wyatt Scott, the guest who has been coming and going from the beginning of the summer, seems shady as well. What is his game?

Kyle Davis, a private investigator, came to Feather Star Bay, Texas, at his friend’s request to discover what he could about the strange situation at the B & B. What Kyle didn’t plan on was seeing Camryn, whom Kyle knew in college, again. Back then, Kyle was a geeky reporter for the school paper who uncovered a crime spree involving her volleyball coach. Will she recognize him now? How can he keep her from blowing his cover? Can he solve the case he’s been hired for? It might come at the cost of his heart.


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About Laura L. Walker

Laura L. Walker

Laura L. Walker grew up in the beautiful Gila Valley of southern Arizona and met her real-life hero at Northern Arizona University. In addition to mothering their six children, she enjoys putting her imagination to good use by creating stories that connect lives.

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