Love Redesigned by Jenny Proctor

June 23, 2020 | 1 Comment
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Love Redesigned by Jenny ProctorLove Redesigned
Author: Jenny Proctor
Series: Some Kind of Love #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 295
Date: June 23, 2020
Publisher: Four Petal Press

The escape you’ve been waiting for.

Going home to her twin brother’s house in Charleston with her tail between her legs is the last thing Dani wants to do. But when she walks out on her fashion house dream job, she doesn’t exactly have a choice. Living in New York City is anything but free.

But going back to Charleston…Alex is in Charleston. And facing down her ex? Her ex who just happens to be stepson to her former boss? Even her love for Southern humidity and shrimp and grits can’t make that confrontation worth it. There’s just so much that could go wrong.

Even scarier? Dani still hasn’t forgotten that when they were together, everything felt so right.

Despite their reservations, Alex and Dani find plenty of ways to spend time together. (A wedding dress heist? Why not?) As they unravel the real reasons why Alex left New York—and Dani—will they be able to rediscover the happily ever after they always hoped for?

Rating: Mild+. Passionate kissing; mild sensuality.


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About Jenny Proctor

Jenny Proctor

Jenny Proctor was born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a place she still resides and considers the loveliest on earth. She hikes to spend time with her family, runs because her love for food requires it, and writes because it keeps her calm in an otherwise crazy world. She believes that life in the south has a certain flair to it—and works to capture that flair in her novels.

One response to “Love Redesigned by Jenny Proctor

  1. Maria

    3.5 stars
    I had some issues with the book but enjoyed the read overall. Biggest issue is that I have a sense of fairness that makes me want the bad guys to always get what is coming to them and the good guys to be vindicated. I know that doesn’t always happen in real life but I want it to happen in my happily ever after books. So while some of the ending was satisfying, I was hoping for more of what didn’t happen. The relationship between the twins was sad though showed hope for improvement in time. I really didn’t understand why Alex would leave like he had done. I got part of it of course but why not at least say good-bye? I think the story could have moved forward the same way if he had just broken up with her nicely. It was weird that he was a nice guy in every other way but do something so cruel as to ghost her.

    Sex: no
    Language: a little, mild
    Violence: no

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