Unconventional Suitor: Her Irresistible Employer by Ginny Hartman

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Unconventional Suitor: Her Irresistible Employer by Ginny HartmanHer Irresistible Employer
Author: Ginny Hartman
Series: Unconventional Suitor #4
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 162
Date: November 17, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Broken and bitter, Marcus Graham returns to England a much different man than the one who left nearly two years prior. Then, he had hopes of finding love on his own terms without the involvement of his bothersome friends, the Earl and Countess of Danford. Humbled and in need of help, he finds himself seeking them out, but not for assistance in matters of love, for he has long since given up on that silly notion, but rather on finding a nanny for his daughter.

Miranda Sutherland is content in her life as a spinster, fully intent on never participating in the Season again, after her first and only one ended in unforgivable heartache. When her niece, the Countess of Danford, comes to her begging a favor, she is appalled to learn that Gillian has offered her services as a nanny to her husband’s good friend, Mr. Graham. After her initial resistance, Miranda soon finds herself compelled to accept the preposterous plan, only because her heart goes out to his poor, motherless daughter.

Though he has sworn to marry strictly to provide his daughter with a mother, Marcus soon finds himself drawn to Sophie’s mysterious and beautiful nanny, Lady Miranda. He has reminded himself that she is nothing more than his employee, yet he can’t seem to ignore the pain he sees hidden behind her brilliant eyes, a pain that is mirrored in his own, a pain he can’t help but want to ease.

Two damaged souls, thrown together with the best of intentions, must decide if they can put their own painful pasts behind them in order to capture the gift of true love that is being offered, as obstacles surmount and past secrets threaten to destroy the fragile thread of hope that begins to weave its way into their hearts. Will love be enough to conquer all, or will bitterness and heartache prove once more to be victor, crushing their dreams of a happy future?

In the fourth and final installment of The Unconventional Suitor Series, follow Marcus and Miranda as they battle for a prize they have long ago given up on winning: love.

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