The Sweet Girl and the Rock Star by Julia Keanini

July 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
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The Sweet Girl and the Rock Star by Julia KeaniniThe Sweet Girl and the Rock Star
Author: Julia Keanini
Series: Sunday Lunchers #4
Genres: YA Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 207
Date: July 20, 2018
Publisher: Pickled Plum Publishing

What if the right guy has always been right there?

There are only two things I love enough that I’d want them as a part of my life forever – music and my bandmates. While my classmates focus on grades and sports, I focus on my band. And we’re decent. Actually more than decent. And if we could get the right ears to hear our stuff, we could have the future I’m dreaming of.

So when an opportunity to get on The Next Great American Band arises, we jump in. But what looked like a shiny blessing from the outside turns out to be our kryptonite. The better we do on the show, the closer our band gets to ruin. The only thing saving us is my bandmate, Josh. But just as I realize my feelings for him are more than platonic, the world, namely the girls of the world, discover the same thing I have. Josh is the ultimate rock star and can have any girl he wants. There’s no way he could possibly choose me, could he?

Originally published in 2015 as Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Tina’s Story. This is a new edition with bonus additional content and a new cover.


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About Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini

Julia Keanini writes about girls who deal with what life throws at them and always about love. She loves the mountains and would adore the beach. A good book, a great song, or a huge piece of chocolate can lift her mood, but her true happiness is found in her little fam.

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