Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti by Trish Mercer

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Safety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti by Trish MercerSafety Assured Leaving East of Medicetti
Author: Trish Mercer
Series: Forest at the Edge #5
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 600
Date: May 19, 2016
Publisher: Indie

It’s been three weeks since Mahrree publicly denounced the Administrators about Terryp’s land being poisoned, and since Perrin resigned from the army instead of becoming its High General. The world’s been shunning them ever since.

But the Shins have been fine with that, busy with making their own plans to sneak away to Terryp’s land…

Until one night when mysterious visitors in dark mottled clothing tell Mahrree and Perrin about a new land and an unknown civilization where they need to take their family, because Chairman Mal is planning to arrest the Shins and try them for sedition.

The Shins and Briters have to trust these secretive people to help them escape before the Administrator of Loyalty arrives.

But seventeen-year-old Peto, the last Shin thinking clearly anymore, is agreeing to go along only so that he can rescue his family from the rescue of Shem Zenos—the duplicitous spy—and his “Guarders.”

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About Trish Mercer

Trish Mercer

Trish Mercer has been teaching writing, editing graduate papers, revising web content, and changing diapers since the 1990’s. She holds a BA in English and an MA in Composition Theory and Rhetoric. She and her husband have 9 children and have lived in Utah, Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina.

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