Battlementals: Quest for the Harmonicon by Randy Lindsay

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Battlementals: Quest for the Harmonicon by Randy LindsayQuest for the Harmonicon
Author: Randy Lindsay
Series: Battlementals #1
Genres: Middle Grade Speculative
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 242
Date: January 21, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Chase Freeman is a boy with a heart for adventure stuck living in the incredibly dull town of Drifter Flats. The only exciting thing that ever happens there is the Eclipse Day celebration and even that isn’t enough for Chase—until he follows after a strange ball of light streaking across the sky. Enlisting his best friend Jordan, her little brother Luke, and Harlan the smartest boy in school, they follow the light to an American Indian medicine circle. Drawn into the middle of it, the four friends are suddenly teleported to the dimension of the Battlementals along with the school bully Brendan and his stuck-up friend Lena.

When they arrive, they find a society of elemental people who are desperate for them to accept the grand quest to save the universe. A deadly alliance between the forces of Fire and Moon has pulled universe out of balance and, soon, everything will vanish altogether. Friends and enemies will have to find a way to work together in order to assemble the Harmonicon, defeat the Salt Giant, and develop their own undiscovered abilities that will help them complete their quest. But when dark secrets are put in the wrong hands, their mission unravels and they find that time is quickly running out. As the universe systematically starts to disappear, Chase and his friends race across an ever-changing landscape in order to put all the elements they’ve gathered together and perform an ancient ceremony that will restore the balance, but will it be too late to save their homes, their friends, and everything else?

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Randy Lindsay

Randy Lindsay is a world traveler. Which sounds impressive until you realize the worlds he visits exist only in his mind and on the pages of his novels. He prefers this method of sightseeing because he can stop at any time, go to the kitchen, and indulge his ice cream addiction. When he isn’t making things up he likes to play games with his family.

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