Hermana by Becca McCulloch

November 5, 2018 | 1 Comment
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Hermana by Becca McCullochHermana
Author: Becca McCulloch
Genres: General
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 240
Date: November 3, 2018
Publisher: Indie

Bookish and street-smart Hermana Lannie Lewis wants to be more than the child of a broken home who flunked out of music school. Full-time mission service will carry her away from the problems with her dad and immerse her hands in the work of God, or, it would, if she’d stop hiding in the bathroom and wishing the island had better bug spray.

When a disaster transforms her mission into a world of peril and overwhelming need, she will have to learn to hear the Lord’s voice for herself, even if it means she stands against the crowd.

Rating: Moderate. Brief nudity; non-graphic sexual references; some violence or horror.


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About Becca McCulloch

Becca McCulloch

Becca McCulloch grew up in an idyllic town perfect for daydreaming and storytelling. She worked as a dietitian among the diverse population of southern California, as a professor of nutrition & dietetics and is a wife and mother. The miracles she witnessed as a friend and advocate for those on the cultural fringe serve as the basis of her storytelling.

One response to “Hermana by Becca McCulloch

  1. Fred Roth

    I didn’t think I would like “Hermana.” I’m an almost-70 curmudgeon, and I didn’t think all that girly-stuff would appeal to me.
    I didn’t like it. I loved it. Like many missions, “Hermana” started kind of slowly, but then it picked up speed. By the end of the book, I didn’t want it to end.

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