Stripling Warrior: When the Time Is Right by Misty Moncur

June 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Stripling Warrior: When the Time Is Right by Misty MoncurWhen the Time Is Right (Brothers In Arms Part 2)
Author: Misty Moncur
Series: Stripling Warrior #6
Genres: YA Historical
Format: eBook
Pages: 215
Date: June 18, 2015
Publisher: Eden Books

Salome watched Lamanite warriors capture her son, tie him to a chain of prisoners, and herd him south toward the Land of Nephi. She tracked them for days, but lost them in the jumble of prints at the Sidon River. Lost and alone in the wilderness, nearly out of food, and feeling hopeless, she wonders if she should continue on or go home in shame to tell her kinsmen what happened.

Bringing his brother’s wife on a journey to rescue his brother was probably not Jashon’s best idea. They could move so much faster without Keturah, and her beauty is more than a little distracting. But then Ket spots a woman hiding in the trees near the Sidon. She has information about Gid, so Jashon promises to save her son. While they wait for just the right moment to rescue the prirsoners, Jashon discovers that his brother is not the only man that needs to be saved.


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About Misty Moncur

Misty Moncur

Misty Moncur is the author of the Stripling Warrior series. She always wanted to write, but never knew what to say. When she started to write Daughter of Helaman, she knew she’d found something special to share with readers. Misty loves to read anything with a romance in it, edit, type, stare out the window, and hang with her family.

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