Hush, Now Forget by Mary Gray and Cammie Larson

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Hush, Now Forget by Mary Gray and Cammie LarsonHush, Now Forget
Author: Cammie Larsen, Mary Gray
Series: Sisters of Bloodcreek #1
Genres: YA Horror
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 306
Date: October 24, 2017
Publisher: Monster Ivy Publishing

No one will tell Eva and Frost the truth about the Blurred Ones. Not their hunter friend, and definitely not the parentals. Maybe it’s because Frost spent time in a psychiatric ward and Eva never ceases to think with her hormones. So, when the girls see an opportunity to meet Albert Knox, the most infamous Blurred One of all, they lie about their true plans and head out on their field trip to San Antonio.

When the sisters get to town, though, a ghost woman keeps attacking them in their hotel room, and they end up getting one of their classmates killed. Eva thinks she can use her feminine wiles to woo Knox, but he has a couple of more minions than they thought—and she ends up getting tossed through the window. If the sisters and their newfound hottie hunters don’t take down Knox soon, he’ll permanently attach himself to Eva in a binding ritual.

Rating: Adult. Moderate crude humor/language; some substance use; passionate kissing; some profanity (6 to 40); brief (nonsexual) nudity; non-detailed fade-out sensuality; graphic violence or horror.


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About Mary Gray

Mary Gray

Mary Gray balances dark and twisty plots with faith-based messages. Some of her best ideas come when she’s lurking in the woods, experimenting with frightening foods, or pushing her kids on the tire swing. She is a contributor to THE FAITHFUL CREATIVE magazine, and is the author of THE DOLLHOUSE ASYLUM, OUR SWEET GUILLOTINE, and HUSH, NOW FORGET (forthcoming).

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