Timeless Western Collection: Mercer’s Belles

September 17, 2019 | 1 Comment
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Timeless Western Collection: Mercer’s BellesMercer's Belles
Author: Heather B. Moore, Linda Carroll-Bradd, Teri Harman
Series: Timeless Western Collection #3
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance Anthology
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 231
Date: September 17, 2019
Publisher: Mirror Press

When Mr. Mercer sends out a call for single women to travel to Seattle for teaching positions and the potential of forming marriages, 45 answer his call, becoming Mercer’s Belles.

The following collection is based on based on true events during the 1860s:

ONE DANCE by Heather B. Moore
When Harriet Silverman arrives in Seattle for a fresh start and a new teaching position, the last person she expects is to meet is a fisherman who seems to be every place she turns. As she gets to know Caleb Munns, Harriet discovers they are a perfect match—for friendship. They both have solid reasons for not pursuing marriage. But as their paths continue to cross, Harriet begins to see a completely different future than she imagined.

A JOURNEY TO LOVE by Teri Harman
Cora, a nurse and surgeon’s assistant who learned her skills during the war, joins Mercer’s expedition in hopes of finding a job in the West. She’s a widow and does not want to marry again. When she meets Albert, a surgeon who is traveling on board the Continental, she finds herself intrigued. Yet, Albert’s determined to open his own practice in Seattle, make it a success, and has no plans to look for a wife. But the more time Cora and Albert spend together on the voyage, the more they are drawn to each other.

A FARAWAY LIFE by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Teacher Sorcha Geraghty yearns for a fresh start after the death of her beau and a factory accident maimed her hand. Asa Mercer’s call for teachers for Washington Territory provides a new opportunity, and she joins his ocean-going expedition. Upon arrival, she learns of the expectation for the women to become wives to the many bachelors. Sorcha needs a new plan and fast. Logging manager Lang Ingemar wants a teacher to provide basic English instruction to his Swedish-speaking crew and keep them out of trouble when they go to Seattle. When he convinces Miss Geraghty to relocate to the logging camp, he has no idea the ways his life will be changed.


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About Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen historical novels and thrillers, written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women’s fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore.

One response to “Timeless Western Collection: Mercer’s Belles

  1. Maria

    This was an interesting tidbit of history of which I was unaware. Fun idea to write about some of Mercer’s Belles. Mercer sounds like a piece of work but that is beside the point of this review.

    One Dance by Heather B. Moore
    This story was sweet, clean and had likeable characters. It had a little violence but not too bad.

    A Journey to Love by Teri Harmon
    This is a new to me author, though I see I do own another of her books but haven’t read it yet. I totally related to the woman in the story that begged to be taken off the ship. After spending an entire whale watching trip throwing up over the side I fully understood her. I wanted to do whatever I could to get off of that boat. Could someone call me a helicopter to pluck me up and take me to land? ha ha Yes, I related to her very well. But she wasn’t the main character. The main character is facing all sorts of sexism from men who are two faced and awful. But it was a good story.

    A Far Away Love by Linda Carroll-Bradd
    Also a new to me author. This story was fun for me since my mother was Swedish and I lived in Sweden for 16 months. It was also funny because my Kindle was reading the book to me which is just a computer talking and never does a great job but asking it to read Swedish was way more than it could do. I kept having to stop and look at the book to figure out what the computer was attempting to say. Although for most Americans that would have been appropriate because they wouldn’t understand reading it either. But seeing Swedish in a novel is always a fun treat for me. And I enjoyed the story.

    Sex: talk about leering men, some kisses
    Language: no
    Violence: a little

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