Veritas: Isabelle and James by Quinn Coleridge

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Veritas: Isabelle and James by Quinn ColeridgeIsabelle and James
Author: Quinn Coleridge
Series: Veritas #3
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 208
Date: October 22, 2018
Publisher: Brompton Road Literary

Ironwood City, Colorado 1891

Isabelle Delacroix never expected to find her destiny in the alley behind her mother’s dried goods store. Yet after discovering a wounded stranger lying in a pool of his own blood, her ancient, Gypsy magic testified she had done just that. Risking her family’s displeasure and town gossip, she takes the man in and tends to his injuries. As he recovers, Isabelle is drawn to the troubled soul despite the darkness she senses within him.

Killer, thief, and crime-lord, James Scarlett always knew he would come to a bad end, regardless of his supernatural gifts. No one could commit all the sins he had without paying a great price. Bruised and broken, Scarlett is shocked when a blue-eyed farm girl appears in the alley and saves him from destruction. He fights Isabelle’s influence at first, but in time, his evil veneer begins to crack. Will the taint of Scarlett’s past allow him to reform? Or is it already too late?


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