Wolf’s Pawn by Chaaya Chandra

July 4, 2017 | 0 Comments
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Wolf’s Pawn by Chaaya ChandraWolf's Pawn
Author: Chaaya Chandra
Series: Sajani Tails #1
Genres: Other Speculative
Format: eBook
Pages: 435
Date: July 4, 2017
Publisher: Rossi Publishing Games

Twenty-five hundred years ago, two human armies marched into the jungle to claim a mineral rich area. On the dawn of the day that was to be their first meeting in battle, both sides awoke from a magical sleep that transformed them into wolf-folk. The two sides fled the area and attempted to return to their own countries, only to be rejected by their kin and forced to flee back to the jungle.

Since that time, the wolf-like vykati of the world of Terah have endured the fear and superstition of the human lands around them, including many attempts at exterminating them completely. Their current leader, Benayle Ramisa, wants to change that as does the daughter of a national hero, Sajani Adida. It’s not an easy task, as the animosity between the races is mutual.

When elves invade the Eastern Continent and quickly conquer the strong human nation of Zenache, Sajani resigns her post as Minister of War to become a privateer, while Benayle opens new diplomatic ties and attempts to forge alliances. Erstwhile enemies slowly and hesitantly begin to come together to face the new threat. The elves, however, appear unstoppable, with a technology level much higher than the natives. Fighting them will take something other than military power: it will take the patience and cunning of a wolf and the filial strength and coordination of the pack.

The odds are not in their favor.

Can a reluctant and manipulative leader and a rising pirate queen succeed against the elven juggernaut, when so many nations have failed?

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About Chaaya Chandra

Chaaya Chandra

Chaaya Chandra served in the US Army during Operation: Iraqi Freedom and has studied biology, accounting, business management, and English, not necessarily in that order. Her main interests are writing, computer games, wolf culture and reintroduction, and cheetah preservation. She’s currently medically retired and lives in a remote area in Utah with her spouse, kids, and a menagerie.

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