Fathom by L.L. Standage

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Fathom by  L.L. StandageFathom
Author: L.L. Standage
Series: Fathom #1
Genres: Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 325
Date: March 22, 2021
Publisher: Moxie Jane Publishing

All she wanted was to study the ocean.

Instead, she uncovered its greatest secret.

More than anything, eighteen-year-old Olivia Owens wants to win a marine biology scholarship, escape her broken home life, and enjoy a drama-free summer in La Jolla, California. But when she agrees to pose as a mermaid for her photographer best friend Samantha, she never dreamed what kind of trouble it would bring.

Why would a crazy red-headed lady give Olivia a clam that glows on the inside? And why does the ritzy CEO Doran Linnaeus think Olivia—and the clam in her possession—are the keys to turning his failing theme park into an earth-shattering phenomenon?

It takes some serious spy skills for Olivia and Samantha to discover the truth: mermaids aren’t just a fairytale. Dangerous, dark, and suspicious, the vengeful denizens of the deep will do anything to keep their secret safe—even accept help from humans.

In order to keep herself and Samantha alive, Olivia has to team up with the merpeople and a band of mysterious strangers. She must find the courage to do whatever it takes to stop Linnaeus from exposing and exploiting earth’s deepest secret, all while convincing Samantha that flirting with a merprince is a terrible idea… and protecting her own heart in the process.


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