Imprints: Upstaged by Teyla Branton

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Imprints: Upstaged by Teyla BrantonUpstaged
Author: Teyla Branton
Series: Imprints #3
Genres: Paranormal/Contemporary, Supernatural Mystery
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 300
Date: January 20, 2018
Publisher: White Star Press

In a world of make-believe, only imprints can uncover the truth

Autumn Rain’s unique ability to read imprints is put to the test as she attempts to find a missing actress—and ends up discovering a murder. When her investigation leads to an eight-year-old mystery that involves more missing actors, Autumn becomes embroiled in a make-believe world where it’s difficult to tell fake imprints from real, and where everyone appears to have something to hide.

To learn the truth, Autumn must team up again with the handsome Detective Shannon Martin, complicating their uncertain relationship and testing her loyalty to her best friend Jake Ryan.

Life takes another unexpected turn when Autumn discovers a clue to her own past that may explain her unusual abilities. But her mixed feelings about this discovery are put on hold as she finds herself in a deadly struggle to keep from being upstaged permanently.

Rating: Moderate. Mild kissing; moderate violence or horror.

NOTE: This was originally published in 2012, under another pen name and entitled FINAL CALL. Some edits have been made.


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About Teyla Branton

Teyla Branton has worked in publishing for over twenty years. She loves writing and traveling. As a mother of seven, it’s not easy to find time to write, but the semi-ordered chaos gives her a constant source of writing material. Teyla writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction. She also writes romance and women’s fiction as Rachel Branton.

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