A Torn Allegiance by Jen Geigle Johnson

May 3, 2021 | 1 Comment
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A Torn Allegiance by Jen Geigle JohnsonA Torn Allegiance
Author: Jen Geigle Johnson
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 249
Date: May 3, 2021
Publisher: Covenant, Covenant

When the man she must spy on becomes the man she loves…

Peace is tenuous in the small kingdom of Oldenburg, and the looming threat of invasion from Napoleon weighs heavily on the royal family. Their country’s best chance for safety lies in strengthening their alliance with the English. So it is that Prince Hayes Wilhelm finds himself returning to England, where he hopes a prominent duke can help him protect his country.

Lady Elsie longs to make a difference in the world, but spying was not quite what she had in mind. So when her father, the Duke of Shelby, approaches her about keeping a close eye on the visiting crown prince of Oldenburg, she reluctantly agrees. But the outspoken young woman did not anticipate finding in Hayes a man who shares—and respects—her progressive ideas. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but Elsie cannot forget her charge to spy on the man who is quickly stealing her heart. With the threat of war looming ever closer, Elsie and Hayes must consider carefully whom to trust—before their secrets tear them apart.

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Jen Geigle Johnson

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Jen Geigle Johnson is an award winning author, including the GOLD in Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. She discovered her passion for England while kayaking on the Thames near London as a young teenager. Now, she loves to share bits of history that might otherwise be forgotten. Whether in Regency England, the French Revolution, or Colonial America, her romance novels are much like life is supposed to be: full of adventure.

One response to “A Torn Allegiance by Jen Geigle Johnson

  1. Maria

    I loved the hero and heroine of this book. Both are such delightful characters. Hayes is so down to earth and fun as opposed to being a stuffy Crowned Prince. He enjoyed Elsie’s forward thinking, feministic, bluestocking ways. The things that made her not fit into the ton outside of her bluestocking circle are all the things that he found most intriguing and necessary in a potential spouse.

    I also adored the brothers, both Elsie’s and Prince Hayes’. This series is supposed to be about the royals but I would love to see Duncan get his own story at some point too. He was great. And I look forward to the other Princes getting their books as well. Princes Marc and Kristoff were amazingly fun. My favorite scene might well be at the ball where Elsie is being mistreated and/or ignored and they come to the rescue in their cute and amusing way. And another favorite moment was as Elsie stood up to those who needed guidance and refused to stand down just because she was a woman. When Elsie stood in her glory and Prince Kristoff pointed out the obvious to his brother, “Our future queen” was one of those moments when I wanted to stand and shout, “YES!” with a fist pump.

    I keep thinking of characters I loved in this book. Lady Sophie and the Duke of Sumter were also wonderful secondary characters that deserve their happily ever after.

    The love matched parents… the romance… unified desire to best serve their countries… It was all great. The interests in the book were serious in nature to be sure but it didn’t get bogged down in the dark stuff. There was enough light-hearted romance to lighten up the dark. A most enjoyable read.

    No sex, language or violence
    *I received a complimentary ARC of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

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