An Inconvenient Romance by Chalon Linton

February 3, 2017 | 1 Comment
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An Inconvenient Romance by Chalon LintonAn Inconvenient Romance
Author: Chalon Linton
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 224
Date: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Covenant

The countryside of England provided an idyllic backdrop for Charles Brumley’s and Leah Hastings’s childhood. Neighbors and best friends, the pair passed many happy days racing through the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Everything was perfect—until Charles ruined it all and abandoned Leah for university.

Six years later, the former friends are thrust into each other’s paths once more. Leah had been looking forward to the ball, an opportunity to further her acquaintance with the handsome Mr. Wilkins—but when she sees Charles’s familiar face through the crowd, her traitorous heart leaps.

Charles faces his own struggle: he has loved Leah since he was fifteen years old, yet it seems he is too late—it appears that her affections are otherwise engaged. As the pair tentatively renews their friendship, the spark between them is undeniable.

After so many years apart, Leah endeavors to reconcile her feelings toward her once cherished companion. But when a conniving rival for Charles’s attention approaches Leah, the threat is clear: give up her association with Charles or a devastating secret about her family will be revealed. Faced with an impossible decision, Leah must make a choice—the ruin of her family or the ruin of her heart?

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One response to “An Inconvenient Romance by Chalon Linton

  1. I loved the Regency setting in this friends-to-romance story! Charles and Leah are so informal with each other as youth, there was a real contrast to how polite and civilized they must act around each other as adults. All the fun parts of their relationship are shown in the prologue when they are young, but the majority of the story is full of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, lack of communication, and heartache. Even with all the angst, there is an underlying tone of hope and perseverance that makes the characters endearing (despite their flaws) and I was rooting for a happy ending as Charles and Leah flounder from the obstacles standing in their way. Leah’s father and sister were grounding and their wisdom helped Leah as she is faced with decisions that will determine her future happiness. Another secondary character that balanced out Charles’ moodiness is his friend from university who is visiting and knows just how to tease him and also propel him to fight for Leah. While I would have liked to see more happy moments between Leah and Charles throughout the book, I enjoyed the plot and would recommend this book to fans of sweet romance!

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