Hollow Island: A Grove of Druids by Daniel Coleman

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Hollow Island: A Grove of Druids by Daniel ColemanA Grove of Druids
Author: Daniel Coleman
Series: Hollow Island #3
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 148
Date: February 21, 2020
Publisher: Indie

Nash is on the Cold side of Hollow Island, expecting life to be easier among a less-modified populace. While he’s still getting his feet under him on the island, he’s confident in his ability to protect the illegal Vamp in his custody and keep up the hunt for the Reaper. An attack five minutes into the Cold side makes him doubt all of the above.

Livi is excited for the new adventure of the Cold side, looking forward to being overpowered and untouchable. As the only Vamp in miles, she’s guaranteed to earn huge ratings. When an unethical Ranger tries to take her into custody, the chills of excitement turn to prickles of fear along her spine.

With enemies mounting, Nash and Livi seek allies among Druids, Pirates, Titans, and Thieves. A team forms, each coming up with ideas for stopping the Reaper and each taking sides between Nash and Livi. And while numbers are on their side, the weak allies of the Cold side don’t provide much confidence in success against the death itself.

First they have to find him. But that’s easy compared to figuring out how to kill him. And if Livi and Nash don’t figure it out quick, the wrong person will be the victim of the hollows next death episode.


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About Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman writes character-driven adventures as backstories and prequels to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. He is a full-time firefighter, student of creativity, collector of PEZ dispensers, keeper of large animals, proponent of bow ties, believer in magic and proud husband and father.

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