TruthSeer Archives: TruthSpell by Mike Shelton

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TruthSeer Archives: TruthSpell by Mike SheltonTruthSpell
Author: Mike Shelton
Series: TruthSeer Archives #2
Genres: YA Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 313
Date: March 19, 2018
Publisher: Indie

What if you knew a spell to force others to do your bidding? Would you use it?

Thrust into the role of saving the stones of power, Shaeleen is still learning how to manage the magical abilities she has been given. As the holder of a TruthStone, every lie she hears or tells causes her immense physical pain.

Sent to find Princess Diamonique to prevent a civil war,Shaeleen travels with her brother, Wizard Protector Cole, and her friend, Orin.But her journey veers off course when she discovers an evil shadow power threatening the magic of Wayland.

As Shaeleen gathers the other stones of power, she discovers a TruthSpell that can force others to tell the truth and force them to follow her will.

Will her newfound powers help her save Wayland’s magic? Or will she become a monster worse than the one she is fighting against?


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About Mike Shelton

Mike Shelton

Mike Shelton cannot remember a time when he wasn’t reading a book—at school, home, on vacation, at work at lunch time. Though he has read all sorts of genres he has always been drawn to fantasy. It is his way of escaping to a simpler time filled with magic, wonders and heroics of young men and women. He also enjoys hiking, discovering nature, playing a little basketball or volleyball, and most recently disc golf.

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