Dear Kate by Jen Atkinson

June 15, 2021 | 0 Comments
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Dear Kate by Jen AtkinsonDear Kate
Author: Jen Atkinson
Series: Amelia Chronicles #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 256
Date: June 15, 2021
Publisher: Indie

Love letters are a powerful thing… the kind of thing that can change a heart.

Kate Benson has everything she’s ever wanted. She’s a dancer—a successful dancer, at Laurent Academy, in Paris of all places. She even has a boyfriend—well, sort of. So, why isn’t she happy?

If only Kate could see her family more; she’s certain this hopeless pain in her gut would cease. When Kate’s dance partner suggests they heal that ache by turning their partnership into more, she’s briefly elated. But her heart isn’t asking her to stop, drop, and elope. It needs her family, her real family—her parents, her siblings, her niece, and nephew.

Jesse Torres has found his place in the world. He’s ridding his dark past with love, service, and a devotion to God. He knows he’ll be paying back the debt of his previous life forever, but he’s okay with that. Or at least he was—until he meets Kate. Someone like him, with so many regrets, doesn’t deserve someone like Kate. But he can’t stop the growing attraction that comes whenever they’re together.

Will the discovery of missing, ancient, love letters be enough to help Kate find her way? Will they convince Jesse to let go of past pain and move forward?
And if they do, will Kate even want him?


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