Fire and Steel: The Storm Descends by Gerald N. Lund

November 9, 2015 | 1 Comment
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Fire and Steel: The Storm Descends by Gerald N. LundThe Storm Descends
Author: Gerald N. Lund
Series: Fire and Steel #2
Genres: LDS Historical
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 608
Date: November 2, 2015
Publisher: Deseret Book, Walnut Springs

The Eckhardt family finds that the turmoil in their lives will only increase as they try to move forward in a nation divided. Sergeant Hans Eckhardt has been discharged from his military service and wants nothing more than to start a new life with a career and a family, but the unrest swallowing his homeland seems determined to stop him.

Suffering the devastating impact of defeat in the Great War, the people of Germany must find ways to face widespread food shortages, crippling unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, and the forced disbandment of the German military. The nation becomes a hotbed of revolutionary attacks, bringing the fledgling government to its knees. Conditions are so grim that the German people are desperate for someone—anyone—to step forward and bring stability back to their beloved Fatherland.

But as the flames of adversity grow more threatening, hope is on the horizon for the German Saints. With the help of Mitch Westland, from faraway southern Utah, they discover that the Lord has not forgotten them.

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One response to “Fire and Steel: The Storm Descends by Gerald N. Lund

  1. Stephanie

    I did not realize what life was like in Germany following World War I until reading this book. There was so much political turmoil and countless trials in the lives of so many. I love that this series takes place from World War I to World War II and is giving such a vivid picture of what that space of time was like and what forces were at work.

    Hans is definitely a flawed main character and there were many things I didn’t like about him, although I could see his potential. It was interesting to see his character journey and progression as the book went on. The author has some tendencies to over explain at times (which I’ve noticed in some of his other books as well), but I enjoy the detailed stories he tells enough that I can overlook that.

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