Walking Through Walls by David J. West

August 28, 2017 | 0 Comments
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Walking Through Walls by David J. WestWalking Through Walls
Author: David J. West, James Alderdice
Genres: Fantasy
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: August 25, 2017
Publisher: Lost Realms Press

Being the very best can get you in a lot of trouble with the very worst.

Kenaz, an information broker, can step outside his own body and into the ghost-like realm of spirit. He does this to gather secrets and knowledge, and of course business in Tolburn, the decadent City of a Million Gods, has been very good.

But when Kenaz suddenly finds himself blackmailed by multiple sinister parties, plans go out the window. If he doesn’t give them what they want—a powerful artifact known as the Reliliqy—many lives besides his own will pay the price.

He has less than a day to get it all together…


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About David J. West

David J. West has been writing for as long as he can remember, winning his first award in second grade for a tale of wolves that outsmart and eat a hunter. He has an affinity for history, action-adventure, fantasy, westerns, and eerie horror. When he isn’t writing he enjoys traveling and visiting ancient ruins. He collects swords, fine art, and has a library of some seven thousand books. He currently lives in Utah with his wife and children.

About James Alderdice

James Alderdice (David J. West) writes dark fantasy and weird westerns because the voices in his head won’t quiet until someone else can hear them. He is a great fan of sword & sorcery, ghosts and lost ruins, so of course he lives in Utah with his wife and children.

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