Sweethearts Old by Rachel A. Andersen

June 19, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Sweethearts Old by Rachel A. AndersenSweethearts Old
Author: Rachel A. Andersen
Series: Lucky Sweethearts #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 184
Date: June 18, 2020
Publisher: Indie

Some things are better left in the past, and high school is one of them. But is your high school sweetheart the exception or the rule?

You are cordially invited to Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, CO to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of your graduation…

Marissa Lambert is not the kind of woman to let her circumstances dictate her opportunities. From raising her three siblings after her parents’ car accident to adopting a boy from foster care as a single woman to starting her own accounting business so she can work from home, the only thing which continues to elude her is true love. So, why does her sister, Cassie, insist that her twentieth high school reunion is the key to recapturing her lost sense of joy and fulfillment?

Approaching the one-year anniversary after his wife’s death, Declan Pierce is content to let his mother-in-law keep the household running while he loses himself in work, television, and video gaming. That is, until he’s on his own for a day, and his kids seem to believe him utterly inept. No longer willing to let his in-laws dictate his parenting and home life, he awakens again just in time for his high school reunion where he reunites with the first woman he ever loved. True to his luck, after one of the nicest evenings he’s shared with anyone since his wife died, he makes a mistake that threatens it all.

Twenty years of broken dreams can change people, and no matter how drawn to one another Marissa and Declan may feel, they can’t help but wonder if history will repeat itself or if love is here to stay.

Rating: Mild+. Mild kissing; some violence or horror.


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About Rachel A. Andersen

Rachel A. Andersen

Rachel A. Andersen always wanted to be a mom, a singer, an actress, an author, and a teacher. She’s been blessed to do all except one, though she loves being able to mother her students. She currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. She loves reading, cooking, playing the piano, singing, and writing.

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