Sins of Our Ancestors: Renounced by Bridget E. Baker

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Sins of Our Ancestors: Renounced by Bridget E. BakerRenounced
Author: Bridget E. Baker
Series: Sins of Our Ancestors #4
Genres: YA Futuristic
Format: eBook
Pages: 319
Date: March 15, 2021
Publisher: Purple Puppy Publishing

When life makes you into the hero you never wanted to be…

Now that the cure has been found and distributed, Ruby’s ready to move ahead with the life she always wanted: small town, cute house, quiet job, with her boyfriend Sam by her side, of course. All she needs to do is foist the responsibility of ruling World Peace Now off onto her half-brother, Adam. Surely he’ll rise to the task of caring for the people with whom he grew up.

Sometimes that cape really starts to chafe.

But Ruby’s brother doesn’t want to rule any more than she does, and the people of World Peace Now aren’t too keen on being fobbed off. Ruby could just walk away, and a year ago, she would have. But now that she’s grown an iron backbone, how can she leave the problems of the world to run and hide? When dangers begin to multiply, and Sam’s clearly miserable dealing with them all, Ruby realizes she has a bigger decision to make.

How many times is she really obligated to save the world… and what price is she willing to pay in order to do it?


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