Hometown Heart Beat by Amberlee Day

March 15, 2021 | 0 Comments
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Hometown Heart Beat by Amberlee DayHometown Heart Beat
Author: Amberlee Day
Series: Harvest Ranch Romance #8
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 187
Date: March 15, 2021
Publisher: Appletree Cove Publishing

City girl finds love with a country boy?

That only happens in the movies.

Or at least that’s what single mom Ronnie tells herself when she sees the hunky cowboy on her aunt’s farm. It’s fine to take the occasional peek at his broad shoulders and irresistible grin, but no way is she interested in getting to know him. Why bother? She’s only in town for a couple of months, and with one giant heartbreak already hanging over her head, she has no desire to open herself up for another one.

Noah is in complete agreement. Love doesn’t have a place in his life, not after his disastrous relationship history. Even if it did, he wouldn’t choose Ronnie, who clearly thinks she’s too good for small-town life.

But something about Harvest Ranch puts Ronnie off her game, and she can’t seem to stop making a fool of herself around Noah—who is turning out to be a nice guy, darn it!

Will Harvest Ranch work its magic and help these two opposites find love? Or will Ronnie leave her heart behind in this small town?

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Amberlee Day

Amberlee Day

Amberlee Day writes from her home deep in a Pacific Northwest forest. Unless she’s at the beach, then she writes there. Also in her minivan while waiting on children’s activities, or at the library when the house is too noisy, and occasionally in random corners during family reunions.

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