The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacy Henrie

February 11, 2016 | 1 Comment
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The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacy HenrieThe Express Rider's Lady
Author: Stacy Henrie
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 288
Date: February 9, 2016
Publisher: Love Inspired

Delsie Radford is going to make it to California, no matter the danger or difficulty. Her father may have kept her and her sister apart, but Delsie refuses to miss her sister’s wedding—even with only eighteen days to get there. And she’s found the perfect escort in Pony Express rider Myles Patton.

Myles can’t believe it when a pretty socialite hires him to take her cross-country through rough terrain and dangerous territory. Surely she’ll quit before they reach their destination—he’s known girls like her before. But the longer they ride together, the more Myles notices Delsie’s toughness and kindness beneath her polished exterior. And though they may be worlds apart…they might just be perfect for each other.

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One response to “The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacy Henrie

  1. So, this is now my favorite book in the Love Inspired line. If I could use one word to describe the book it would be longing. Through the hardships of their fast journey across the wilderness, Delsie and Myles come to admire the strengths of each other and are intensely attracted despite the difference in their stations in life. Delsie is a fun character because she isn’t your average socialite- she doesn’t complain and is open to learning how to survive on the trail. Myles quickly becomes protective of her and while he rescues her physically from danger, she encourages his return to God simply by her example. There is a high level of yearning as Myles and Delsie feel conflicted by their growing feelings and the expectations of her father to marry a wealthy man of his own choosing. I also enjoyed the other man helping her on her journey, Amos, who was a father/grandfather figure and brought a touch of warm wisdom to the dialogue. Lots of action and adventure kept the pace moving and I couldn’t put the book down. Highly recommend!

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