The Refusal by Julie L. Spencer

July 13, 2021 | 0 Comments
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The Refusal by Julie L. SpencerThe Refusal
Author: Julie L. Spencer
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 129
Date: July 13, 2021
Publisher: Spencer Publishing LLC

A Mormon girl and a Mennonite guy walk into a hardware store. Wait… what?

Melissa Dalton is tired of being coveted for her beauty and has given up on men who can’t value her feisty independence. She’s content with her new job in a new town far away from her college sweetheart and the proposal she refused.

Troy Weller just wants to work his land, feed his chickens and finish building his new house. He doesn’t want his father, the Brethren, and the cute little brunette at church to choose who gets to sew curtains for the kitchen windows.

When Troy comes to Melissa’s rescue at work, he assumes she’ll appreciate his help. Instead, he finds himself confronted by a headstrong woman he’s instantly drawn to.

But she’s too independent for his conservative religion, and he’ll be excommunicated if he marries her. They’re not supposed to fall in love, but they can’t seem to stay apart.

Can they find a way to stay on the same page even if they’re reading from a different book?


About Julie L. Spencer

Julie L. Spencer

Julie L. Spencer writes gritty clean fiction with snarky, flawed characters, and romantic twists and turns. She has over 30 publications, and the books just keep writing themselves. A scientist by day and moonlighting as an author, Julie is an indoor girl with very little desire to step away from her computer and loves her characters almost as much as she loves her kitten.

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