The Sheriff’s Bride by Laura D. Bastian

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The Sheriff’s Bride by Laura D. BastianThe Sheriff's Bride
Author: Laura D. Bastian
Series: Brides of Birch Creek #5
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 136
Date: Lange House Press
Publisher: Lange House Press

She’s a tough, no-nonsense doctor moving to the wild west to start anew, he’s the sheriff that is injured while protecting her.

When Dr. Beatrice Jones’ father passed away, she was stunned to learn the hospital she’d worked at by his side for years would no longer have her. With nowhere else to go, Beatrice remembers a letter she received from a cousin who had moved out west to become a mail-order bride. Knowing she could do a lot of good as a doctor out west, Beatrice decides to move to Birch Creek. When the stagecoach she’s traveling in is held up by a group of ruffians, Beatrice is saved from harm when the sheriff and his deputy arrive just in time.

While in pursuit of the group he’s been tracking for days, Sheriff Elias Mills comes upon them robbing a stagecoach. He is shot by one but with the expert medical care of the woman he just saved, he manages to pull through. Unfortunately, the only place near enough for them to stop for help was at a house of ill repute. In order to save the good doctor’s reputation, Sheriff Mills offers to marry her. Can these two strong spirits work together to become one, or will the town of Birch Creek lose both their doctor and their sheriff?

Rating: Moderate. Mild kissing; non-detailed fade-out sensuality.


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About Laura D. Bastian

Laura D. Bastian

Laura D. Bastian lives in a small town in northern Utah. She has always loved stargazing and imagining life outside her own little world. A graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education, Laura uses that training as she raises her children and writes make believe worlds. You can usually find her on her laptop typing away, or on social media interacting with friends.

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