Alcatraz: The Scrivener’s Bones by Brandon Sanderson

November 5, 2008 | 4 Comments
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Alcatraz: The Scrivener’s Bones by Brandon SandersonThe Scrivener's Bones
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians #2
Genres: Middle Grade Speculative
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 368
Date: November 1, 2008
Publisher: Starscape

In his second skirmish against the Evil Librarians who rule the world, Alcatraz and his ragtag crew of freedom fighters track Grandpa Smedry to the ancient and mysterious Library of Alexandria.

Hushlanders―people who live in the Librarian-controlled lands of Canada, Europe, and the Americas―believe the Library was destroyed long ago. Free Kingdomers know the truth: the Library of Alexandria is still around, and it’s one of the most dangerous places on the planet. For it is the home of the scariest Librarians of them all: a secret sect of soul-stealing Scriveners.

Can Alcatraz and his friends rescue Grandpa Smedry and make it out of there alive?

Originally published in 2008 by Scholastic Press. Updated in 2016, with new cover and publisher information.


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About Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson writes stories of the fantastic: fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers. Best known for his Mistborn series, he has also written The Reckoners, a Young Adult Superhero series; Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians, a Middle Grade fantasy series; and many more. He also finished Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

4 responses to “Alcatraz: The Scrivener’s Bones by Brandon Sanderson

  1. Andy Lemmon

    I’m in the middle of reading this now, and I’m liking it even better than the first one!

    It has the same awesome humor, and now that Alcatraz has grown (he still complains, but now he’s a bit more compassionate), I like his character much better.

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