Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss by Liz Isaacson

September 6, 2018 | 1 Comment
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Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss by Liz IsaacsonHer Cowboy Billionaire Boss
Author: Liz Isaacson
Series: Christmas in Coral Canyon #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 182
Date: September 6, 2018
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works

A man who’s traded his power suits for cowboy boots and his nanny… can they find love this Christmas?

Since the death of his wife a few years ago, Eli Whittaker has been running from one job to another, unable to find somewhere to settle. But he’s left the tropical beach and the luxury resort where he used to work to brave the snow in Coral Canyon, Wyoming. Now that his older brother is back in their hometown and running the energy company, Eli wants his son, Stockton, to have a closer connection to family. Eli buys a dozen horses for the lodge and is working to book families and other vacationers to come stay at Whiskey Mountain and enjoy horseback riding lessons.

Meg Palmer is Stockton’s nanny, and she comes with her boss, Eli, to the lodge, her long-time crush on the man no different in Wyoming than it was on the beach. When she confesses her feelings for him and gets nothing in return, she’s crushed, embarrassed, and unsure if she can stay in Coral Canyon for Christmas. Then Eli starts to show some feelings for her too.

Meg’s fantasies of making a family with Eli and Stockton grow and grow, especially when she sees how Eli is kind and patient with her difficult and demanding mother, who suddenly needs a place to spend the holidays. Can Eli move past his first wife and find the faith he needs to build a new family with Meg? Or will she finally admit it’s time for her to take her heart and find someone else to give it to?


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About Liz Isaacson

Elana Johnson

Liz Isaacson is the pen name for Elana Johnson as she writes inspirational romances. She loves all things cowboys, and will write romance in Texas, Wyoming, and anywhere else she can find horses and mountains.

One response to “Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss by Liz Isaacson

  1. Maria

    Rounding up from 3.5 stars.

    Sometimes in these stories the conflict can feel a little forced. Like the couple is getting along and then out of the blue break up for a time. I finally felt like this conflict was a legitimate problem. It would be very difficult to continue working for someone under these circumstances.

    I didn’t really like how things ended geographically but I believe it sets up the next novel in the series so it is probably important for things to go the way they did.

    I get Eli not being able to let himself move on after the death of his wife and it was completely believable that feeling disloyal to the first spouse would prevent him from seeking a second spouse so I wondered why Eli’s secret needed to be added to the story. It didn’t feel like a necessary element. He already had enough of a problem. and the secret kind of felt anti-climactic.

    I wanted to like Meg more than I did. She was so emotional and angst ridden. Sometimes she felt a little emotionally unbalanced. She held in all the problems with her family for so long that it seemed odd to have her suddenly losing it with Eli.

    I think when writing a happily ever after it must be tempting for an author to wrap up every single thing into a pretty bow but that didn’t happen here. The romance wraps up but other conflicts in the story remained unresolved. And that is true in life so I was good with that.

    But overall I enjoyed the story. It is a clean, easy read.

    No sex, violence or language.

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