The Doctor’s Bride by Elana Johnson

February 20, 2019 | 1 Comment
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The Doctor’s Bride by Elana JohnsonThe Doctor's Bride
Author: Elana Johnson
Series: Brides & Beaches #4
Format: eBook
Pages: 178
Date: February 20, 2019
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works

A doctor, a wedding planner, and a flat tire… Can Shannon and Jeremiah make a love connection when they work next door to each other?

Shannon Bell has been the owner’s assistant at Your Tidal Forever for five years. She’s content in her single life and fearful of ever having an intimate relationship with a man due to previous abuse. She sees Jeremiah Yeates in line to get coffee every morning, and sure, he’s the drop-dead doctor who works next door to her wedding planning office. But actually starting a relationship with him? Shannon’s not so sure about that.

For a year now, Jeremiah has timed his coffee runs so he can run into Shannon. They’ve been friendly, but he doesn’t know how to take his flirty to the next level—until she gets a flat tire in the parking lot and needs a ride to work. He’s being honored at an island-wide event for his counseling work with children, and he needs a date. When he asks Shannon, she says yes.

As Shannon and Jeremiah get to know each other, the connection between them is undeniable. He’s busy helping his aging parents with their yard work and dealing with his client load. Then the owner at Your Tidal Forever starts training Shannon to take over the whole business. Combined with her still-healing wounds from the past, can Shannon and Jeremiah make it to their own beach wedding? Or will their happily-ever-after go out with the tide?.


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About Elana Johnson

Elana Johnson

Elana Johnson is an author of YA novels and romance novels, as well as an elementary school teacher. Her work includes young adult speculative and romance under the pen name, Liz Isaacson. She co-founded the Query Tracker blog and WriteOnCon, and contributes to the League of Extraordinary Writers. She is also a mom to two kids, a weekday chef, and is dancing and writing her way through life with a flourish!

One response to “The Doctor’s Bride by Elana Johnson

  1. Maria

    Sweet clean romance.

    The main characters in this book were both likable and I cheered them on for success. Both of them give the appearance of being capable and strong but underneath they each are carrying baggage that makes them feel insecure. They have to learn to set aside the masks they wear so they can move on in life with healthy relationships.

    I loved the supportive family systems they each had as well as the supportive coworkers. And Herc the dog was a highlight in this story. Reading about him almost made me want to get a dog. But just almost. ha.

    Sex: references to a previous sexual assault from the abusive ex boyfriend. Not graphic.
    Language: no
    Violence: sexual assault occurred years before the book begins.

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