My 90s Boy Band Boyfriend by Jennifer Griffith

August 30, 2018 | 1 Comment
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My 90s Boy Band Boyfriend by Jennifer GriffithMy 90s Boy Band Boyfriend
Author: Jennifer Griffith
Series: Teen Queens #2
Genres: YA Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 342
Date: August 30, 2018
Publisher: Indie

Teenage singer Oakley Marsden is having a rough week. Pop-star Hudson’s rough week is twenty-three years long

Sixteen-year-old Oakley just wants to win a spot on TV’s The Next Radio Star. But when her bad audition goes viral, going back to school is a nightmare.

Even more humiliating, she discovers her own mother was a boy band groupie. Cringe. And Mom still has a thing for a nineties boy band killed in the tragic plane crash twenty years ago.

When things can’t get worse, a strange beggar guy ends up carrying Oakley home—and Oakley’s mom loses her mind. She’s convinced he’s the long-dead popstar Hudson Oaks, frontman for Girl Crazy and Mom’s long-lost love.

And the guy isn’t denying it. Curse him.

Oakley has to save her mom from this impostor before Mom does something insane—and before Oakley starts falling for his charm too.

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer is a wife and a mom of five weathering the chaos by writing escapist fiction. Jennifer has no plans to write the Great American Novel. She’d rather compose what someone would read on a rainy afternoon with a cup of cocoa, or sitting on a beach chair while the waves crash. Light, frothy, gone.

One response to “My 90s Boy Band Boyfriend by Jennifer Griffith

  1. Maria

    This book is definitely written for YA. In the beginning I thought Oakley was an obnoxious teen but that didn’t last too long. Then I liked her quite a bit. She is a pretty responsible person actually. And I like that she handled being bullied so well.

    I also liked Hudson. He was just a good kid. And he handled his unusual circumstances well too.

    I liked that Oakley began to really appreciate her step father and think of him as a father instead of her mother’s husband but it wasn’t a moralizing element of the story.

    There is a little paranormal element to the story that makes the premise interesting. Is time travel considered paranormal? I’m calling it that because I can’t explain it scientifically. And there is a bit of a mystery involved too but I thought it was pretty easy to figure out “who done it” though maybe not all the details. Even though the book is dealing with a serious situation it is pretty light and easy to read. And I laughed out loud at the Scoobie-doo confession. Also, the lyrics to the songs were hilarious. So glad Griffith included them in the book.

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