Maiden in the Tower by Heidi Kimball

April 10, 2019 | 1 Comment
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Maiden in the Tower by Heidi KimballMaiden in the Tower
Author: Heidi Kimball
Series: Forever After Retellings #5
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 158
Date: April 10, 2019
Publisher: Indie

He’s the first man she’s ever met. She’s the exact opposite of the woman he’s supposed to marry.

Lisette Hunt has been hidden away her entire life, with nothing but a large window up in the cottage turret to give her a glimpse of the outside world. Until Gerry Worthington stumbles into her garden in search of his runaway dog.

As a second son, Gerry has never seen the need to take life too seriously. Less than pleased with his frivolity, his mother orders him to marry a woman of means and banishes him to his family’s small, rundown estate. Unfortunately, innocent and penniless Lisette is the very opposite of what he needs.

But Gerry cannot resist the mystery surrounding Lisette, and soon he can no longer resist Lisette and her endearing peculiarity. As Gerry slowly opens Lisette’s eyes to a larger world, she begins to open her heart to him. However, when Gerry uncovers the truth about who Lisette really is, it may cost them a chance at happiness together.

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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About Heidi Kimball

Heidi Kimball

At a young age, Heidi perfected the art of hiding out so she could read instead of doing chores. One husband and four children later, not much has changed. She has an abiding love for peanut butter M&Ms and all things fall. Heidi currently lives just north of Boston, in a charming old town in southern New Hampshire.

One response to “Maiden in the Tower by Heidi Kimball

  1. Maria

    Fairy tale retelling of Rapunzel set in the regency era. What’s not to like? The author was able to make the basic story work in the different time period. The tower is figurative, as is being locked away from the world since it is just a verbal command rather than being physically restrained. She still has long hair but there is an actual reason for it and it isn’t longer than her person. And her “prince” stumbles upon her and is quite taken with her and wants to be able to save her from her tower prison. So all the basic elements of Rapunzel’s story are in Lisette’s.

    It wasn’t hard to see where the story was going ahead of time but I was intrigued with finding out the how and why Lisette was locked away from the world even if I’d already figured out the who. Maiden in the Tower is a sweet, quick read and a fun way to reread a childhood favorite.

    No sex, language or violence

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