Making the Play by Kaylee Baldwin

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Making the Play by Kaylee BaldwinMaking the Play
Author: Kaylee Baldwin
Series: Sports Moms & Romance
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 205
Date: September 1, 2018
Publisher: Gelato Publishing

Alyssa’s family is cursed in love, but a fake relationship with her long time crush may prove her wrong.

Alyssa Moore believes her family is cursed to lose the things and people they love, so she stays as far away from love as she can. After she blows out her ACL during a basketball game, she heads home to help her grieving sister with her two daughters. The first person Alyssa sees? Derek Dixon, her long-time crush, and the one person who always manages to catch her at her worst.

Single father Derek Dixon doesn’t trust easily after his wife betrayed him, and with everyone determined to set him up, he can’t even go to his daughter’s football games without having to dodge a date. Add to that avoiding the whole Moore family, who attend every game, for their part in his wife’s betrayal, and life in Star Valley isn’t what it used to be.

When Alyssa impulsively pretends she and Derek are dating to save him to save him from another game fielding off well-meaning matchmakers, she’s not worried about the curse. It’s a fake relationship, so there’s no chance it’ll be triggered. Right?

Except their growing feelings aren’t fake. Between their meddling families, a mischievous goat, and more than a few mishaps along the way, it’s starting to look like something is trying to keep them apart. And unless Alyssa can figure out how to thwart a curse, she may lose the one thing she loves most.


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