9 Reasons to Fall in Love by Daniel Banner

April 26, 2018 | 0 Comments
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9 Reasons to Fall in Love by Daniel Banner9 Reasons to Fall in Love
Author: Daniel Banner
Series: MyHeartChannel Romance
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 216
Date: April 26, 2018
Publisher: Gelato Publishing

Painfully betrayed by his long-time girlfriend, Dex Blackwell, billionaire, heads to Mackinac Island where he is interviewed by London Marseilles for her MyHeartChannel travel page. London’s quick wit, gorgeous smile, and sense of humor make him question his decision to swear off women.

London Marseilles, like her mother and her mother’s mother, has a talent for finding the exact wrong guy. After dating a long stream of moochers and professional video game players, she accepts the Marseilles Curse and swears off men. Her 9 Reasons to Never Fall in Love, Ever episode on her channel, lays out the reasons why and receives constant views. When a seemingly perfect guy—handsome, funny, easygoing—walks off the ferry, she’s cautious with her heart, especially when Dex is vague about his employment.

A storm strands Dex on the island and somehow London ends up offering him and two other travelers refuge from the Great Lakes weather. Once again, a hot but unambitious guy has landed on her couch. It’s a good thing she has her 9 Reasons, or she might be tempted to prolong the invitation.

After Dex leaves, London can’t get him out of her mind and Dex does everything he can to convince her to date him—everything except open his bank account to prove he’s not the freeloader he appears to be.

Can London find the faith in this man she’s fallen for, and faith in herself to take a leap at love or will she let her fear of the family curse chase away the perfect guy?


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About Daniel Banner

Daniel Banner

Daniel Banner, a 15-year fireman and paramedic, collects experiences by day and makes up stories by nights, and sometimes vice versa. For Daniel, writing is an escape from the traumatic days, and a celebration of the triumphant days.

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