The Doctor’s Broken Promise by Laura L. Walker

October 15, 2020 | 0 Comments
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The Doctor’s Broken Promise by Laura  L.  WalkerThe Doctor's Broken Promise
Author: Laurie L. Walker
Series: Love Confessions #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 153
Date: October 15, 2020
Publisher: Indie

He’s the reason everything fell apart for her. She’s the only way to keep his family together. Will he be able to convince her to give him another chance?

After being fired from her job as a nanny, Tiffany Dover is back home in the small town of Woodland Crossings, Arizona again. But instead of feeling a sense of comfort and security, she’s on edge as memories of being “the fat kid” bombard her. To make matters worse, she keeps running into Reid Winghardt, the man who broke her heart. Ignoring him is the only way she can protect it. But how can she do that when he needs her help?

Reid Winghardt still regrets breaking the promise he made to his best friend’s sister a long time ago even though it was an honest mistake. She forgave him once she knew what really happened, but what she hasn’t forgiven him for is the second time he ruined their relationship when he was completing his residency in New York. Now that they’re both home in Woodland Crossings again, Reid needs Tiffany’s help. Not only is he trying to adjust to his job as the town’s newest doctor, but his sister and brother-in-law are on the brink of divorce, and he’s caught in the middle. When an opportunity comes to put together a fall festival, teaming up with them seems like the perfect solution. If they can pull it off, his sister and brother-in-law might be able to rekindle their flame. And Reid hopes that Tiffany will be willing to give their love another try as well.

But what will happen when Tiffany’s ambitious boss gets in the way of their happiness? Will Reid be able to keep the new promise he’s made to her, or will they both get hurt again?

Rating: Mild. Mild kissing.


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