Brothers Maledetti: Gladly Beyond by Nichole Van

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Brothers Maledetti: Gladly Beyond by Nichole VanGladly Beyond
Author: Nichole Van
Series: Brothers Maledetti #1
Genres: Speculative Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 388
Date: April 6, 2016
Publisher: Fiorenza Publishing

An ancient curse, fractured at the birth of three brothers.
Two strangers helplessly drawn to each other.
A love story two hundred years in the making.

Claire Raythorn arrives in Florence, Italy, shattered, alone, and anxious to rebuild her life—preferably one without men. But she soon finds herself hunted and haunted— literally—when a mysterious stalker dressed like Mr. Darcy from BBC central casting appears in her photos. And only her photos. Who is this man? And what does his ghostly presence mean?

Dante D’Angelo simply wants to safeguard his brothers, despite the family curse that hounds his vision. But then Claire Raythorn walks into his life, untouched somehow by his curse. Soon, everything Dante thought he knew about himself starts to unravel, dragging Claire down with him.

Set against the lush backdrop of Florence, Italy—both past and present—Claire and Dante fight for a future together. But, first, they must uncover their shared past…

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About Nichole Van

Nichole Van

Nichole Van is an artist who feels life is too short to only have one obsession. In former lives, she has been a contemporary dancer, pianist, art historian, choreographer, culinary artist and English professor. And author. Nichole currently lives in Utah with her husband and three crazy children.

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