Spinster and Spice by Rebecca Connolly

May 2, 2019 | 1 Comment
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Spinster and Spice by Rebecca ConnollySpinster and Spice
Author: Rebecca Connolly
Series: The Spinster Chronicles #3
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 286
Date: May 1, 2019
Publisher: Phase Publishing

Isabella Lambert is a nice person. She is biddable, polite, soft-spoken, and eager to please. She also happens to be a spinster, and one of the writers of the infamous Spinster Chronicles, where she is less polite, more outspoken, and may not please anyone. Izzy also has a secret that only one person knows, and that one person may hold the key to its success.

Sebastian Morton finds Izzy Lambert fascinating. She is the perfect mentor for his younger sister as well as a capable and charming friend for him. When opportunity strikes to spend more time with her, her secret becomes his. But will this secret, and others, ruin their connection?


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About Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in Ohio, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.

One response to “Spinster and Spice by Rebecca Connolly

  1. Maria

    I love the titles of the books in this series. Very clever.

    How can a person possibly be as nice and compliant as Izzy is and still be happy in life? I mean she is so taken advantage of that it is embarrassing. I can’t say that her family was truly abusive but she kind of ends up being the Cinderella character at their beck and call. None of them seem vindictive but they all take advantage of it. I wanted someone to step in and intervene but aside from a few comments that no one heeds she is completely stepped on.

    Sebastian was generally likable but I could see the conflict coming before it arrived. He can encourage Izzy to speak up for herself all he wants but will he be able to handle when it happens with him?

    I liked that his younger sister was able to see clearly how she had grown and become more confident yet still completely accept herself as being shy.

    I’m not sure how many books are planned for this series but we are starting to run low on spinsters. They are all getting married off. And happily so. I’m glad that only one of the spinsters is surly about men in general. It would be an unpleasant read if all the ladies did was gripe.

    Looking forward to #4.

    Sex: some kisses
    Language: a little, mild
    Violence: no

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