Muse: Khari’na Made by Jean Winter

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Muse: Khari’na Made by Jean WinterKhari'na Made
Author: Jean Winter
Series: Muse #1
Genres: Speculative Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 787
Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Wintermuse

Ambushed. Captured. Implanted with a tracking and torture device. Lyra, faithful Believer and beloved wife and mother suddenly finds herself ripped from everything she loves and forced to stare down life as a khari’na—concubine mistresses sold at auction to rich Caldreen’n lords. She would rather die.

Unfortunately, that is not an option. She is Bearer of a sacred artifact of prophetic power and destiny that must be kept from enemy hands at all costs. Lyra prays for a miracle to help her escape to freedom and get the artifact back into Believer hands.

Heavenly Father hears her prayers, but the handsome miracle He sends scares Lyra more than anything. Not only is he a hated Caldreen’n who knows nothing of God, but, blessed Saints, it was only a couple weeks ago that her wonderful husband of fifteen years was brutally murdered before her eyes! So why can’t she get this man out of her head?

Lyra soon also finds she has unwittingly been bestowed with an astonishing gift that rocks her to the core. She struggles to overcome her distrust and reluctance to use it, for magic—the magic of legends and the old stories—cannot be real. It’s only a bunch of hogwash and superstition! (Please be only that.)

Her capture, her sale to a godless enemy lord (with dreamy eyes and a smile to die for), this strange magical gift she wishes she could return, and now the inexplicably personal connection Lyra feels with the sacred artifact she bears is overwhelming to say the least.

Heavenly Father, you can’t be serious! … Why me?

Caution: This story deals with the predicament of a virtuous and chaste woman thrust into circumstances that are not. This story also (tastefully) recognizes the joys of the husband/wife relationship and as such, is not written for teens nor for anyone uncomfortable reading of passionate kisses and references to physical intimacy.

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Jean Winter

As if this wife, mother of 5, BYU graduate, director of a competitive a cappella women’s chorus, voice teacher, student of taekwondo, gardener, and lover of books didn’t have enough to do already, she had to go and catch the writing bug, too. It’s a good thing she can multitask with her laptop propped up on her treadmill or life would be very complicated, indeed.

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