Charming Artemis by Sarah M. Eden

October 4, 2021 | 1 Comment
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Charming Artemis by Sarah M. EdenCharming Artemis
Author: Sarah M. Eden
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 340
Date: October 4, 2021
Publisher: Covenant

Charlie Jonquil is mild-mannered and kind—except when it comes to his one true adversary, Artemis Lancaster. Though Charlie has a brilliant mind for mathematics, Artemis poses a problem he can’t seem to comprehend: how can one be so lovely and so infuriating? A party in London brings him into the company of the maddening young lady, and it is clear that Charlie’s disdain is mutual. But when an unfortunate incident between the pair involving Charlie’s jacket and a glass of raspberry shrub leads to scandal, the sworn enemies are left with only two options: be ruined or be married.

So it is that Artemis finds herself in a most outrageous predicament: she must wed a gentleman she’s hated for years—and she pledges to avoid him at all costs. But it is only when they enter into this mockery of a marriage that Charlie and Artemis learn things are not as simple as they once appeared. As their tentative ceasefire leads to friendship, it seems their marriage born of desperation might lead them to a love that was destined to be.


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About Sarah M. Eden

Sarah M. Eden

Sarah M. Eden read her first Jane Austen novel in elementary school and has been addicted to historical romance ever since. With a degree in research and a fascination with history, Eden loves delving deep into history. She is the author of multiple historical romances.

One response to “Charming Artemis by Sarah M. Eden

  1. Maria

    Brilliant ending for the Lancaster and Jonquil families’ series. But I’m so conflicted. I was so excited to get this book and then so sad to know it is the last one. So am I happy or sad? Both I suppose. I never wanted the series to end but if it has to end, this book was a really sweet way for it to do so. Emotions run high through out the story. There is some grief and sorrow but also so much love and acceptance. The story belongs to Artemis and Charlie but in concluding the series, the book also included all the important people. We got new information and wonderful connections. Many doubts and fears are resolved and everyone really can move forward.
    While this book can stand alone I think, it is probably best to read through the books in order to get the full experience. I reread both series in anticipation of this book. It was wonderful to read them all in a short period of time. I really have loved these books. I feel like I’m saying good-bye to old friends in finishing the series. Sigh….

    Sex: mild innuendo from a creep
    Language: no
    Violence: a bit

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