The Lady and the Minstrel by Joyce DiPastena

January 29, 2015 | 2 Comments

The Lady and the Minstrel by Joyce DiPastenaThe Lady and the Minstrel
Author: Joyce DiPastena
Genres: General Historical
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 600
Date: January 29, 2015
Publisher: Sable Tyger Books

A forbidden love and a past they can’t leave behind…

In 13th century England, Robert Marcel chafes against the law that holds him bound as a villein on his lord’s manor. He tries to make a daring escape and is nearly caught by his cruel master, but a young girl helps him slip away.

Years pass and Robert takes up trade as a minstrel. Invited to play at a banquet for the notorious Earl of Saxton, he is stunned to come face to face with the girl he’s never forgotten—now Lady Marguerite of Winbourne, betrothed to the earl. Her status as a noblewoman puts her completely out of Robert’s reach, but he knows they are meant to be together. He vows to make her his wife no matter what the cost.

Lady Marguerite has often thought of the young man she helped escape. Her tender feelings for him quickly turn into much more when they are brought back into each other’s lives. She longs to be free to marry Robert, the man she loves, but that will require her to sacrifice all she holds dear.

They are tested at every turn by those bent on driving them apart and destroying what they have found together. Can their love truly conquer all?

Rating: Moderate. Moderate crude humor/language; some substance use; mild kissing; mild language; non-graphic sexual references; moderate violence or horror.


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About Joyce DiPastena

Joyce DiPastena dreamed of green medieval forests while growing up in the dusty copper mining town of Kearny, Arizona. She filled her medieval hunger with books and a degree in history, specializing in the Middle Ages. Joyce is a multi-published, multi-award winning author who writes sweet medieval romances heavily spiced with mystery and adventure. When she’s not writing, Joyce loves to read, play the piano, and spend time with her sister and friends. A highlight of her year is attending the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival.

2 responses to “The Lady and the Minstrel by Joyce DiPastena

  1. Gayle Humpherys

    Another rich medieval story from Joyce DiPastena! I wish it was not so long ago that I read some of her earlier books (especially Loyalty’s Web), as several characters play a part in this story even though it takes place several decades later. It is definitely a longer book and a few times it felt like the story dragged a bit. I got frustrated with both of the main characters several times, but was satisfied with the way everything came together at the end. There are always such great historical details woven into these stories — it gives you a sense for how the power and politics and social classes might have played out.

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