Off Course by Glen Robins

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Off Course by Glen RobinsOff Course
Author: Glen Robins
Series: Off #2
Genres: Suspense/Thriller
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 278
Date: March 5, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Collin Cook has been running from trouble for months. In Off Course he runs straight into the very trouble he’s been trying to avoid.

Since receiving a large insurance settlement stemming from the tragic accident that claimed his wife and children, Collin has been targeted by Pho Nam Penh, the nefarious cyber terrorist and owner of the insurance company. Penh wants his money back and has finally ensnared Collin. Penh applies every bit of leverage available against Collin in order to gain access to the accounts where Collin has stashed the money.

Also at stake is the information contained on Collin’s computer, which links him with his friend and security consultant, Lukas Mueller, a high-ranking, clandestine National Security Agency specialist. The mysterious Lukas uses his expertise and resources to assist Collin, who is pushed to his limits in every way.

To stay alive, Collin must employ every survival instinct he has and follow Lukas’ guidance. Interpol and the FBI must protect Collin’s family and friends from Penh as they continue their search for the missing Collin, still believing that he is involved with Penh’s syndicate and hope he can help them bring Penh to justice.

In order to save himself and those he loves, Collin is forced to do things he never dreamed of doing, leaving him to grapple with the long-reaching consequences.

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About Glen Robins

Glen Robins loves adventure. When he’s not writing about it, he’s reading about it or experiencing it. His writing aims to take readers to new places and to experience new and uplifting things. He enjoys traveling and the outdoors and having fun with his family.

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